Peugeot 5008 SUV 1.5 BlueHDi GT Line Premium delivery

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    As my present lease finishes in March 2019 I was able to order on 2nd January 2019 a Peugeot 5008 SUV 1.5 BlueHDi GT Line Premium 130 Auto from my dealership. However he now says the car will not be available until 30th June 2019, is this a reasonable waiting time? Motability themselves say it normally likes car orders processed quicker than this, and indeed my current Ford Galaxy came through in 10 weeks in 2016. Any feedback is welcomed 😉


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    If it is built towards the end of May,I will get it in July that’s about 8 1/2 months😡Dealer told me 16 weeks, they don’t even bother ringing with updates.

    Hi Craige

    ,Based on your reply it looks like it will be October 2019 before I get my car, 10 months from my initial order on 2nd January 😒.

    Surely Motability can recognised these exceptionally long lead times from manufacturers and yet they still only allow us a meagre 12 weeks before our contract ends for ordering. There is a negative financial aspect for Motability from where I stand, namely, ordered cars not supplied by the contract end will require re-road taxing, re-insuring, attract potential costly repairs as many will have expired their manufacturers warranty [3 years], with further resale depreciation due to extra clock mileage and additional vehicle ageing. I truly cannot rationalise their business philosophy on that basis. I think someone at head office needs to do the maths, maybe then some of the savings made could be used to reduce the schemes Advance Payment premiums, whilst adding the surplus to the organisations overall profitability. Logical to me, everyone gains. 😊😊



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    Hi all, I placed my order for the 5008 1.5 GT line premium auto in early February. I was like most told it would be ready about June/ July. After reading all your posts I asked dealer for my order number “ they were not keen to give” after I got motability involved I was given the order number. The Peugeot customer service team gave spoken to the production team who have a build date of 25th September and can’t say if It will still arrive in dealer of even this year.  I have raised this and am getting a call back from one the mangers at Peugeot as I am so annoyed as that’s almost 11 months for a car.

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    Hi Clee-dou,

    Your feedback reaffirms my conviction that dealers and Peugeot are hoodwinking us into believing that their cars are more readily available than they actually are. This practise is nothing short of deception in its highest form. Neither party deserves custom via Motability or indeed the private when deliberate misinformation abounds so readily within their operations. These practices will ultimately cost them dearly as car buyers become aware of such and avoid them like the plague.

    The far eastern car manufacturers must now be rubbing their hands together in joyous anticipation of extra sales revenue thanks to the likes of Peugeot.



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    i ordered peugeot 3008 in 2nd of october 2018. Dealer told car delivered to uk in end of february 2019. still not received. deliver from port to dealer more than one month. still not received by dealer. they got weird explanations, delay due to brexit

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    May I ask how you’ve spoken to customer services as when I try and get any information of the dealership or Peugeot on Facebook they just call the dealership ordered a 1.5 allure auto diesel Dec 5th 2018 and they can’t give me a build date

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    Hi I called Peugeot customer services on ‭0800 083 3000‬ and asked to speak to a customer service manager (you get transferred to another department).  You will first need to get your Peugeot order number from your dealership hopefully they will give it to you without any issues. But if you need to call motability, they will call them to get it for you. I was also able to check they the spec and colour I choose was correct on the call.

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    we order on 26/1/2019

    after reading this we were a bit concern but the dealer is assuring us it still will be the end of June

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    Hi itdave,

    i would personally talk to Peugeot customer service with your order number,

    they will contact the production team,

    I ordered mine in Nov was due in March

    i contacted customer service it is due to be built in May might get it in July,

    thats 8 1/2 months the dealer was useless.

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    My dealer also said everything was fine,

    in a Peugeot forum I’m in there’s a lot of unhappy customers lied to by the dealers to get an order,

    only for them to be waiting a long time some have cancelled,

    hope this is not the case but I would check let us know how you get on good luck👍

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    Ordered beginning of Nov 2018 spoke to dealer just last week still no date given. 5008 GtLine premium 1.5 bluehdi manual.

    whats realy annoying is a family member ordered their 3008 1.6 purtech  gt line premium in January and they ar e picking it up next week .

    i am on the verge of cancelling when I see dates such as end of july and august . why did I bother ordering for a 19 reg when by the time I get it a few weeks later 69 reg will be out .

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    Hi Lee,

    Did you contact customer service for a time frame they at least told me it would be built sometime in May,

    still nothing showing on dealers system,


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    Been told by a friend of mine who ordered a 5008 in January that the dealer has told him end of July, beginning of August.  Mainly due to factory re-location is the reason he was told.  Think he might cancel if it proves to be longer.

