Petrol or Diesel? Diesel or Petrol?

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    So following on from my other post my conundrum is which fuel in 2019?

    I find myself Confused and a little apprehensive and if im honest a tad scared 🙁

    I have to admit after seeing a BMW X1 I really liked it but sports seats and more wheel than tyre is not for me 🙁

    I like my comfort 🙂

    I had been hanging out for a Diesel as its all ive driven for the last 4 cars but then everything came crashing down 🙁

    I became more aware that diesels were no longer in favour but was then assured by many a dealer that it was only older diesels i should worry about……………..

    Living not far from Bristol they are now talking of banning Diesels from the town centre as are many other places.

    So I feel like this

    To me Petrol is too expensive as my parents live the other end of the country and I often make that trip I use my car for around 15000 miles each year.

    Im used to the 50mpg+ from a diesel and although the x1 Petrol promises late 40’s in reality I know its more likely to be in the 30’s.

    Id sign on the dotted line tomorrow for a diesel but im scared I wont be able to drive it where i need to use it 🙁 Likewise I fear if I go for Petrol I wont be able in the long run to afford the consumption 🙁

    Nobody is telling us what we really need to know?

    Will Blue badge or motability customers be exempt from diesel bans? Is it just older diesels or will even the new ones end up not fit for purpose after legislation?

    And if the goalposts are moved mid lease where does it leave me?

    I know deep down if I did order diesel it would most probably be the last but am I safe going diesel for the next three years?

    Anyone here just ordered a diesel or just taken delivery?

    Any help or thoughts appreciated.

    I just feel a little like if i get the diesel will itr be the wrong decision? Or likewise if i go Petrol will that be the wrong decision?


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    Hi SpinaB,you have raised a great topic as I’m a fan of diesel given the extra miles it offers over petrol and yes I too worry that with electric vehicles on the rise were does it leave current or future purchases/drivers of diesel and petrol vehicles and as I work in the city centre it is a must that due to my disability that I am able to park close to my place of work so what decision would be made regarding those with a disability is anyone’s guess but it has to be said that without the knowledgeable posts from Brydo etc I would not consider an electric vehicle but I now have more understanding but if not an EV then diesel is a definite ..good luck with your choice ?

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    I’m pretty sure it would be older diesels, the same as London.

    Not the latest euro 6.2 Diesel engines.

    Im the same my last few family cars have been diesel purely for the range per tank they offer.

    I also had a new MX5 that I loved the thrash about, before my condition worsened and I could no longer get in and out of it.

    If I didn’t need a bigger car for my scooter etc, I’d probably still choose diesel as at the moment they still offer the max miles per single fill up.

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    Hi SpinaB

    First off the new BMW X1  a facelift model. so mainly changes to appearance than anything  else.

    I chose the X2 sport petrol as I do not have problems getting in or out of the car.  I think that you would be safe with opting for the diesel euro 6.2 now I think.  As others have said, its the older diesels that are facing the problems.

    I chose Petrol over diesel purely because Diesel was not on the list for the X2 I wanted. If it had been I would have gone for that.  I really am delighted with my X2 and I am sure you would be with the X1. Please keep us updated.

    Current car BMW X2 2.0i Sport sDrive Auto 2019 with Sport pack
    Last car Ford Focus Titanium 1.5 TDCI

    "Men fight for liberty & win it with hard knocks. Their children brought up easy, let it slip away again, poor fools. And their grandchildren are once more slaves" - D.H. Lawrence

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    If it’s any help SpinaB, we have the 2 litre petrol X1.

    It gets mostly local use in town, often journeys of only 2 or 3 miles and does 37mpg in those circumstances. The extra refinement and smoothness of the petrol engine in stop go traffic is very noticeable.

    On long runs it will do 50mpg if sticking more or less to speed limits and relaxed driving.  The best I got was a 300 odd mile round trip where I was not in a hurry, didn’t exceed 60mph and got 56mpg.

    Obviously not like diesel consumption but not such a big difference as was true of old tech engines.  Factoring in fuel price differences, especially in winter when heating oil demand shoves diesel prices high, we are happy that we moved from our previous diesel and haven’t noticed the difference in fuel bills – but then we have only done 9000 miles in the year we have had the car.



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    Menorca Mike

    Surely the hybrid system is better as pure electric up to around 40 mph this would in interesting in a big suv like the Rav 4 I will have a test drive next summer I’m very tight fisted so like to get the most MPG

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    My new car is diesel but not by choice but because I had to cancel my petrol 1.5 TSi VW Touran and settle for an off the shelf diesel KIA Carens.

    With the reports of how the 1.5 TSi is working with the Touran with its lacklustre performance I’m so thankful that fiat drove me back to diesel and last week going over the hills and far away with a fully laden MPV I was more than happy with the cars performance not being reduced by the heavy load.

