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    just had the gp on the phone pain clinic have reccomended i stop the codeine and go on to oromorph, dont know dosages etc yet but its the liquid apparently.plus laxatives as even the codeine bunged me up and this stuff is just as bad apparently. plus a refferal to healthy derbyshire whatever that is to help me lose weight.


    so i am off to google it all but i figured some of you may be on similar and can offer real world experience.


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    well first session of chair based exercise done this morning 10 till 11 at clowne leisure centre and despite reservations its a proper work out so hopefully should restore some very absent muscle tone and hopefully lose some weight.

    struggled on the standing and twisting bits but just about managed to keep up with the rest.

    i confess a long lie down was required this afternoon.

    booked for 2 sessions next week and will hopefully be able to do all 3 in a week by the end of the 12 weeks.

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    Well done, Mitch. Sounds like it’s working  for you. However, at risk of sounding like a nagging auntie: Take it easily! Mrs T is undergoing similar programme and sometimes pushes envelope too hard, spraining/damaging an unused bit and having to take couple of days off.

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    oh yes there are aches in places i had forgotten i had.

    so its just one session this week then mon and thurs next week.

    then at some point add in weds but i am not sure about 2 days consecutively that may be a step too far lol.

    you get this free for 12 weeks after that you pay or join the gym.

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    Well done Mitch. I think I’d benefit from something like that. Don’t know what is available around here, I’ll have to investigate.

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    its run by the council and its by gp refferal the scheme here is living well derbyshire and the gp can refer you. there are several elements, weight loss a 12 week class learning about diet and calouries etc bit like weight watchers. and the exercise course again 12 weeks of either gym or swimming or in my case chair based exercise. i cant swim so that was ruled out and because of covid restrictions gym space is limited.

    might be worth a google for your area. some areas allow self referal.

    after the 12 weeks its £4 per class or join the gym at £27 per month.

    depending on how it goes i may join the gym as i ought to learn to swim at my age and water exercise is supposed to be easier on the joints etc.

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    Thanks so much @Mitch I was unaware of this. I’ll speak to the gp.

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