Order completed (Citroën C5 Aircross)

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    Mr P

    Exciting times, just completed order for new car , 12 weeks delivery ( fingers crossed)!

    C5 Aircross Flair Plus

    1.6 Petrol EAT8 Auto 180 bhp

    Platinum Grey with Black Perla roof

    Silver Anodised Pack ( replacing the red in photo above)

    Grip Control with 18’’ Swirl Alloy Wheels with snow and mud tyres

    Metropolitan Grey Interior ( leather/ cloth)


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    Wahoo very nice Mr P, very nice indeed. Congratulations.


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    Mr P

    …thanks Trev, after about 6 months of research, short listing, test drives, decisions, decisions and more decisions!! Just really happy that the next car is ordered and keep fingers crossed for a smooth delivery time !

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    Congratulations,seems like a nice car.

    Hope all goes smoothly.

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    Looks great mate.  The worst bit starts now; the waiting game😁

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    Coo!  Fancy!  I especially like those wheels.


    Just a quick question: I just had a look on the Motability site and the biggest engine is now the 1.5 diesel (both 99bhp) and the highest horse power currently available is only 108 (1.2 petrol).

    Are we no longer allowed to have the 180 bhp petrol version?  If not – that seriously sucks.



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    I just realised I was looking at the C3, not the C5.  Sorry.  (That’s what comes of simultaneously surfing the web while trying to prep fajitas!)

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    Mr P

    @ Georgie…haaa haaaa, (had me panicking then) lol.

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    Well, they’ve just whipped the Mazda CX-5 off the Scheme, so it wasn’t a totally unreasonable point for concern . . .


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    I had the cx5 on my 3 car shortlist.  I wonder what happens with existing orders.  Are these fulfilled or cancelled?

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    Hope you enjoy it Mr P, I had a look at it in my local dealership and it looks great and has everything I would want (apart from a sub 8 0-60 😀😀).

    However I was surprised and disappointed at the size, I thought it would be bigger. I was expecting a 5008 size car with a huge boot but it’s more 3008 size or somewhere in between (4008 if there was one).

    So I’m afraid it’s not for me, which is a pity, you enjoy yours when it comes and give a review.

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    Mr P

    @fwipperie, yes it was on my shortlist at one stage over past 6 months, happy now we went with C5👍🏻

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    Mr P

    @ Robert, we were all for 5008 after test drive of it, as the main concern was to accommodate a folded w/chair, that was in Oct.

    Then the C5 launched in February, we had a full day test drive and w/chair fitted very comfortably with seats in normal position. 7 seats would be overkill for us as only usually two of us in car.

    On C5 test drive there was enough power in the car for daily drives, comfort for us is the main driver. The C5 has this in spades, I’m also trying automatic for the first time and the gear box was a smooth as silk.

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    Mr P is it quiet on the move ? Can you hear the engine ?

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    Hi Mr P

    How much was it for the grip control + tyres? if you don’t mind me asking?

    Do you know what the tyres are specifically also?

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    Mr P

    @mike11, yes, very quiet, the car has ‘acoustic laminated glass’.  If you’re looking for a comfortable relaxing drive this car is brilliant. The only downside was trying to stay awake on the test drive, it’s that comfortable and relaxing!

    I’m going from Volvo XC60 which has been a great car, however, I feel this car is an improvement in many areas.

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    Mr P

    @ Vinalspin a very reasonable £395👍🏻

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    Mr P

    @ Vinalspin, don’t know make of tyres, they are advertised as :

    18’’ Swirl Ally, mud and snow tyres.

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    Hi Mr P you beat me to it. I’m ordering exact same model and colour tomorrow. Being nosy can I ask how much you paid for the extras and reason for going for the grip control as we are debating if we need this or not

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    Mr P

    @ Mick

    AP= £1,895.00

    Perla Neva Black Roof = £250

    Grip Control with mud and snow tyres = £395

    (Grip control without mud and snow tyres £400 , not sure how this is ??)


    Total AP/Ooptions = £2,540.00

    This is £1,200.00 cheaper than Peugeot 5008 would’ve cost us , so really happy 😃

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    Mr P

    * nera

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    Mr P

    @ Mick , reason we went for grip control, at £395, I don’t think it’s that much over 3 years to be ready for snow, ice, mud, sand. If we are ever in those situations. I have seen YouTube videos and all are very positive on the grip control system.

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    Thanks Mr P much appreciated

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    Mr P

    @mick, good luck, let me know how it goes?

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    Will do

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