Ohme Data cable install journey now at last concluded

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      Where to start lol

      Easee to Ohme pod swap over completed months ago

      First problem now resolved over the phone

      Installer had not informed Ohme to switch me on their end so on granny lead speed now sorted

      I then noticed my Easee Equalizer had been left live and still in situ also a unconnected C/T clamp dangling ( not sure if orginally easee or Ohme )

      Also app not showing c/t clamp info or any load balance info

      Spent ages back forth with messages/pics

      Just got email from Ohme and it said be in touch for a home visit or make contact if you wish

      Which I did

      Got put through to a fitter and explained the situation only to be told our system tells us that your charger keeps cutting out

      Ah no so explained the above and he let slip we are asked to simply swap over and your charger stills charges the same

      He back tracked when I said I want a safe charger that I can see load balancing and that a c/t clamp is fitted/functioning

      I got completly lost when 15m of data cable was mentioned

      What/where god only knows what this does

      I await a booking and see what happens

      Boris aint got a new job has he?

      Hope not Im doomed lol

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        Oh dear!

        I would put money on what you have been sent is internal grade Cat 5e data cable!

        External grade data cable, should be a minimum of LDPE-

        LDPE (Black) – alternative PE sheathing material for cables used for outdoor use. LDPE material is UV stabilised, which contains around 2.5% carbon black and has excellent weathering resistance.

        The LDPE fulfils the requirements of IEC 708-1 tested according to IEC 811 and BS 6234 03C, TS1 as well as others.

        There are other types of external data cable with, similar characteristics as LDPE. namely MDPE, HDPE (not really used) and UTP (armoured for ducting.

        External data cable it notably black but, MDPE can also be coloured with standard sheath  (Orange, red, green, blue and violet)

        What is annoying is there is a specific cable for supplying chargers called EV Ultra. EV Ultra is basically  SWA (armoured cable), that specifically has a set of data cables within it for load curtailment. However not everyone uses it, where wireless curtailment devices are used and cheap skates!






          kezo yet again thank you

          Ohme sending new fitter/firm should know more Mon

          Have sent Ohme cable pics stipulating upgraded external black cable needs to be sent or brought with new fitter on next visit.

          If you were a fly on the wall today you would have died laughting,

          So sad it was comical

          The saga continues

          cheers again M8



            I feel for you and your family having to go through this sh!t from a bunch of cowboys. Its people like this that give sparks a bad name, many of whom take pride in their work. Something needs to be done but, I feel taling to Motability will just fall on death ears sadly.

            Anyhow at least Ive been of some help, if only from a distance.

            Your earlier post stating the guy didn’t know where simple wiring goes for a CT clamp and having to go on the phone for 45 ninutes, screams not competant and not very qualified.

            The fact he told you there is a switch in the meter that will trip if there’s a problem, is so very very wrong. Regulations are there to be adhered to and they clearly state in black and white load curtailment can be used as a means of derating maximum demand end of. I would imagine the guy was refering to the 100A isolator, which is a means of isolating the supply, to enable safe working or in an emergercy from the consumers side of the meter, rather than a protective device. In anycase most houses are getting 80A cut-outs from the DNO, so what will a 100A isolator protect exactly!

            Hopefully you get it all sorted soon so you can put it behind you 🙂


              Cheers Kezo kind words

              What many will take away from my and others posts is that when considering a home charger they will see we have between us all covered some of the main potential hurdles that may or may not be encountered.

              The EV Roll out process is rough and fragmented at the moment and the whole process needs streamlining

              Motorbility needs to up their game and aim to ensure their customers have a dedicated streamlined stress free EV experience

              A couple of yrs yet imo before that light is even seen at the end of the tunnel

              Seems many of us end up educating the very people we are meant to rely on.

              Blooming country is a circus no matter what direction you look in

              Rant over ( for today lol)


                Well this isnt going to well

                Last posted {Ohme sending new fitter/firm should know more Mon

                Have sent Ohme cable pics stipulating upgraded external black cable needs to be sent or brought with new fitter on next visit.}

                Not called back today as promised so rang Ohme

                Told needed works by another installer is now not happening as I had turned away their competant Ev installer ( lol)

                Had a go at them ended up ringing Motorbility who have now contacted Ohme

                Like the magic roundabout

                In a nutshell Ohme sends out Crystal to swap Easee to Ohme,fitter leaves not only without installing a data cable but failed to let Ohme know my charger was live

                Result spent 6 weeks wondering why it was slow charging

                Then they send me a grey phone type cable

                installer day:  He asks what is it I need to have done (alarm bells ringing) I said data cable repky where does that go and from where?

                I reply Your asking me lol

                He said I have never fitted a data cable

                I said see yer and showed him the door,he leaves 2 mins later

                Knock on the door Can I have the cable

                Reply no shuts door lol

                This is like a sketch of the two Ronnies

                So back on the merry go round it is





                  Tell Ohme you are going to report Crystal to both OZEV and NAPIT for failing to comply to the regulations and under no circumstances do you want them at your home. (you have enough written and verbal evidence).

                  You want another approved installer to carry out the work or you will be employing your own contractor to carry out any remedial work and send Ohme a bill.



                    We ordered our car 2nd week of January, we filled out the Ohme questionnaire a couple of weeks later. Guy came out last week and installed it in under 2 hours. No issues at all.


