online supermarket substitutions that made you ?????????

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    i have to say i have had very few substitutions but today ocado excelled themselves.

    i ordered 10 m&s mini cheese burgers you know the party food things sliders i think theyre called.

    the replacement 6 mini melton mowbray pork pies ???????

    how does that work.

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    Not very well, I gather.  :-/  I like the idea of Pork Pies, but actually don’t like them very much – it’s the ‘jelly’.  Meat- Good.  Pastry – Good.  COld, slimy jelly?  Nope.

    Same with Scotch eggs – good in theory, but . . .

    Waitrose have been rather quiet around here recently.  A lot of things I used to buy every week have now been unavailable for months, of course, but for actual substitutions the worse they’ve done is send chocolate-free and sugar-laden cocoa as a substitution for the second choice drinking chocolate I ordered because the Green and Black was once more ‘Out of Stock’.

    On the upside – my sister ordered a 3kg Ham for the New Year from Morrison’s and they substituted it with a 6.5kg Ham.  For three people.  She had to cut it in half and cook it in two goes!  They also told her they didn’t have the Christmas Cake and Mince Pies she’d ordered, so she bought some dead expensive artisan replacements when she went out to pick up the turkey, and then they delivered the Christmas cake and mince pies after all.  The house was awash with alcohol-soaked fruity goodness!

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    too many “dead flies” in that lot for me georgie, i just stuck to the dark n stormy works much better lol.

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