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      Hi, has anyone ordered the new Peugeot 3008e? Is it only available at no additional cost to motability customers in Obsession Blue? My local dealership said that any other colour incurred an additional cost. Thanks

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        While normally any metallic colour is free some manufacturers do charge extra.  Looking at Peugeot anything but the Obsession Blue is listed as an extra £750.

        Please excuse spelling/typos. Apart from being a clot it turns out I had one on my cerebellum that's now causing various problems!


          We were told similar from Peugeot when we were looking at a car last year. All manufacturers seem to be different. For instance Renault do not charge extra for any paint choice, I recently enquired about the matte paint on the new Scenic which is £1700 they said it’s no extra cost all included in the advance payment


            Thanks both – I just wondered if the person at the dealership was giving me the correct information as I thought all metallic paint was included – looks like he was correct!


              I’ve ordered the e3008 in obsession blue as it was stunning looking on the car they had which was a 408 in that colour. They didn’t have a colour chart so the dealer just showed me cars they had with the colours the e3008 were available in.

              I loved the colour and am happy with it, but if it’s the only free colour there maybe a lot of e3008s about in that colour. I don’t mind that but some might.

              Ps it’s green not blue ?

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