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    Just seen that Partridge BMW in Hampshire are offering up to £500 Advance Payment contribution on the whole BMW Motability range:



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    Good spot Dave

    i imagine BMW may have been hit by the many Mercedes available on the scheme now.

    good deal too

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    Shame, this offer from BMW ran out in June.

    As we now know they do offer deals its worth checking before buying though in case it’s back on.

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    Thank you all, for alerting us of any offers firstly.

    I have been scouting about for the last month trying to get a dealership that would match an offer being advertised by another dealer which is unfortunately way to far for us to travel. I have tried about 10 dealerships in the north west of England and I must say I am shocked at the response I have had. None would match it for starters. But the rudeness I have experienced because I have asked is shocking. I have been polite and told them of the deal elsewhere and wondered if they would be willing to match it being as they were closer for us to travel too. Most of the responses were like I had said something offensive to them. With only one actually going and asking their boss(who probably told them”how dare he ask such a thing!”).

    It has really put me off ringing any other dealerships and I certainly wont be going to any of them even if nowhere can match the offer I was looking for.

    On a side note, I did have another dealer say he would only let me test drive a certain car if we were really going to buy it.  Another sure fire way to lose a sale.

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    RnG. The dealers only get around £400 processing a motability other. Most of the cashback is from that payment.

    Pity you couldn’t travel the distance. Only have to do it twice. To place an order and to collect the car. Servicing can be done by a nearby dealer. Motability will sort it out.

    Regarding test drives. It’s best to locate a second hand one and say you are buying private. Sick of this pip business etc. This way you have a better chance of finding a car near to the spec you want up order. For me it’s best way to find an automatic car.


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    Not forgetting that dealerships get a bonus for the amount of cars sold per month. So that is also taken into account when processing a Motability order.

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    We got a Countryman for 48hrs from Stratstone with no questions asked, they even gave us a PHEV with leather, loved it that much we ordered one when we returned it, with discount on the AP,

    Excellent service and coffee too.

    Had test drives from VW, Mercedes, BMW and Seat arranged easily with no pressure to buy.

    Come to the North East we are a frindly bunch up here.

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    RnG. The dealers only get around £400 processing a motability other. Most of the cashback is from that payment. Pity you couldn’t travel the distance. Only have to do it twice.

    The car I was trying to get a deal on was Citreon C5 aircross flair 1.2l manual/petrol. Which is only£95(a bargain anyway), but Bristol street motors are doing it for nil payment.

    So I thought for the sake of 95 notes a dealer would match it nearer to home. But most sounded disgusted I had said it. Even saying how mad it was and they would make no money………………………….yeah sure you don’t.


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    cant believe a dealer would turn down a £24,000 sale for the sake of £95, I dont think for one moment they only make £400 per car, more dealer bullsh@t trying to make us feel sorry for them.

    I wouldn’t buy from them out of Principle, if only we could order over the internet and have it delivered to our houses, like everything else we buy in life.

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    I got £500 off a mini cooper s 5 door sport from Specialist cars stevenage great car made in uk.

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    Which Mobility Car

    Some good deals from Stratstone, please phone ahead to make sure they are active:

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    If a hundred quid M&S voucher floats your boat, I got an e-mail flyer from Holdcroft in Stoke offering it for Motability customers ordering a car on the scheme between 7th to 13th October 2019 during their ‘Freedom Event’:

    Dealer’s Motability website:

    I have no connection with the dealer but I seem to be on their mailing list for some obscure reason.


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    Which Mobility Car

    BMW in Hampshire offering discount. Remember that you need to travel to dealership twice only, once to order and once to collect car, everything else can be done at your local dealership.  Offers can also be a useful tool to put in front of the nose of your local salesman.

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    Johnsons Volvo Solihull & Gloucester:  £500 Dealer Contribution on the Volvo XC40 – only until 31st October 2019:

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    Loving the XC40 deals will see if the Exeter dealership will match it.

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    Bigdave that’s a cracking deal, add your good condition bonus and it brings a very good car into a lot of peoples budget.

    The XC40 hybrid has just  been released with the BEV coming in a couple of weeks, not sure if either will make it on the scheme but if they do I think we would need all the discount we can get as they won’t be cheap.


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    Today’s offer find is upto £500 off Honda Jazz/Civic and CR-V on Motability at Bassetts Honda of Swansea and Bridgend.

    A bit of a faff this one. To get the ‘up to £500 off ‘ you need a voucher, obtainable by making an appointment at one of their Honda dealerships online. They will then e-mail you the voucher.

    There is no end date displayed for this offer, so not sure how long it lasts. The car prices displayed though are the current (Oct 19 to Dec 19) quarter’s DLA/PIP/AFIP AP’s without the ‘up to £500 vouncher’ off.




    Their website could certainly do with a bit of an update though, at the bottom of the pages, they show the  weekly DLA/PIP/AFIP/WPMS amounts for 2015!

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    Good Morning!

    I have a fantastic deal to offer you from Stratstone MINI Tyneside..

    Prices starting for £0 AP with £700 CASHBACK !!

    Contact me @ for further info


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    Welcome back Georgia, great offer thank you.

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    Kastner Volvo Exeter were  happy to match the Johnson’s deal so XC40 R Design Pro T4 auto in onyx black is on order expected delivery date 18th December- happy Christmas to me!

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    I dropped Johnsons an email today, they are taking over our local VW dealership in Stafford, I asked them are they aware both JCT and Marshalls are offering VW discounts at present £500/£400, and would they be willing to match them.

    They were a bit none comital ?

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    £300 Cashback on any Motability Alfa Romeo until 31st December 2019 at Pentagon Alfa in Doncaster South Yorkshire:


    £300 cashback on any Motability Jeep until 31st December 2019 at Pentagon Jeep in Barnsley or Doncaster South Yorkshire.

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    £150 cashback on any Motability Mazda at Pentagon Lincoln:

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    Another I have just found is upto £1000 retailer contribution off certain Mercedes Motability B & C Class models at Stratstone Mercedes until 31st December 2019:

    B Class B180 Sport 5dr Auto – £0 Advance Payment (Was £999)

    B Class B180 AMG Line 5dr Auto – £399 Advance Payment (Was £1399)

    B Class B180d AMG Line 5dr Auto – £899 Advance Payment (Was £1899)

    B Class B200d Sport 5dr Auto – £1499 Advance Payment (Was £2499)

    C Class C180 SE 4dr – £1799 Advance Payment (Was £2799)

    C Class C180 SE Estate 5dr – £1999 Advance Payment (Was £2999)

    C Class C180 SE 4dr Auto – £2749 Advance Payment (Was £3749)

    C Class C180 SE Estate 5dr Auto – £2749 Advance Payment (Was £3749)


    Quoted AP’s are for DLA/PIP/AFIP – I suppose the same applies for WPMS on the ones over £1000 AP

    (Select Mercedes in the box on the left hand side on the Stratstone website)


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    BigDave your in overdrive ?

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