Peugeot 2008 gt premium

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    Mike Cooper

    I note the sunroof has disappeared from this model,chip shortage I suppose but the price is still the same (Motability and retail) but you can still add it as an option for £750! Nothing short of a scam imo!

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    Coral Winship

    Yep I found that out was about to order one then found out no Pam roof but not paying 1,599 ap for a lesser car

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    Mike Cooper

    Hi Coral Winship

    Im kicking myself to be honest,I had a test drive in it 6 weeks ago and could have ordered immediately but decided to carry on having a look around.Was going back for a second look this weekend and checked the online configurator where I spotted the dropping of the sunroof.I just find it a very deceptive move by Peugeot and will be steering clear of them now.

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    It’s not just a Peugeot thing, lots of members on here are receiving lesser spec cars from various manufacturers due to the chip shortage.

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    Yeah the sunroof shortage is really starting to set in now.

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    Mike Cooper


    yes of course you are correct,but how many other manufacturers are hiding away the fact you can still get additional extras for more money that were previously there for no extra cost anyway,the panoramic roof,in the instance i am highlighting,but different extras in different manufacturers ?maybe will show if you are willing to pay more money then that’s ok because they will actually find ways of bypassing the chip shortage.Market forces some will say but I see it as twisting people,particularly the disabled,in this instance.

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