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    Which Mobility Car

    Good morning. Does anyone know of a current price reduction on the BMW i3? Prices start from £2000. I live in Milton Keynes and will be happy to travel. Thank you. Rob


    BMW Partridge of Hampshire offering discount up to £500 discount 02380 080 651.

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    Thank you for your reply.

    ‘These guys are not offering a discount on the BMW i3.

    I will keep looking.


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    Ordered the Volvo XC40 T3 R-Design, petrol, auto from Marshalls Volvo with a dealer contribution of £500 bringing the AP down to £799. Unfortunately, I will have to wait until March for delivery!

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    Phantom the time will fly by and what a deal for a great car, send us some photos when you get it. What colour did you go for, and did you get any of the packs?

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    Brydo, ordered it in Thunder Grey.  Didn’t order any of the packs as the standard spec on the R-Design meets all my requirements.

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    Is it me but how did us disabled get on when we used to have only the plastic blue pig as transport which was the most uncomfortable car to drive now we have so more choice and i know seats can be either good or not so good but holy moly does it seem a wee bit ungrateful when people are never satisfied and motability could and have even said to me is the scheme right for you which did annoy me at the time but i just go and again look at that blue pig and think i am grateful.

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    Phantom sounds very nice, the xc40 is at the top of our list and we will be looking very seriously next year.

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    John Cooper

    Does anybody know which BMW dealers offer discount on the X1

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    Chris BMW


    This is Chris and Taylor from BMW Berry

    we have a fantastic offer on a new X2 that is in our showroom that currently has £250 off the advance payment!

    Please give us a call on 01895 433999 to Discuss !

    If the X2 is not what your after still give us a call and we can discuss what car you would like and what options are available for you!

    Chris and Taylor

    From BMW Berry

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    hi Phantom

    i just called Marshalls Volvo to see about ordering xc40 and ask the motability person raj about £500 dealer contribution was told no they  are not offering anything this year i mentioned this form still no joy

    can you help

    thanks martin

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    Just collected my r design pro t4 XC40, it’s a beauty, got an unexpected £500 off as i mentioned the advert placed here, so with my hopefully good condition bonus (£500?) it only cost me £100 🙂

    Rybrook Warrington btw.


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    Congratulations. It sounds really nice, send us some pics if you can.

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    What a result, green with envy lol.

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    Well done @crippleddad, and the good news is the GCB is £600 for a full 3 year term.

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    i asked taggarts volvo in  glasgow for a dealer contribution of £500 and was told no as motability set the price and they cant offer anything

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    Should say £1000, not 100. I wish, was £2000 i think, so thanks for telling me its £600, my old car is immaculate apart from a small tear on the driver’s seat in the leather. I believe it’s in good condition, total price could be £900!

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    Note that Johnsons £500 discount on XC40 AP’s has just been reduced to £100 across the Motability range.  Its published on their website. I can only assume that they’ve met their target!

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    Gill hancocK

    Hi do any one know of offers for the BMW X2 looking to order end dec/jan for March delivery

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    Hi Gill,

    Snows BMW Portsmouth are offering up to £500 off new BMW’s but they have to be ordered by 31 December… Link below

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    I dropped Johnsons an email today, they are taking over our local VW dealership in Stafford, I asked them are they aware both JCT and Marshalls are offering VW discounts at present £500/£400, and would they be willing to match them. They were a bit none comital ?

    Had a phone call of Johnsons this morning, they have now taken over the VW Stafford dealership, as regards matching JCT and Marshalls a definite no.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Hi all, probably a bit of a silly question… If I take up an offer from a dealer further away, would I still need to use them for servicing, any issues? Or can I use any branch /main dealer?

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    Hi all, probably a bit of a silly question… If I take up an offer from a dealer further away, would I still need to use them for servicing, any issues? Or can I use any branch /main dealer?

    You can use any official dealer.

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    Hi what was the offer ? Any good ?


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    Not seen anything in particular to be honest but was just wondering if travelling a fair distance was worthwhile.

    Looking to place an order in Jan/Feb so need to start narrowing down the car….

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    Any current Nissan offers in east Anglia / London ??? Thanks in advance

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