Ordered a New Citroën C4 Shine Plus

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    Lee Bengough

    I have ordered a New CItroën C4 1.2 130 EAT8 Shine Plus In Red to replace my C4 Cactus 1.2 110 EAT6 Flair.

    could have had one straight away if I went for the Sense Plus at £295 but the Shine Plus you get a lot for £795. I have never spent this much in 16 years of being on the Scheme but it’s a too good of an offer to miss.

    It will look like this C4 but my car the silver trim around the fog lamps will be red.

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    Nice, also those seats look mighty comfortable.

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    Menorca Mike

    Looks fab

    BBC Breakfast expert, Toyota CHR driver.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Lee, I completely admire your (family) loyalty to Citroen. This will be the most comfortable and possibly best looking of your collection. The C4 is such a great car, and looks ten times better in the flesh than any photograph. Great engine and Gearbox combination too. Three years happy motoring. Enjoy.


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    Looks great Lee. I have fond memories of the Citroen’s I’ve had on the scheme over the years. They never missed a beat and I loved their quirky looks!

    Looking forward to seeing photos when you finally take delivery.

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    I’ve always loved Citroen. We have an electric kids DS from way back in the day.

    I’ve always loved them wanted a BX but never got one, ended up with an XM for awhile was like driving a sofa.

    Bought a Used ZX for £250 for the wife to learn in in early 2000s & that was an awesome little car till an idiot in a motorbike destroyed it, still he got his in court.

    Wish I could’ve gone for a Citroen myself but just nothing really suitable as going for an EV but if not citroen would’ve been top of my list.

    Love the Spacetourer too such a roomy mpv & comfortable & pretty.

    Congrats I’m sure you’ll love it

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    Lee Bengough

    Thank you for the lovely comments all.


    Ive decided to upgrade to the 155BHP at £1,195. My mam is lending me the extra so I thought why not.

    Its going to be a factory order as there none in the country nor the 130bin Shine Plus anyway.

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    Lee Bengough

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Good news dealer rang me this afternoon there a 1.2 155 Shine Plus EAT8 in red due to come into the country anytime now but has silver trim around the fog lamps if I wanted to stick to my original order could be looking around September Mark so I said yes of course I’ll have it.</p>

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    Lee Bengough

    My Car history for those that don’t know. Some that do know I am a Citroën Nut.


    first one I had was on the scheme 16 years ago.

    05 C3 1.6i 16v Exclusive SensoDrive Nil AP

    08 C2 1.6i 16v VTR SensoDrive £95 AP

    11 C3 1.6i VTi Exclusive Auto Nil AP but paid £100 for 17 inch alloy wheels upgrade and £160 for Auto Lights and wipers with auto dimming mirror.

    14 C3 Picasso 1.6i VTi 120 Exclusive EGS6 £195 AP but paid also £210 for the black pack which consisted of glossy black bumpers and 17 inch alloy wheels.

    19 C4 Cactus 1.2 110 Flair EAT6 Nil AP But paid £100 for black alloy wheels.

    fairplay to the Cactus when I had it in March 2019 it was great but obviously things changed in those 2 years. I will miss the glass roof mind when it goes mind but I’m sure this New C4 will make up for it.

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    That’s great news Lee. Can’t wait to see some photos when you get it. Fantastic looking cars with all the kit you could ever need.

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    Love Citroen, they make some funky cars and all the range look good, no other car maker comes close to the comfort of their cars.

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    Lee Bengough

    My new car has arrivied. I’m picking it up on the 28th May as the adaption company can’t get it in until 25th.


    so glad I went for the 155 as the 130 model looking at September for delivery.


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    Never looked at Citroën before as I’m not a fan of French cars but that looks really stylish and comfortable, love the the rear-end. Definitely worth a look.

    That’s why forums like this are so good, it opens your eyes to car’s that you would normally wouldn’t consider.

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    Looks cool Lee, don’t soppose she has electric seats by any chance…..

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    That’s a great looking car and one of the best colours imo

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    Did you not fancy going all electric then Lee…

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    Lee Bengough

    Thank you for the lovely comments it is a lovely car and such a great ap on them as well.


    Paul on Shine Plus Models you can specify drovers Electric Seat for £150 cost option that brings the massage option as well. But I’d say that would definitely be a Factory build car when ordering.

    as for Electric funny enough my dealer doing a offer now at the moment on the ë-C4 shine for £395 but I haven’t a drive and where I live there isn’t any chargers at the moment. And with autism I’d be having range anxiety. With Petrol I have this thing not to let it drop below half a tank lol.


    when things are more progressed on a few times when hopefully the local Morrison’s will Have chargers.

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    Lee Bengough
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    Lee Bengough

    heated seats is standard on Shine Plus though Paul if you want a heated steering wheel it’s an extra £50.

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    I’ve had 2 Citroens in the past a C6 and DS3. Both were fantastic cars and I can understand why people stick with the brand.

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    I’ve had 2 Citroens in the past a C6 and DS3. Both were fantastic cars and I can understand why people stick with the brand.

    Amen to that. Loved my DS3 on the scheme when they very first came out. I still think they look terrific all these years on.

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    Lee Bengough

    Wow Elliot you had a C6. Lovely cars they are. I’ve never sat in one unfortunately. A Vicar bought my Dealers Demo back in 2006 as a retirement present to himself.

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    Wow Elliot you had a C6. Lovely cars they are. I’ve never sat in one unfortunately. A Vicar bought my Dealers Demo back in 2006 as a retirement present to himself.

    The C6 was an incredible car. I had the top of the range one as a company car. It had a 2.9l V6 diesel engine which was so quiet. The rear seats reclined and were heated too.

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    Christopher Charles Vanstone

    My brothers ordrwd the c4 shine plus in the caramel brown, I will be the named driver 🙂

    I can’t wait, my brother wanted all the mod cons in a car and a automatic so he could learn to drive in it, so advoid Aylesbury for years

    And I choose the style of the new citreon c4

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    Lee Bengough

    you and your brother won’t be disappointed Chris I love mine.

    is he having the 130 or 155?

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    Thanks for this Lee.  The 155 shine plus is on my very short list.

    Was yours a factory order? You got it really fast!

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