Peugeot 5008 SUV 1.5 BlueHDi GT Line Premium delivery

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    As my present lease finishes in March 2019 I was able to order on 2nd January 2019 a Peugeot 5008 SUV 1.5 BlueHDi GT Line Premium 130 Auto from my dealership. However he now says the car will not be available until 30th June 2019, is this a reasonable waiting time? Motability themselves say it normally likes car orders processed quicker than this, and indeed my current Ford Galaxy came through in 10 weeks in 2016. Any feedback is welcomed 😉


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    Matthew Daniel

    Hi Thomas.

    It would seem that you haven’t been party to the nightmare that is WLTP. This is quite new European regulations that came in late last year. It meant that even though there was 2 years notification, most manufacturers cars failed to meet the regulations or were just slow to pass. We have been in a position that most manufacturers are well behind schedule. Some Skoda’s were taking 41 weeks to get ready. I also personally believe that this has also allowed manufacturers to keep AP’s high as it doesn’t matter if they are high as they can’t keep up with the demand. Motability deny this and said that AP’s are agreed by them. However I don’t believe some of the AP’s are so high and there is no correlation to the delays. I paid a much smaller AP for my Volvo XC60 than the Kodiaq or 5008. I don’t really think you have much choice but to wait or to ask if there are any already built.

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    The wait times are coming down, doending on spec, most manufacturers tell you 12-14 weeks.

    As yours is auto it may add time but that does seem excessive.

    have you tried other dealers?

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    Hi Matthew & Philjb,

    Many thanks for your info, quite enlightening especially since we’re in the EU and their new European regulations on cars is dictating what we do and cannot do here in the UK. The worrying part now is that Peugeot is a French EU car manufacturer and they may be coerced into applying further delays in supply market if the Brexit does not go as the EU wants. 🙁

    In response to Philjb, yes the auto may cause restrictions, although my Peugeot dealer reckons supply and demand is equal in the 5008 SUV ranges; true or false, I don’t know.

    I haven’t tried another Peugeot dealer as I placed my order in good faith with my local main supplier and expected a better lead time, which he did originally indicate to maybe clinch the deal. Naughty, naughty sales tactics if that is the case.

    I now wonder if another Peugeot dealership will provide a lower lead time than June 30th this year so as to pirate the order? Cynical one may think of me, however car sales persons don’t exactly hold the best track record for honesty when chasing sales targets.

    Many thanks,


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    Hi,I ordered the 1.5 gt line auto end of Nov,

    i was told delivery in March,

    And that they intended to get as many vehicles delivered before the Brexit deadline as possible.

    I went for pearl white👍

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    Hi Craig,

    I hope your delivery comes through as promised. I’m understandably concerned that it may not be applicable to me though. When quizzed about the delay the dealer went on line to their delivery schedule from Peugeot with that amending the time from third week in March to last day of June 2019, quite a big jump.

    I know for a fact that my own GP (doctor) ordered a 3008 SUV early last year and they reneged on that order with some lame excuses after seven months. However, because he really liked the car he took them at their word that nothing would go wrong, and reordered. You can probably guess, he waited five months and the same happened. He didn’t go for a third rejection, told them to stuff the car and bought an Audi Q5 which was collected eight days after ordering. Thankfully he’s a very pleased doctor now 🙂

    I’ve actually ordered the Cumulus Grey,  if it ever arrives.  I did fancy the Pearlescent White which looked superb but the additional premium payment for that colour sadly put pay to that choice.

    Thanks for your post and info.


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    Hi Thomas

    I heard production was being moved to a new fecility so this would cause delays,

    i also ordered a 5008 that fell thru then a touran,by the time I get this it will be a years wait😡

    I didn’t order the premium so for £150 I went for the pearl white,grey was a close second,

    ive heard they are worth the wait,good luck with yours.

    i did receive an email this week saying it’s nearly ready and do I want to choose any accessories,

    but my dealer hasn’t given me a build date yet,strange!!👍

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    Hi Craig,

    I’m somewhat perplexed by the motor industry and their operations these days. They complain that sales are down but fail to woo their prospective customers by returning abysmal vehicle production outputs and consequential extensively long delivery times. I’m aware that buying cars is not like buying tinned peas off shelves in Tesco, but surely with the advanced and mega efficient robotics used in production these days, better outputs must be more easily achievable. It’s therefore not so surprising that new car sales take a hit; a ‘rod for their own back’ fits the bill perfectly. I’ll bet their CEO’s still rake in those mega bonuses though.

    Your own years wait fully supports the experiences of my family doctor, so these incidences are probably not isolated and more than likely more common than we hear about.

    Kind regards


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    Hello, I ordered mine 22 December 2018 through a broker Peugeot company and was told it will be ready by 18 of April 2019, Hopefully finger cross.

