omg war pensions have flabbered my gast.

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    in nov 2020 i sent in an application to increase my war pension as things had deteriorated considerably.

    since then i had to complete a written submission and reply to some questions. later i was initially advised that i would have a telephone assessment but even that was cancelled due to covid and all i have had since is the odd letter simply stating they are still processing it.

    well in the post today is a decision and initially i was crest fallen as in the first paragraph all i saw was you are not entitled to an award as there is no evidence to confirm it was caused by your service. so immediate panic thinking they had stopped my war pension.

    moral of the tale so far read the whole letter before jumping to conclusions.

    skipping to the end i noticed they were paying me arrears so i then sat and read the whole thing properley and slowly and realised it was only the atherosclerosis that they were excluding the rest including the back and neck which were the reason for the claim have been accepted and my pension increased to 50%.

    which means an extra £80 per month and they owe me nearly £1300. in arrears.

    considering the 3 ring circus and tribunals etc that i have had to go through previously this is gobsmackingly efficient of them.

    well that will pay for the garden improvements lol.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Congratulations and quite right too !!! Enjoy that beautiful garden you’re planning.</p>

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    Well done Mitch. I am so pleased for you. Thinking about the letter, I think they should put the good news first and bad last. It’s that sort of letter that could tip some people over.


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    oh i agree joss it would have been much better to say we have added your back and neck injuries to your attributable conditions but not the atherosclerosis etc etc and then detailed the award but because the award etc was on the second page i was panicking a bit till i caught up.

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    Oh, Hurrah!  That’s a great result.

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    Good news Mitch, out of interest, what level were you before the increase, 40%?  Are you getting ALSO? In my experience, if they have just given you the standard increase of an extra 10% and see if you’ll go away, it’s well worth asking for another reassessment, 60% brings in the possibility of the unemployability Supplement and comforts allowance.

    Pleased for you, but it is quite common for them just to try seeing if an extra 10% will keep you happy!

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    hi intranicity that thought had crossed my mind, they have form in that regard when i first left the army and applied i knew no better and they awarded me 19% of course i didnt realise they had done that to avoid the weekly award at 20% . it wasnt until i came accross a guy from the rbl who explained the system and lo and behold it got increased to 30%. but unfortunateley i had lost 5 years in the meantime. and then it took right up to tribunal to get up to 40% and that was such a drawn out affair i ended up with 4 years backdated it took so long. annoying as the tribunal took 15 minutes to award in my favour. i was going to give the advisers at rbl a ring and see what they say.

    yes i get ALSO.


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    Yes, they seem to offer low ball payouts to see if you’ll just accept it and walk (pun intended) away. I’m coming up to my 30th year on the scheme, and likewise just accepted what I was awarded for the first 15 years, I did in the end, after suggestions from the Veterans Welfare Service look into and ask for a reassessment, and then a tribunal, still not a perfect outcome, but I can live on 60% and the unemployability supplement.  Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

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