                      We ordered our car 2nd week of January, we filled out the Ohme questionnaire a couple of weeks later. Guy came out last week and installed it in under 2 hours. No issues at all.

                      Luck of the draw who you get. However Ele had a Easee charger, which got replaced with a Ohme charger and lets say they omitted a vital piece of the jigsaw.



                        I was supposed to have an installer out for a survey for an AM appointment today didn’t hear anything until 5pm. I’m running late can I come at 6pm. Called him at 6:30pm and could hear his TV on in the background. Is Ohme just subbing the work out to the cheapest possible installers??


                          Simply answer is yes hit n miss who you might end up with

                          To be fair as alwaysthere is good and bad

                          Im not letting Crystal EV Installations near my charger again

                          Ohme customer service sucks imo

                          Considering going back to petrol than to have to deal with them now or in the future


                            Yep yet another update to this saga which at one point looked as though it would have a longer run than coronation street

                            Being annoyed and Pxssed off yesterday at the way not only Crystal EV Installations had treated me but also Ohme customer care team ( use the description loosley )

                            I then got my thinking cap on and having realised I had already gone through and exhausted the normal  common process (TOP TIP always exhaust that first) and having been told my only option is to complain

                            I decided early hours of today to put my fair and reasonable complaint to the very top of the tree

                            Wow! Instant response and called me this morning.

                            Top team on the case who were sympathetic to my concerns and simply said give me 24hrs and I will get back to you.

                            I did the same when the Hotpoint Tumble Dryer scandal afffected me and following my @ to Italy It was quickly resolved followed by a cheque

                            Same thing with the then new Seat Arona and  following long delivery delays @ sent to the very top

                            £250 apology cheque arrived followed by another £250 good will gesture ( many got this) 2 months later.

                            2 weeks

                            I then cancelled all together and looked elsewhere lol


                            WOW as I was editing this post ( grammar lol ) my phone just rang

                            Guess what this seems to be going somewhere as each person making contact with me today has a posher voice each time

                            Ohme saying now we have re-looked ( lol) at you dilema we can see that its not acceptable and although difficult to find another installer in my area they will of course do so.

                            @to me on its way so that I can communicate at top level if/when needed,

                            They hope to resolve in 7 days or less

                            Amazing how a single @ to the right person can shake the whole tree 🙂

                            And I get to have some important contacts if I ever get fobbed off again

                            Bet there was ass kicking going on behind the scenes today lol






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                              Who did you complain to?


                                Hi Kezo

                                As this is still an ongoing situation Im sure you appreciate its best if I keep mum for now.

                                Lets just say for now

                                Top Tree who has quickly kicked ass and promised to resolve

                                Latest call just now confirmed this has now been actioned



                                  I don’t have your address so I can’t but your should also be reporting crystal electronics to OZEV, NICEIC amd NAPIT who they are members of.

                                  There work will be checked and coded to ensure the work is brought upto standard, with frequent checks going forward or struck off if it contunes.


                                    Once cable is in place

                                    I certainly will do that

                                    cheers again m8


                                      Have updated awaiting mods due to a few pics being uploaded

                                      In a nutshell All Done great job

                                      Installer found

                                      No Gland fitted around main feed into charger

                                      A blank missing back of charger ( big open hole)

                                      Wrong tails were fitted now changed

                                      This single Installer has all SE contract brought franchise via RECHARGE think Glasgow based firm

                                      Knew his stuff

                                      Pics on other post awaiting moderation


                                        Good news data cable up and running

                                        Bad news no bottom gland around main feed cable

                                        Back blank missing in charger resulting in a big hole being left open

                                        Wrong size tails were fitted now been upgraded

                                        Professional job by RECHARGE ( think glasgow based)

                                        Local Installer has brought the SE Franchise off them

                                        https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O4S-fFNVghauXnf6fQuyXqbhEIIIwaJT/view?usp=sharing, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UADJ4EKATrUGrkvtwkLALwXMyxy03-If/view?usp=sharing, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1flS2rOjnEbglOMAallkLnL0if1qHAPEZ/view?usp=sharing, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pcaA3lubPbLWB40ULwN0c0n4ikiKsTx9/view?usp=sharing


                                          Can’t look at pic’s, as lost google password, so will find it tomorrow.

                                          What are they (Ohme) doing about the missing blank and bottom gland?

                                          I take it he had the appropiate data cable?


                                            Hi Kezo

                                            Yes corect Data cable now installed

                                            Shook his head when shown what I had been sent by Crystal

                                            All errors reported ( same @ )to motorbility CO assistant and also to Ohme

                                            The REACH installer has lots of pice and I have suggested they ask to see them

                                            EDIT: Motorbility CO assistant just rang me and assured me Crystal will be closely looked at

                                            I will leave it at that now its all up and running correctly as feeling a bit battle scared and in pain with one thing and another

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                                                … and of course the missing gland and open hole are partly on cement joints, so mosture will eventually seap in and get on the board. Fooking cowboys!

                                                If nothing gets done I would isolate, pop the cover off and fill with silicone as a preventative, when you get 5.

                                                I would find the strength and email a complaint to Napit and OZEV adding some pic’s.

                                                Crystal EV charging are registered under Cystal electroncs, who are an aerial and dish installer ?‍♂️


                                                  Cheers all now rectified

                                                  Did wonder with back blank and gland missing if the pod was second hand and not new

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                                                  • This reply was modified 4 months, 2 weeks ago by Ele.
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