Peugeot 5008 wait times

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    John Williams

    I have had my Peugeot 5008 gt 1.2 Puretech on order since 10 May.

    As things stood then it was doe to be built towards the end of June with a delivery date of the middle of June.


    I spoke to my dealer about a month ago and was told that there was no build date, and that he wasn’t sure when the car would be made.

    I spoke to him again yesterday (15/7/21) and he said that while there was no build date for mine yet  cars order just before mine were now getting build dates of September and anyone ordering a  car now was being told November, so he expected that mine would be sometime in October.

    You can’t get the petrol models now so all new orders will be for diesels.

    Hopefully I will get an actual build date soon





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    UPDATE – Spoke to dealer today 15/09/21 he’s told me the car has been built and that it’s expected to land in UK port on 29/09/21, he then told me that it can take upto 2 weeks for car to reach dealership so I can expect key on or before 13/10/21 hopefully this actually happens and I get my new toys sooner rather than later!

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