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    Hi everyone,


    Has anyone been in the situation where they suspect  the car they have ordered has been allocated to another customer?


    i ordered a car at start of November and it showed on the dealers system that it was arriving mid February. I called after the date and was told that my car with allocated serial number had arrived in holding ready for distribution. I called regularly after that to be told that the tracking system was in a mess ‘because of Brexit ‘ and no info available. I kept calling regularly and end of last week was told it was showing for delivery 4th week in May.

    I have my doubts it is the same vehicle showing up on February so can only guess that my car was given to another customer .


    has this happened to others and do i just have to swallow it and wait?





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    Hi Mossfinn,   I have heard of this happening on this site.

    Personally, I would put my concerns to Motability. Blaming Brexit is shameful.

    Your vehicle order should be traceable and if the dealership has done anything underhand Motability should discipline them and you should be compensated.

    Motabilty customers are all too often treated like second class customers.

    Good luck,

    Regards, wonky

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    I was subject to my car being sold and told it was a safety recall?

    A load of dealer BS in even had the PIN number for collection day.


    motabilty weren’t interested in the least, they did say they apologised for that but it was out of their control, the dealer tried to get me to take a greater spec and solid colour which I specifically didn’t want.

    Remember you have the power to cancel and order elsewhere.


    Id agree no matter what motability tell us, 90% of dealers treat us like we are invisible.


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    Mossfinn – are we talking VW?

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    Hi Solent, no, we are talking Mazda.

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    Mine was Honda so it can be any make.

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    Car dealers are a complete shower, you might find the odd genuine rep who bends over backwards but mostly they’re the one’s bending us over.

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    Individual sales people can put you off s brand for many years. About 24 years ago a Toyota sales manager treated myself and my wife so condescendingly and disdainfully that we walked out and neither of us has even considered even going to look at a Toyota come renewal time ever since! Doesn’t matter what car they come out with or how good they might be.

    Irrational maybe, but I’ve never said humans are rational, lol.

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    Michael Seignot

    It’s a pity that we don’t have Lexus available on the scheme.  They are amazing at customer service, and nothing is too much bother.

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    It happened to me


    VW were the culprit, we ordered an allspace which was due in a few weeks later. I rang up to check on progress and was given a build number ( to my confusion ) I then asked why I needed it? They said my car was being built, even though it was already in the country! Long story short the car arrived and they sold it and tried to factory order me one which would of been due August at the earliest. They didn’t even plan on telling me which was the worst part!!!

    My advice? Order the car you are after and get assurances on delivery or if it’s on its way get written confirmation stating so. We ordered an outlander petrol and the sales rep has rang every week with updates and just general info, he is also throwing in a set of premium mats, a bumper protector and a full tank of petrol. That’s the kind of service we should get not the BS I see some getting.


    Don’t bother with motability as they done sweet FA for us apart from an apology

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    Evening mossfinn,

    I’ve the exact same feeling the same thing has happy to my vehicle- beginning to lose patients tbf.

    I made the effort back in December to visit different manufacturers (Mazda, BMW, Mercedes) in the end decided the Ford Kuga was the best suited for my needs and after much emailing around found a local delayer who seemed happy to help.

    Long story short – ordered in December hoping for March delivery, received my pin not long after ordering the received a second pin around middle of March so called for an update to be told “it’s with delivery agents due in anytime soon”

    called couple week ago “it’s in Holland” could possibly be in week ending this week but that’s not 100%…..

    starting to get in my nerves because I ordered my car in December when these were not even in production hoping to be one of the first yet I’m seeing some now locally so how is it they have there’s but mine is apparently stuck somewhere  in Holland?,

    ive a feeling my original order is driving around somewhere and I’m now waiting on an other order!



    How are you getting on?

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    That is odd. We ordered our Kuga Vignale on 11th December and took delivery 5 weeks ago.

    Current Motability car: Ford Kuga Vignale 1.5 petrol auto AWD.

    Previous Mota cars:
    2013-16 Ford Focus estate petrol auto.
    2016-19 Vauxhal Zafira 1.4T petrol SE Auto

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    Good afternoon efc 84

    Your story is exactly like mine and taking into consideration Confusicateds posting, strongly suggests that you were bumped and someone got your car.

    Having exhausted patience and lost faith in my dealer, I contacted Mazda customer relations directly and explained my situation. They have listened sympathetically and agreed that what has happened is unacceptable.

    ‘Unfortunately there is little they can do as dealers are independent traders. They have rebuked the dealership and are monitoring my order which is now due 14th May to ensure nothing happens. They offered me the choice of cancelling and Re ordering with another dealer at the original AP of £1499 even though it is now £3199 but little point in doing that as it won’t speed things up.

    i am getting regular calls and they are offering me a goodwill gesture but hopefully my car will be delivered next month.


    ‘’Good luck with yours..

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    Glad to hear it is sorted to your satisfaction Mossfinn,

    In conversation with my Mazda salesman when i got my CX-5 last October, the topic of audits came about, and every Mazda dealership gets audit by Mazda. We were discussing the CX-3 they had in the showroom and how at the time they were scarce, he told me they have to keep certain models on the showroom floor for a certain amount of time. If they had an audit and a model was not on the showroom floor they would incur a financial penalty.

    The reason i tell you this, and one Mazda won’t let on as it’s an internal matter, is that the dealership probably will get a penalty of some-sort for this…… and rightly so, or how else will they learn to treat customers fairly and equally, as it’s the Mazda brand they represent, and it’s that brand that will get tarnished.

    I wonder what gesture of goodwill you will receive?


    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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    Glad to read you have managed to sort  your order out mossfinn – I’m planning on making a call tomorrow to see if I can get an update on mine, I called today but it was his day off.

    Certainly isn’t right confusicated, I appreciate some people wait months and months but it’s to be seeing 19 reg of the same models driving around my area knowing very well I ordered mine before they even went in to production  to be told it’s still not ready dosnt add up.

    I don’t even know if it’s worth cancelling and re ordering with another dealership, I Just feel like something isn’t right with this and I’m beginning to lose confidence.

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    we got nowt other, other than an  apology from motability.

    Plus the greatest customer service question “if there is anything else we can help you with?” 🙄😂


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    Im having that kind of trouble at the moment 1st date the car was’nt available so we were told soon as you get your pin(which we had anyway) the car would be ready anyways the dealer rang said the car is ready on the 20th today they rang to say sorry we hav’nt registered your car so it’ll be ready tuesday and the bloke from the garage will come and pick us up as my lift will be back at work ……trying to butter me up me thinks

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    Sounds like a right incompetent outfit crazyDiamond, makes you think how they are still in business if they can’t even get the registering of a vehicle correct!

    Mota History - Nissan Qashqai Ford Focus Seat Leon ST Mazda CX-5

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