Peugeot 5008 wait times

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    John Williams

    I have had my Peugeot 5008 gt 1.2 Puretech on order since 10 May.

    As things stood then it was doe to be built towards the end of June with a delivery date of the middle of June.


    I spoke to my dealer about a month ago and was told that there was no build date, and that he wasn’t sure when the car would be made.

    I spoke to him again yesterday (15/7/21) and he said that while there was no build date for mine yet  cars order just before mine were now getting build dates of September and anyone ordering a  car now was being told November, so he expected that mine would be sometime in October.

    You can’t get the petrol models now so all new orders will be for diesels.

    Hopefully I will get an actual build date soon





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    UPDATE – Spoke to dealer today 15/09/21 he’s told me the car has been built and that it’s expected to land in UK port on 29/09/21, he then told me that it can take upto 2 weeks for car to reach dealership so I can expect key on or before 13/10/21 hopefully this actually happens and I get my new toys sooner rather than later!

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    new to the scheme I ordered a Peugeot 5008 SUV 1.5 BlueHDi GT, at the end of August they reackon will get it December, fingers crossed as the car we have now is on its way out doubt last longer than that with out us  chucking money at it which we don’t really want to do.


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    Hello RichardW

    I ordered my 3008 Hybrid4 on 19th March and got it two weeks ago, the acceleration is unbelievable, I have used it only on battery power as I have only gone local, and I am getting at least  the 31 miles they say you get on battery power, I got back home with the gauge showing 0 miles left. I checked my normal mileage odometer, it showed that I had travelled 34 miles since charging the battery. Well pleased


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    Hi John,

    thanks for letting me know, so glad that you’re pleased with it. Ours is supposed to be built this week so hopefully not too long now. Delighted to hear about the range, the school run is a 25 mile round trip twice a day so it should be perfect and we should see some big savings on fuel.

    Out of interest, what colour did you go for?


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    I ordered the 5008 in May and was told 3 months I’ve just been in to see the dealer as they weren’t answering the phones and they said they have no idea when it will be as they don’t have a delivery date from peugeot, I don’t know what to do, motability extended the lease on the current car until October, so will have to ask them to extend it again, is anyone else in the same position?

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    Gemma Brown

    I ordered my 5008 1.5 diesel Allure premium on the 7th July, was due on the 9th September but the update this week says it hasn’t gone to build yet. The dealership said they’re telling people 3-4 months atm so I’ll chase it up again if I haven’t heard anything by the middle of November.

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    Gemma Brown

    Which dealer did you use? Just curious as we’ve ordered the same car and spec, I ordered mine before yours and mine hasn’t even gone to build yet.

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    Gemma Brown

    Sorry that last message was for Carnage86

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    Hi RichardW

    I went for blue that comes as standard, I have had the car for four weeks now and have not yet used the engine, but all my runs have been local. I have done a 30 mile return trip without the engine. I live in a hilly area, which have caused no problems. I suggest you read the online handbook before you get the car. Use the “B” position on the gearbox when driving downhill and when slowing down as this charges the battery.


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    Ordered peugeot 5008 1.5dci allure on 5th june 2021 build date was 25th august and collected 14th september no problems at all and its an excellent motor cant find anything to dislike about it

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    John Williams

    In my first post, I said that my Peugeot 5008 GT would be built on 9th September and be ready around the beginning of  October. I had a voicemail  from my dealer the other day saying that there had been another delay, but the car was now being built and would be ready by the end of October.

    Fingers crossed!


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    Kevin Randle

    I ordered my 5008 allure premium on 28th July. Was looking at October delivery initially. Can check online the progress and it was changed then for 1/11/21. Checked this morning and it’s in it quality check stage and it’s awaiting transport to the RDC and should arrive on 15/11/2021 but can be anytime between 14/10/2021 and 19/1/2022. talk about a wait. But at least it’s been built. It is was it is and it will arrive when it arrives.

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    Hi Guys, just stumbled on this site and looks very informative, but depressing at the same time?

