Ordered a New Citroën C4 Shine Plus

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    Lee Bengough

    I have ordered a New CItroën C4 1.2 130 EAT8 Shine Plus In Red to replace my C4 Cactus 1.2 110 EAT6 Flair.

    could have had one straight away if I went for the Sense Plus at £295 but the Shine Plus you get a lot for £795. I have never spent this much in 16 years of being on the Scheme but it’s a too good of an offer to miss.

    It will look like this C4 but my car the silver trim around the fog lamps will be red.

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    Lee Bengough

    On the 6th May I ordered a 1.2 130 EAT8 Shine Plus in Red with red fog lamp surrounds.

    a couple days later I decided to pay the extra for the 1.2 155 EAT8 Shine Plus in Red.

    a few hours later my dealer rang me and said if I was a willing to have the silver fog lamp inserts instead there was one due into the country that week otherwise I’d be looking at September for a Factory order.

    So I obviously snapped their arm off and said yes I’ll have it.

    it arrived at my dealer on 14th May. I took delivery on the 28th May as it had to have adaptions fitted.

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    Lovely car Lee, these are currently on my early shortlist for next year’s replacement. I’m interested to know if you found much difference access wise (hopefully easier) than the Cactus? I liked the Cactus but found both seat and roof too low for everyday use. I’m hoping the C4 brings an improvement.

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    Had my Citroen Shine now for three weeks most comfortable car i have ever driven, over 300 miles done and mpg in the mid 40s. Easy to get in and out of and takes my Transport wheelchair at a pinch.Ordered from Arnold Clark Glasgow on the 27th. of July and picked up on the 9th.of October.

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    Lee Bengough

    Had it washed yesterday I’m so glad I went for the red.

    nice car same colour as my sisters.

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    Lov👍ely in red too.

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    Lee Bengough

    Cheers Jono.

    how you getting along with yours?

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    Really well. Had my first long run through to Edinburgh last week for a three cylinder zipped along at a great pace. Very frugal on the gas average about 46 best shown yet. Not had to fill since collected. Still showing over half a tank seats are amazing more room than could imagine this car will do me nicely.. 

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    Lee Bengough

    Nice Winter afternoon on the local Common the red centre caps I bought really sets it off I think anyway. Saw them on a DS3 which made me fancy getting a set.


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    Looking good👍

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    I was tempted by the eC4, really nice looking car and everyone says how comfy it is.

    My favourite car is a Citroën. BUT can you guess which one?! Thats right the DS. Never had one, but it is the car of my dreams. Just need to win the lotto now!

    Mazda CX5 is my DD
    VW ID3 Max on order 5 Nov 21

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