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    Is it just me, or would anyone else like to see manufacturers add their pick-up trucks to the scheme?

    They tend to be priced competitively, most have auto option nowadays, plus they inherently have good seat/access height etc. With double cab varieties you get back seats and with a lockable cover, good boot space ?.

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    I think I know the sort of truck you mean with the big cab at the front with a glass fibre removable roof over the cargo area at the rear but I haven’t a clue to how much one cost but they certainly look expensive.


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    Mitzi L200 Warrior from 25k +vat

    Ford Ranger double cab from 25k +vat

    Fiat Fullback (which is a shared L200) from27k OTR

    VW Amarok from30k OTR

    Mercedes X class from 27k + vat

    These are just some from manufacturers already on the scheme and initial manufacturers RRP


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    Maybe i was dreaming it, but thought 6-7 years ago the Mitsubishi L200 was on the scheme. But have no idea why that class of vehicle is not on scheme at present.

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    is the reason they are omitted from the scheme as they are classed as commercial vehicles? Didn’t know if this was an issue?


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    Glos Guy

    I can just see the headlines now. “Motability customer who is supposed to be disabled runs his building business at the tax payers expense”. I think Motability would be asking for trouble introducing commercial vehicles as it would be open to abuse.

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    Maybe they’d be better off talking to their customer base and finding out more about the kinds of vehicles and vehicle features that make life easier?

    As for abuse, that always happens and predominantly at the benefit stage, regardless of vehicle. There is also the issue of legitimate work use for the benefit and wellbeing of the recipient. For example a spouse could legitimately use the pickup for their lawn cutting business because as the only wage earner it’s for the benefit of their partner also.

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    I don’t think that’s quite what the benefit of the disabled person means.

    I would find it easier to get my chair in a covered pick up bed than in any SUV.

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    Exactly. I’m sure a lot of people would find them very adaptive and suitable to their requirements.

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    rudy Maertens

    I would love a pick up as there would be plenty of room for a mobility scooter in the boot and shopping. But I can see why they’re not available.

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    Yes I think they will be asking for trouble, well at least until the Daily Mail go into receivership.

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    I looked at loads of SUV’s last year with tape measure in hand and all I can think that most of these cars are standard hatchbacks that have been jacked up.


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    Personally Rudy I don’t think the supposed reasons for being unavailable are acceptable. Many owners now buy pick-ups as a lifestyle personal vehicle, not as a commercial vehicle, which is why the manufacturers are speccing them up evermore,xwith leather, aircon etc.

    In addition, most meet the motability price criteria. To be fearful of the possibility of the odd daily mail reader is just not an excuse. It’s time Motability as an organisation thought more about it’s client/ customer base and less about bigoted media.

    Unless of course it’s acceptable that one minorty sector of society is denied choices and possibilities that others have just because an even smaller minority tutters and grumbles?

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    This would suit me perfectly

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    This may be create some controversy. If someone has genuine mobility issues, how are they going to get in and out of a pick up truck? Most of these vehicles are several inches higher than a normal suv type vehicle therefore you climb in and out of them. I think public perception of a disabled person jumping in and out of their pick up would raise questions. I think the number of motability customers who would benefit from such vehicles must be relatively low and as such this type of vehicle is unlikely to appear on the scheme. I personally do like pick ups but can never envisage them coming on motability.

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    Glos Guy

    I agree. I’m all for choice and agree that Motability should focus on needs and not newspaper headlines, but I think the addition of pick ups would be subject to far more abuse than any other car type and is a step too far. If someone is self employed and runs their own business they get generous tax breaks that the employed do not benefit from and can fund their own pick up very cheaply through their business. It is not for Motability to fund this. In my eyes that’s abusing the system. I further agree that many would question the legitimacy of someone’s entitlement to Motability if they were climbing in and out of these vehicles and lifting equipment in and out of the loading bay.

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    Tom Stratton

    This is an old thread, but I would still like to add my view for other future readers…


    With my particular disabilities, I find it difficult to get down into a car without falling and then hard again to get up from the car when getting out.  With higher vehicles, I still have difficulty getting in (up) but gravity is a fantastic aid in getting out again.  The rear space of a pickup also makes it very easy for us to transport my electric wheelchair or larger scooter.


    The perception of others shouldn’t count at all.

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    Had a L200 double cab Animal when I had my tiling business, still the best vehicle I ever owned, although I’d probably never be able to climb up into now!!!

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    100% love to see pick ups on the scheme

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    me too i dont need passenger room but load space would be handy and a 2 seater with load space would do me fine. ideally a jimny pickup if they ever went that way.ive seen a mock up of one on utube i think it was.

    work had a single cab pick up with a lift up lid on the load space would be ideal for scooter or wheelchair or even both.https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/motor-shows-tokyo-auto-salon/suzuki-reveals-jimny-sierra-pickup-style-concept

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    I’d love a crew cab pick up, if the price was right.

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    Helen Mcilveen Wilson

    I have a Nissan xtrail at the moment which is fantastic but I struggle getting my cello in let alone a bicycle. The back door isn’t designed to have a bike rack and they suggest I put the bike on the roof . ?

    You don’t have to be in a wheelchair to be under the scheme and the amount of people who feel it is their duty to have a word with me about parking in a disabled space is unreal . The cancer is in my bones and liver and I will not be defined by the bloody thing . I struggle walking long distances but I’m determined to keep going .

    Anyway I’ve been looking at the L200 as you get the best of both worlds , comfort double cab and I could put a band and a bike in the back .

    I do hope the option for a pick up is available . I will let you know if I’m successful.


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    Mark Griffin

    I see your point, I too would like to see pickups on the list. I drive the BMW X1 sport, my wheelchair is the Argon2 rigid and with me lifting it in, it easily fits any seat. It all depends on what you can lift, you can very easily get many power chairs into this vehicle too, due to the lack of a spare wheel, meaning more boot space  (my brother is 6ft 7 in and he sat in the boot as a test to what can be loaded), but a Ford F-150 crew can with 6ft bed would be ideal. As I can go virtually anywhere whereas most suvs are incapable of snow/ water driving above 12 inch

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    This would work for us to, I have a mobility scooter and 3 dogs and we can’t go for long walks as its either the 3 dogs or the scooter. If I could get one with a covered back like the truckman type thing, would be ideal.

    Im not due to change until Feb 2020 but currently may have to go for Galaxy type or Peugeot Traveler to be able to take my scooter and 3 dogs.

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    Richard Highfield

    Hi all, pickup would be great, I have chronic brittle asthma, heart failure and spinal stenosis, so can’t walk far, but no way I can use a car on a daily basis, so currently have a SUV, but the height and space of a pickup would be great.  Surly any car could be classed as not needed, a farmer could get  a 4×4 on the scheme and not buy his land rover, and surly daily mail readers must hate BMW convertibles being on the scheme, all the disabled hair dressers driving them.  Lol


    Bring on the pickup, you could have a hoist mounted in the back for lift in a chair or scooter, ideal vechile in my book, going to email them now

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    m a McCarthy

    Hi did you get the pick up on motability


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