Peugeot pay extra for paint colour?

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    Hi, I want to order a 5008, the dealer said there would be a 140 pound charge for special paint colour.


    Is this normal? On my last 2 vw cars I just chose a colour and the dealer was ok. Deep black pearl on tiguan was the colour chosen and it was 0 extra. Thanks

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    150 pound not 140 sorry

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    The basic paint & the metallic paint are covered by Motability, but not the special paints on the Peugeots, I paid £150 for the Vertigo Blue paint on my Peugeot e-2008, so I’d say it’s normal & standard price for motability customers, it’s £300 retail.

    Do I think the Vertigo Blue paint was worth it? Oh yes, it’s gorgeous.


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    Yes that is normal, metallic and standard paint re free. If you want special premium colours like pearlescent you pay the difference between those and the metallic.

    I pick up my new 5008 in 3 weeks. Celebes Blue so no extra to pay on paint.


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    Okay thank you, can close this now moderator

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