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    we just order this weekend  have been told 26th June for delivering as a new factory is being built

    as this is our first time not that worried as it the only car with 7 seats we liked

    if you go on Peugeot web site and configure the 5008 is does say June delivery

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    Hi Peter & itdave,

    Thanks for both of your replies. itdave’s would seem to confirm the June time-slot as several dealers have now revealed the same to me. One said if any others are promising earlier from factory they are telling ‘porkies’ as we all work from the same online Peugeot sheets. Interesting!

    Peter, your December 2018 order and April build with collection is probably correct too as my own main dealer had said previously that I would have got mine in April 2019 if I’d ordered in December. Unfortunately my Motability end lease date forbade such ordering. ;(

    Many thanks guys for your contribution, things will come together ‘eventually’, fingers crossed here too.


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    Hi   I ordered my 5008 SUV 1.5 BlueHDi GT Line Premium at beginning of October 2018 and still <b>haven’t been given a build date  Just told by letter that they’re moving factories so it will be delayed </b>

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    Many manufacturers are able to supply cars in a matter of 2-4 weeks. These tend to be those of Japanese/South Korean.

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    JS (justsaying)

    Wow things really have moved on, ships must of got a lot faster in the last year lol, unless it’s either  a stock item or built in uk and available your be lucky to get a car in 2-4 weeks unless it’s already in the country,

    Bighorn send of a email requesting confirmation of order and expected delivery date. If a dealership is unable to supply this then they maybe using delay tactics  due to no build slots left. However there is some truth in their statement, but this far in it’s a reasonable request and hopefully your vehichle is built before the move. As from this info it seems that’s only a few weeks away.


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    Kia, Hyundai, Mazda, Suzuki, Nissan & Toyota all quoted me delivery within 4 weeks and as short as 2. They tend not to offer any extras, only colour choices and dealer fitted accessories so many of their cars are built and shipped and they often have a selection either in stock or “en route” for delivery in 2-4 weeks. If a particular colour and interior is desired  then the wait could be 2-4 months. Generally they use a different business model to the European car makers who factory build with the requested options.

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    i ordered mine 23rd October in January got a call saying the order hadn’t been placed so re ordered it. No build date on the order and i got a guess of April may time. Girl in sales said they don’t get a build date till they know there ready that’s the quick part she said

    going down tomorrow to clear this matter up don’t like being lied to 😡

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    Hi Jayne,

    i ordered in November for a March delivery,

    I still have no build date so I don’t think that will happen,

    i know from a different group some have been waiting 8 months,

    good luck with yours👍

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    Got a call from my dealer today saying that my brand new car will be available to collect in 2 weeks from today, Very happy, I think the delivery was very quick because I was giving 18 April 2019 delivery date when I placed my order 23 December 2018.

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    Good news Peter

    i ordered a gt line 1.5hdi auto in Nov talked to dealer today still no sign a build date😥

    he told me March 15 to pick it up don’t think that’s going to happen.

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    Stuart Phillips

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I ordered mine in August and was delivered in November and it has been amazing it will be worth the wait :-)</p>

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    Just got an update today,

    i ordered in November the build date will be May should be able to pick it up July that’s 8 1/2 months 😡really aparantly struggling with auto boxes.

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    I order my 3008 from robins & day and got it a week later, very rare I know!


    sadly it’s all been downhill from there, the manual gearbox has to be the worst I’ve ever driven. Needless to say after just 6 months I paid the 250 to return it and ordered a Mazda 6 estate!

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    Grzegorz Mlodecki

    If you order in March ,real date of collection will be November,December . About 6 months waiting

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    If you order in March ,real date of collection will be November,December . About 6 months waiting

    Hi Grzegorz,

    Thanks for the info. As  stated originally in this post, my Peugeot 5008 SUV 1.5 BlueHDi GT Line Premium was ordered on 2nd January with a build date given as ‘end of June’ this year. Upon re-enquiry it was moved to ‘end of July’ and further more extended to ‘end of August’ which is already 8 months just to its build date. Would I be correct in assuming that ‘build to delivery’ would add extra time to those 8 months quoted, and if affirmative what could that turn out to be?

    Peugeot are currently pumping their cars heavily via UK television advertising, but never reveal therein that a purchaser might have to wait in excess of 8 months for delivery if my current situation is used as a guideline. That’s almost like dangling a fixed carrot to a donkeys nose on an extended stick. 🤔

    I’d welcome any others members feedback on this, especially in regard on the ‘Build to Delivery’ time factor.

    Regards to all


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    Hi Thomas I ordered in November,The dealer still has no build date,but Peugeot customer service told me May,

    its usually 1 week to build and 4 weeks to arrive at the dealer for pick up 👍

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    If it is built towards the end of May,I will get it in July that’s about 8 1/2 months😡Dealer told me 16 weeks,

    they don’t even bother ringing with updates.

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