Pip anyone been turned down ?

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    Had letter in post today my DLA finishes October I’ve had motability car for 20 years phoned them up and put a claim in today for PIP said I would get form in 2 weeks gave them my local doctor hospital doctor etc

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    My advice to you would be to contact your local surgery and hospital to get all your medical reports for the last 10 years. It cost me £50 and was the best bit of money I ever spent.  The more paperwork you send them the better it’ll be.  Don’t expect them to contact your doctor, or hospital for information as they just don’t bother. So the more information you can give them make them better informed to make the right decision.

    Also, go to benefits and work website, you’ll find a whole range of helpful guides on how to fill the forms out. That’s an absolute must.

    Good luck, and don’t let the buggars grind you down.

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    They wanted my local doctors address and phone number and my spinal injuries dr name and phone number and hospital address

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    Is it a big form to fill in ?

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    ‘Information bomb’ of photocopied medical letters etc. is the best approach.  Keep in mind that they see dozens of letters every day and won’t have time/can’t be bothered to read every word on every page, so use a High-lighter pen to direct their attention the the key points – e.g. Date, Specialist, Condition, Salient Information.

    All I can say is that it worked for me and worked for my brother.

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    Markymates advice of keeping control of the information yourself is excellent just because you gave them all the contact details doesn’t mean they actually use it.

    By keeping control yourself You will see and read the contents all the documents  and have a record of when the documents were sent, also when they lose a document you can simply resend it.

    Number and list all documents on a separate sheet.

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    Tomas (Tomas)

    I’ve got my assessment on Thursday. If I get turned down then it’s instant appeal as I’ve got massively worse since being awarded DLA.

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    They wanted my bank details

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    I’m sure they always ask for your bank details, as they need to know where to pay the benefit into

    It is a horrible and stressful experience to go through, but fingers crossed its a very swift and painless experience for you mate ??

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    Dave h

    Try getting in touch with welfare rights if there is one by you they helped me out with my application they know how to word things better chap came out to me and filled in form for me

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    Hiya Mike, really sorry that you are having to go through this process, hopefully you will breeze through it with no problems though.

    You’ve already had some excellent advice here, do visit Benefits & Work website, as MarkyMate said they have resources there, although you do have to pay for a years membership to access them ( about £20 ) personally, I couldn’t say what they contain as I didn’t join but I have read the forum which is also a mine of information in itself. The forum is free to read but you have to be a member to post questions.

    Another very useful thing they have is a free to use PIP self assessment test, you can put your e-mail address in and send yourself a copy of your assessment which might help you when you fill the form in. https://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/personal-independence-payment-pip/pip-self-test

    Yourable.com. https://www.youreable.com/forums is another place that you can try. They have a forum there which is free to use, with some very helpful people around.


    The significant difference between PIP  and DLA is that with PIP, your actual illness/disability is not taken account of as such, PIP is specifically about how your disability affects you. You need to say how you are on the majority of days, ( DLA was based on the majority of time ) so even if something only effects you for an hour a day, that, in theory, should be sufficient to count as being applicable for the day. ( with DLA it would have to be 13+ hours a day to be applicable )

    Unlike DLA, there are only 2 levels of award for Daily Living – Standard and enhanced. For standard you need a total of 8 points in total out of 8 or 9 questions. For enhanced rate you need a minimum of 12 points.

    It is possible as you’ll see from the question below, to score sufficient from one question to get standard rate., or you might need points from a few questions

    For example…


    1 a. Can prepare and cook a simple meal unaided. 0 points
    1 b. Needs to use an aid or appliance to be able to either prepare or cook a simple meal. 2 points
    1 c. Cannot cook a simple meal using a conventional cooker but is able to do so using a microwave. 2 points
    1 d. Needs prompting to be able to either prepare or cook a simple meal. 2 points
    1 e. Needs supervision or assistance to either prepare or cook a simple meal. 4 points.
    1 f. Cannot prepare and cook food. 8 points.


    For the mobility component, there are only 2 questions, one is more to do with sensory/cognitive problems, the other, the physical aspects of walking. to keep your mobility car you need 12 points from these 2 questions.

    This post is getting rather long. I’ll post those questions in another post.

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    Planning And Following Journeys.


    11 a. Can plan and follow the route of a journey unaided. 0 points
    11 b. Needs prompting to be able to undertake any journey to avoid overwhelming psychological distress to the claimant. 4 points
    11 c. Cannot plan the route of a journey. 8 points
    11 d. Cannot follow the route of an unfamiliar journey without another person, assistance dog or orientation aid. 10 points
    11 e. Cannot undertake any journey because it would cause overwhelming psychological distress to the claimant. 10 points
    11 f. Cannot follow the route of a familiar journey without another person, an assistance dog or an orientation aid. 12 points



    Moving Around.