    I live in Bristol myself and not too worried about any ban they impose on cars and I say cars in general because once the foot is in the door and the thickos who rule our world wake up and find diesel were not the problem they will then pick on petrol, it’s what’s know as divide and rule.

    Lucky for me I’m retired and have no real need to go into the city centre any more and with most of what I buy nowadays coming from Amazon or good online retailers so it’s the local council choice to give up our roads to buses so now they face the consistences of closing down shops and no rates being paid, their decisions not mine.

    Just to put your mind at rest should you be unfortunate to have to go into the city centre, in Bath, who are going along the same route as Bristol the ban does not effect private cars but that could off course change because of the afore mentioned town hall thickos.

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    I found the following information somewhere around the time the charge for using certain diesel cars within the area affected was introduced.

    As you know by now that using an old diesel car you have to pay a charge to enter certain areas. The areas will be extended to surrounding residential areas. As a disabled vehicle you will not be exempt. You will need to pay a reduced charge. I will see if I can find the info.

    As one of the poster says it applies to older diesels. Those using motability cars will have diesels that meet newer emissions therefore should not be affected – for the time being.


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    Donkey Oatie

    its all a bit Knee jerk reaction by politicians to bee seen to be “green”. How environmentally friendly EV cars are in total is not really considered. In addition to manufacturing costs and electricity supply there is some evidence that EV cars produce more fine particulates from heavier wear on tyres and brakes than conventional cars. Diesel has a long way to go yet and possibly the most efficient currently possible vehicle would be a diesel hybrid.

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    Diesel, petrol and electric, no matter what the powerplant is there is always pollution created. Think of the powerplants creating electricity, what fuel do they use? Think of the waste material creating batteries and how do you dispose of used batteries?

    It’s always a case of moving the problem from one area to another.

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    Personally I prefer a diesel. The extra mpg is just a bonus to me, I just like the way they provide the power with more torque over bhp. Probably something to do with me having been a commercial driver all my life driving diesel trucks and vans for 10-12hrs a day.

    I don’t worry about ordering a diesel and legislation changing, it’s a 3 year lease and nothing dramatic is going to change over 3 years plus we’re getting the latest and cleanest engines available.

    We only do about 6-7k a year but my commute is 10ml each way on a motorway so no DPF issues to worry about.

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    Euro 6.2 diesel cars are allowed into the charging zones so don’t worry about being able to travel anywhere you want, including Bristol(unless they ban all but buses but then it wouldn’t matter what you got).

    Regarding mpg, people say that they got 40′-50’s out of their petrol by driving miss daisy, while this may be true if you drove a diesel in the same fashion you would be getting 60′-70’s mpg so in general even accounting for the price difference in fuels a diesel will be a lot cheaper over the 3 years.

    Now, the BMW X1, a car that’s just had a facelift and it’s mostly cosmetic, no real changes in engines or dimensions, what you do get is the inability to adjust the height of the seatbelts?, Really? why did they think that would be a good idea? Are all BMW drivers the same size? The other great idea is to fit them with lots missing in the tech department and you have to use your phone to do the job of mp3 player and satnav etc via android auto/apple car play but now they are charging you £85 a year for the privilege plus a fitting fee of £235 at the time of ordering, I guess they think all their customers have more money than sense.

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    Wazza I post lots of stuff on “off topic” section relating to green energy and have recently posted an article showing Scotland has produced enough wind power to provide electricity for the whole of Scotland and much of North England for the last six months. So there is lots of green energy being produced and we’re just getting started. So just because we don’t hear about it on the news its defanately happening.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    1. For the benefit of those thinking of getting an X1, vinalspin is wide of the mark. You don’t need your phone for MP3 or satnav, or many other features.  And BMWs answer to the seatbelt height is adjust the seat height.  Mrs Wigwam is 5 ft 2 and I’m 6ft.  Neither has any problem with the seatbelt.
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    Most of the cars I have had, once I picked the car and the trim I needed with an auto box, I did not have a choice of Petrol or Diesel, the car’s only came with the one engine. Needing an Automatic and especially if it also needs to be an estate, really does narrow the choice down, like no auto in the Mazda 6 estate’s over the years.

    Good prices for the manual 6 estates, but if you happen to be more disabled and need an automatic, your well and truly snookered and have been for years.

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    On a straight purchase 15k mileage wouldn’t be enough to offset the extra purchase price of a diesel. However, as most are aware one of the quirks of resale values (currently at any rate) tend to make diesel APs very favourable against petrol. So at least you don’t have that consideration.

    City centre bans? I’m of the opinion that as most of these will/do rely on ANPR to allocate charges then (IMHO) the likelihood is road fund duty exempt registered cars only will be exempt, similar to many councils disabled bays now.

    All in all, I think going forward if the vehicle you like at the price you like, is diesel then it’s still safe enough. I’m currently waiting for a diesel Sharan to be built.

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