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    Hi all,

    Back on the hunt for cars again now we are allowed to! Went to see the Peugeot 3008 suv yesterday and have to say quite liked it. Has anyone got it, know anything about it? Mine would be an Auto. Was considering the Ateca, Volvo xc40 Or Tiguan but now like this too but haven’t test driven it yet. Think it’ll come down to what stock there is and where of which make but wanted to ask about this. Thanks.

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    ateca and tiguan are stock only at the moment but i think the volvo should be able to build

    "the world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams-its heaven and hell "(RJD)

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    Thank you, yes, I think I need a stock car as my extended lease runs out in a few months.
    I just wondered if anyone has anything good or bad to say about the Peugeot 3008 suv before I consider it further.

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    you can stay in your present car whilst waiting for delivery as mob ops will extend while waiting for delivery

    "the world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams-its heaven and hell "(RJD)

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    I’ve had Peugeot’s for the last 12 years and placed an order for a 5008 auto on Friday and gave it a good test drive. The 3008 is pretty much the same car just a bit smaller. I loved the 5008 but then again I’ve got the old SUV version. Definitely give it a try.

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    John Morris

    We are picking up our ateca fr 1.5tsi on Saturday. According to our dealer there are very few left if any at all in most engines/trims. So my advice is to check the stock of the cars you like before deciding. Originally we ordered a mini countryman cooper s, test drove one and loved it. We did all paperwork with dealer only to be told 3 days later he could not source any in any colour at all. So 3 weeks of deciding were basically wasted.

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    Matt t

    Hi Elly

    I’ve had a 3008 gt line 1.6d auto which I replaced with an Ateca excellence lux 1.6d auto. The 3008 is a nice car, the main thing that attracted me to it was the interior, but after the initial attraction, I found it to be to enclosing. The Ateca is a much, much better car to drive! Because of my condition, the adaptive cruise control gets used 70% of the time. The Ateca may not be everyone’s taste and to some not as exciting as the 3008 to look at, but it’s a much easier car to live with and is much more exciting to drive. The excellence lux has everything as standard apart from a sunroof. Having had both, the 3008 is a nice car and  I would recommend it, however, I’d advise you to take an Ateca out for a spin first.

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    The 3008 GT-Line has adaptive CC as well and the auto box is the same as they fit in the new BMWs and considered to be the best out there, I have the Rifter GT-Line 1.5 bluehdi EAT8 and it drives fantastic.

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    Thank you so much for the replies. I have test driven the Ateca and we like it very much. That’s the dilemma. We hadnt looked at the Peugeot until now so hadn’t considered it. We will test drive it and then it’ll come down to whoever has stock cars available soonest between whichever cars we shortlist I think! A sunroof would be nice but it’s not the be all for me, the comfort and drive is important and driving Seat position height, I like to see where I’m going 🤣


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    I know most of you peeps have been on this scheme a while and its old hat to you. But, it just brilliant what the scheme offers. A brand new high spec car, very very cheap, You even have a dizzying choice of models and variants, it is quite difficult to choose.

    I know I wont be on the scheme in 2 years, just make the most of your new car and enjoy the time with your new toy…..its almost like Xmas….ha ha ha

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    Spoke to Peugeot today, quoted 4 months for a new factory order, which isn’t too bad.

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    Anyone looked at the new kuga yet ..???

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    Menorca Mike

    Chris which model is that is it diesel automatic ?

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    Mike, that was what I was quoted for a GT Line Premium 1.5 diesel auto.

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    Menorca Mike

    Fab mpg Chris I’ve saw on honest John real mpg

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