    I’m also a first timer with Mobility and wonder sometimes if it was worth the hassle (not Mobility’s fault)

    I ordered my 5008 1.2 Petrol Auto GT Premium, with a Panoramic Sun Roof as the only extra and standard Sunset Copper paint. It was ordered at the dealer on 18th May 21. I finally got a build date of 21st Sept, the dealer, after complaining has now given me a build date of 8th Oct 21 with a rumoured delivery date in November 21. I have also been told there was a fire at the factory for Semi-Conductors?

    I have taken in most of the comments, but one sticks out about Delivery Codes. Is there anyway I can personally trach it’s progress?

    I would appreciate your comments and advice, and I hope to find out the treats that the 5008 may give.


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    My dealer advised that some people will not get their cars till Jan or Feb 2022?

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    Neil Thorneycroft



    I ordered mine on 16th June with a promise of an October delivery but still no build date.

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    Hi Neil.

    Not sure who your dealer is, mine is BSTM and they are saying that any cars ordered, that need extras (not a stock car) will be delivered in 2022.

    It is a sad time we live in and are at the mercy of the car makers and their suppliers.

    I know in my day of working in automotive supply chain, there were heavy penalties for missing deadlines and delivery times.

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    Has anyone one, who has the new 5008 1.2 Petrol Auto GT Premium, pleased with the car or is there things that niggle you?

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    I just wanted to share my good news with you guys.

    My dealer has confirmed that my 5008 has finally been built.

    So just the wait for it to be shipped and delivered.

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    Darren L

    Hi all

    i ordered my 5008 gt premium petrol 130 eat 8 speed auto in Nero black with black pack on the 5th July which  is 14 weeks ago.

    the dealer told me at the time that getting the order in before my contract ended on the 30th Nov was the best way to make sure it was at the dealer before the contract ended.

    I could only do the paperwork for the order on the 30th august  to which he assured me the order had been placed with the factory.

    checked with him this morning and yes you guessed it no build date still.

    I was offered a ted gt premium petrol which he had a build date for in December to which I don’t understand how.

    but I declined

    I suppose it will be with the wait when it does arrive and fingers crossed will be this year.


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    Mike Ryan

    Hi all. I ordered my 5008 auto 1.2 petrol GT premium in blue on October 1st 2021 and was told not to expect it before Feb but more realistically will be during March. What will be will be. Car looks amazing. Need to wait for hand controls as well.

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    Well looks like not going to get anything now till February we ordered august, was original end of November maybe December.  But they said a really big waiting list at the moment. And we ordered a Diesel as got told would get that a lot sooner.

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    David ellis

    My delivery date for my

    Peugeot 5008 was July 31 just the basic and still waiting WHY

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    Glos Guy

    My delivery date for my Peugeot 5008 was July 31 just the basic and still waiting WHY

    4 to 6 months seems to be becoming the norm for most manufacturers now David and that’s assuming that the dealer has an available build slot, which is often not the case – not that they ever admit this!

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    Andrew Harvey

    Hi ,I ordered 5008 1.2 auto allure  ,on 24th June , was told by the dealer to expect delivery mid November, early December, called last week and was told they would have a ETA after 20weeks, what is about 9th November, but I have my doubts. ETA , estimated time of arrival.

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    John Williams

    I have now heard that our Peugeot 5008 1.2GT has arrived at the dealers  (Griffin Mill in Treforest near Cardiff.

    Just needs the adaptation fitted now. Probably a car hoist although when I ordered this my wife had just been in hospital and her movement had got worse.  She is a bit better now, and can just about get into our  Grand C-Max with help although I still feel  hoist would be beneficial as she still has her bad days ( although she will not admit it!). Also the Peugeot is a bigger beast than the Grand C-Max and that couple of extra inches off the ground makes a difference.

    We have AIC , the installation people coming om Monday to demonstrate the hoist ( yes we should have done this before but life got in the way as usual!) and possibly a swivel seat and transfer plate as well. They told me that in any event  if we get it all organised on Monday it may still be all done by the end of next week.

    We’ve waited nearly six months, a few days is neither here or there won’t make much difference







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