    12 a. Can stand and then move more than 200 metres, either aided or unaided. 0 points
    12 b. Can stand and then move more than 50 metres but no more than 200 metres, either aided or unaided. 4 points
    12 c. Can stand and then move unaided more than 20 metres but no more than 50 metres. 8 points
    12 d. Can stand and then move using an aid or appliance more than 20 metres but no more than 50 metres. 10 points
    12 e. Can stand and then move more than 1 metre but no more than 20 metres, either aided or unaided. 12 points
    12 f. Cannot, either aided or unaided, �(i) stand; or (ii) move more than 1 metre. 12 points.



    when i recently went through the process, i was given 8 points ( standard ) for daily living and only 4 points for moving around ( Can stand and then move more than 50 metres but no more than 200 metres, either aided or unaided. 4 points ). I went through the mandatory reconsideration and was given an extra point for daily living but that didn’t make any difference to the standard award but thankfully the Decision Maker saw sense and increased my mobility component to 12 points ( Can stand and then move more than 1 metre but no more than 20 metres, either aided or unaided. 12 points )


    Anyway, very best of luck with your application. Just try to make sure your answers fit to the descriptors, they can be very picky over wording. When the form comes, you can ask for a 2 week extension on the return date if you need it.


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    Thankyou very much for the replies very kind of you

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    Oh, Mike sorry, I forgot to add, please make every use of the reliability criteria. Here’s ATOS own page about them.



    reliably/to an acceptable standard


    and in a timely manner



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    Many thanks Zelda so kind of you I am worried about the form arriving in the post they said 2 weeks but you have put my mind at rest

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    Zelda. A great post. Saved me typing all that out lol. I can highly recommend the Benefit and works web site. It is worth every penny for membership. There are also discount codes. So I only pay £15.00. There are also quite a few on here that are members of Yourable website forums.

    Follow the guides and you will do well.  When I last did my PIP I found it much easier to type out my answers on a separate sheet and attach to the relevant pages on the form.  You get very little room to write in the form. Plus by doing it that way, you save the files for future reference.

    Always make copies of your paper work. Photo copy any documents like medical reports and letters. Then send the copies.

    We can support you as much as you wish.

    Good luck

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    How many questions are on the pip form ?

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    Hi, I am actually going through this process myself at the minute. My wife is the motability customer in our house and has been for over 25 years. I was always the one that didn’t have mobility problems.

    Long story short, i now suffer multiple lower limb problems for which I need multiple medications. I’ve needed to use my wife’s walking sticks multiple times over the last year and have now been referred for walking aids of my own.

    My walking ability has definitely deteriorated over time and I now know that my walking pace has slowed to less than half of what it was, as i’ve timed myself many times over a known journey. My balance is also pretty poor now, and i have problems with stairs.

    Many times i’ve questioned whether I should apply for PIP myself. My wife has a blue badge and has had it that long it used to be orange. When she is with me we have no issues using the badge to help with parking, but when I am on my own in the car I will absolutely never abuse her badge. That said there are plenty of times when having a blue badge of my own would be a huge help to me for sure.

    Many times over i’ve considered applying for PIP but just kept telling myself …

    “sort yourself out, you’re just having a bad day”

    The harsh reality when the light bulb goes on is that when I think about it, I now have more very bad days than less bad. I know I definitely can’t mobilise ‘reliably’ now, and so ultimately I have taken the plunge and decided to apply. I took the view that I don’t have PIP now, so I have nothing to lose.

    Before applying I spent a long time compiling information, and both written and photographic  evidence, and narrating the problems that I have and how they have developed over time. So when the form landed there was no pressure around submitting it as I was pretty much ready to go, i.e not struggling to meet a deadline.

    I have my face to face assessment next week so we’ll see how that goes, but I fully expect to have to take it to mandatory reconsideration, and then appeal tribunal. Lets face it, nothing worth fighting for ever came easy.

    All I really want is to be able to obtain a blue badge to help me when I’m on my own, as it would be a huge help. I know I can apply for one without PIP, and might still have to do that in time, but the pathway will be much easier if I qualify for PIP.

    Having had a really hard time getting my wife through the process over recent years, i’m under no illusion that it will be an uphill journey, but i have to try nonetheless.

    Good luck to everyone else going through it lads and lasses.

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    A lot Mike. It’s not so much how many questions there are, it’s about the detailed answers you give. There is just no room on the form to go into detail.

    try this Mike http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/dla.php?fld=bwg&file=PIP_AR1.pdf&u=181200&jm=1310761a5bc31c5e962065958b3bb277

    its an example PIP AR1 form 12 pages

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    Thanks joss where it says from first pip I never had it it was DLA so it’s from then that if anything has changed which it has for me

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    I tend to take the approach of assuming they know nothing and so start from scratch, tell them everything, and evidence what you’re saying.

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    Yes macca I will

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    I had the C.A.B. fill the form in for me as firstly they have very helpful and knowledgable staff and secondly I can’t hold a pen long enough to fill the form in, it’s free so give them a call and make an appointment, get as much help as you can.

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    Tomas (Tomas)

    That is great information Zelda. Thank you.

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    Vinalspin thanks I have a cab just 4 miles away

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    I can’t move my fingers so would be easier if they filled it in for me

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