Pick my first motability car up soon

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    Looked at several EVs (really really wanted the Kona) & ended up ordering the MG ZS as was substantially bigger than all the others, price & MG & Nissan only nearby dealers rest are in the city 30 miles away, only thing missing is heated wheel for me & as motability grants weren’t interested in helping I’ve bought heated gloves instead. I’ve always found leather seats a god send getting in/out so “vegan leather” should be just as good lol.

    Local dealer was awesome let me & my son loose with a ZS & MG5 on a Saturday then arranged back to back trst drives in both long as I want didn’t even have to ask, Crayford & Abbs Bodham Norfolk highly recommend.

    Anyway ordered the MG ZS EV Exclusive in Dynamic Red for £199, as it was in stock was offered it in 4 days but asked to wait until 14th May to get one last full pip payment iykwim.
    <p style=”text-align: right;”>Order process took 20 mins at dealer no messing, no fuss.</p>
    Order was approved within 24 hours in online account

    BP have already been in touch ok’d the install from my pics and sent it over to the DNO for approval (probably need a fuse upgrade).

    Anyway very excited to join EV “club” save a fortune, already have a smart meter & with octopus so ready to go

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    Karl Arthur

    Hopefully pick my MG HS Exclusive up this month, red or black which ever appears first,  if you’re interested Aldi have the roof rails in that fit the MG

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    Beware, Motability will not like you fitting 3rd party products to the vehicle,and could quite easily create a non valid  insurance, they can be quite strict in these matters, if this is your choice,ring motability first.

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    Seriously – Can’t see how roof rails will invalidate insurance.

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    Classed as an extra on the vehicle,no matter what it is, does not take much,worth telling/asking them anyway.

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    From Motability website

    Non-standard equipment or modifications
    This means any optional extras, audio or other equipment fitted to the car, which are not essential to enable you to use the vehicle. If you have fitted essential equipment without agreement from us or and RSAM, this will not be covered.

    So if rails damaged the car in the future would you be covered ? i would not think so

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    So you’re saying a bike carrier would be the same? Find that hard to believe the car already has rails it’s just the bits to go across them

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    Barry Davis

    That would be roof bars which should be ok but check with motability first.

    if in doubt check with motability first and get it in writing.


    Imagine if you fit a bike ontop of you car and you have yo brake suddenly and you bike comes loose and becomes a missile and causes damage or injury you want to be sure when you fill out that claim form that you are covered


    Roof rails are normally standard fit and then you need to get a foot pack and roof bar to fit to the roof rail

    Any insurance company will be looking for away not to pay out money so check first

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    You said roof rails at first,but bike bars should be ok , but as Barry Davis says,best to check , safety first with insurance , we all know what they can be like.

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    I didn’t say roof bars at all that was another poster, it’s essentially the same thing you’re strapping something to your car whether it’s rails or bike carrier can’t see why either would be any different for insurance, finance or motability.

    Car comes with roof rails so all you’re fitting is the crossmembers to attach stuff too I’ve never encountered a problem adding stuff like that on other cars from finance to insurance the only things I’ve had to declare was stuff like towbars

    I will ask Motability but considering those rails are fitted at the factory specifically to do that job I can’t see why using them is some kind of issue. I was using a bike rack as an example being the same sort of thing & I was half asleep at the time so sorry if my post was abrupt.

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    Karl Arthur made that comment,not yourself Richard, no issues,just want to make sure you never have any problems

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    Is Kev Brydo in disguise ?

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    @Richard did you ever get in touch with Motability regarding this topic. I myself am curious as wanted to use a roof box for holiday’s and never even considered it wouldn’t be allowed.

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    Sorry been busy. I briefly spoke with someone who said they were fairly sure it’s not an issue as long as roof bars are already fitted adding bits to use them is fine but I’d need to double check with RSA once I collect the car

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