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    Picked this up today currently one of the last Tiguan currently offered on Mobility due to the 7 month lead time.


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    Looks lovely, can I ask what is the specific colour of it?

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    The Tiguan is a great looking and great spec car. You must be well pleased! Is the wait time 7 months for a Tiguan? Mines not even been give n a build date and was ordered on 03 June. 😲

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    Think the colour called Tungsten it’s a light silver

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    I would wait for it because for now the Tiguan T roc Allspace and I think there one other model that has been removed off mobility because of the lead time of these models.

    Mine was built around a month ago less the chip so it had to wait for the chip to arrive before being released.

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    Very nice indeed, good handover?

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    Lovely looking car!

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    File28 the car was handed over as you would expect.

    Only funny thing was I did not know the Tiguan R line had heated steering wheel so a nice bonus.

    Disappoint in the Sat Nav I can’t seem to get it to find post codes yet the Tiguan I had before work ok.

    Other than that very pleased with the small petrol engine it pull ok was concerned it may struggle as I had the 2 litre diesel before.



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