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    I order my new car in a week or so, I am pretty certain it is going to be the Kona Ultimate EV. I just can’t ignore £499 AP for such a car. Test drove one for an hour and found it comfortable, nippy and has everything I need for day to day use. I have a drive with a pre installed wall charger inside my garage.

    Am I making a mistake ? Has the Porsche Taycan come on the scheme in the last three weeks without me knowing? lol ?


    comments from owners of the Kona would be welcome also anyone think I’m making a mistake ?

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    I have one, you will seriously enjoy it, lots of toys and quick enough to make you grin, it’s also comfortable and quiet, with a cracking sound system. It is slightly small in the rear and the boot, however I’ve got a 9 year old and a 14 year old who fit just fine and it takes a load of shopping just fine.

    I would say do your research on the car and EV driving habits/tips, spend some time learning about regeneration braking and such, plus the specific features of the Kona.

    Enjoy your car

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    If you’re ready to join the EV world, you can’t go wrong, it’s a great car, incredibly cheap to run, and hugely fun to drive.

    As Shaun said, you need to adjust your driving style to suit the car to get the best out of it, but once you get your head around regenerative braking, you’ll love it.  I turned on the Auto Regen, and now drive with the car in coast, and use the flappy paddles just as you would have in a manual car to apply the regen, just like changing down in a manual.

    6.7k and my average power usage is 4.7miles/kW

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    Nice congrats you’ll love your EV. Just be prepared that your charge point install (if you’re getting one) will either go off fine or like mine become an utter nightmare. I hope yours is the former

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    I don’t have the Kona, just a year old Pug e2008, so I don’t get the 4.7m/kWh efficiency, merely 4.2m/kWh so my costs are higher by a few pence per thousand miles I guess. But, it’s an EV & it’s also awesome.

    The Kona, Soul & ID3 are the best EVs on the scheme at the moment for range, the Kona at £499 is currently the bargain.

    Getting used to any EV will take you all of a week maybe, it’s the charging & range anxiety, but, in the year since I ordered my EV the public charging situation has improved & we now even have reliable chargers at some motorway service stations & that’s soon to be almost all motorway service stations, thankyou Gridserve for taking over the Electric Highway & rolling out the replacement chargers. Two days ago I even found a Swarco machine that worked, just off the A303 at Ilchester. However, expect a shortage of rapid chargers on Bank Holidays & Summer Holiday weekends for a while yet.

    Zap-Map’s app just became Apple CarPlay compatible, for a fee, & I’m testing it this week in the car. Zap-Map is how you find the working chargers for your journey, and, now possibly plan the route etc.




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    As far as im concerned you’ve made the right decision. Your gonna love driving all over again, once you get used to the changes everything becomes old hat and you will wonder what all the fuss was about lol

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    Thanks everyone ,

    the test drove was really good and the paddles worked fantastically despite not knowing olhoe to utilise fully. The acceleration is from making and it is very smooth. I think I’m happy to order it next week. Cyber Grey for me. Thanks xxxxx

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    You’re welcome huni – happy motoring ♥️Xxxxxx

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