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    Sid wolf

    New factory being built,  if you place your order now you won’t get it until January 2020. We just got ours on the 1st of April after ordering it the beginning of September. What I do suggest is phoning up head office uk and have a chat with them  Its a nice car by the way

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    Hi folks

    It seems that we are all chasing our tails! I did manage to get a test drive very early in Jan.19  it was in a 2000cc auto which was great, so ordered there and then! We were not happy with the lack of colour options so went for the Pearlescent white, (more incentive to keep it clean!) I’ll be glad to get rid of the current Tuscon! what a gas guzzler!

    Our original delivery was indicated for end March, later moved to June, who knows where from then, but, having driven one I chose the 1.5hdi auto and I feel sure I won’t regret the choice. Just the wait!

    Lets all just keep fingers crossed


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    Hi chipplemike,

    i went for pearl white as well,

    the gt line 1.5 auto with open&go

    would have loved the premium but my kids are tall and the panaramic roof made it impossible,bit gutted

    i ordered in November,I was due to pick it up in March,

    still have no build date but customer service says May,

    so will probably get it late June,July 8 1/2 months 😢

    great car can’t wait,

    good luck with yours 👍


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    Hi everyone,

    I called Peugeot customer services yesterday and spoke to two departments, initially a very friendly and helpful chap listened patiently and sympathetically to my request on my Peugeot 5008 SUV 1.5 BlueHDi GT Line Premium build / delivery situation. As he could not access my order details on their system, even with the dealers order number, he transferred my to Customer Care Dept. Once again I spoke intensely to another chap who was likewise sympathetic to my enquiry since my car was ordered on 2nd January 2019. He took full details about supplying dealership, those of myself, and created and gave me a Log Number for my case. He apologetically continued whilst explaining that factory moving and high demand was the cause of delays with the 5008 SUV lines. I must say he was extremely appreciative of the present condition and frustration that myself and other customers were experiencing with their orders, but still could not give any truthful build / delivery times on 5008 SUV’s. In fairness I was impressed with his truthfulness, and whilst it does not alter the current situation, it was reassuring that he didn’t convey the usual BS and verbal diarrhoea that many dealers expel with such ease when approached by their clients. Peugeot asked me not to let the order lay, but to keep on at my dealers for updates, and ring them back midway through May for their production update even though things may be the same.


    PS: This is my third attempt at posting this, the others did not go for some reason, if it should re-post, please accept my apology for the repeats.

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    JS (justsaying)

    Thanks Thomas

    the posting issue should be sorted know, WMCForum is playing in the background doing a bit of house keeping and putting clocks right etc.

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    Thanks, that explains the posting problem 😊👍👍👍


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    Hiya. Yep I’ve also been told end of June for my 5008 Peugeot diesel automatic which I ordered in January 2019 and for same reason of a new factory !!!

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      I’ve ordered my company vehicle October 2nd, due this month after four delays, still sceptical.
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    Just had an e-mail today from the dealer,

    my 5008 will be with them in 4 weeks

    i ordered in November but was told end of June/July

    can’t wait😀👍

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    Just had a phone call from Dealer picking up our 5008 GT first week of June order last week of January he said they are all coming in and need to get them out soon

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    Hi Craig,

    Stands back in amazement, how did you pull that one out of the bag? I ordered my Peugeot 5008 SUV 1.5 BlueHDi GT Line Premium on 2nd January this year at 9:05am, the first trading day of 2019, and haven’t even received a build date as yet never mind a delivery one. My dealer phoned last week with a ‘courtesy call’ to tell me this same info once again. Nothing like rubbing salt in the wound so to speak, do they get some kind of buzz from this? It certainly wears a person down especially as my current car is in the garage yet again and really needs to go ASAP.

    All the best with your car 🙂


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    I ordered in November,

    ive been told today my car will leave the factory on the 17th May should arrive at dealership for pickup in June,

    ive had 2 previous orders fall through so will have been waiting a year and a half, beats me how some people get there’s quicker,

    But thats life I guess, good luck to all who are waiting for there cars👍

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    Hi Thomas,

    i ordered a 1.5 auto GT LINE PREMIUM. In jan 2019. I hate to say it but I have given up on it. I like you needed a new car and sooner rather than later. Dealer was awful would not answer any questions customer service team at head office were just as bad. I have just taken delivery of my new car I went an order the new SEAT torraco 2.0 tdi 190bh auto xcelance. It’s got a lot of spec and good size with 7 Seats. I would highly recommend at least looking at it. I also really liked the saving on AP I have made. Good luck

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