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    I discussed a price drop with my local dealership.

    They said if an AP dropped then I could cancel my order and then place a new order, no problem.


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    as did i Bryan and i encourage everyone to do so but Roy wanted to know the official stance from motability. there are many work arounds and thankfully some dealers dont follow official stances or we wouldnt have discounts etc.

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    I discussed a price drop with my local dealership. They said if an AP dropped then I could cancel my order and then place a new order, no problem.

    Indeed bryan.

    You can cancel an order at anytime, but a new order will need to be processed. which prob will take a min 4 working days till you’ll be able to collect the car. Just happened to me that.. Monday was the 1st day the dealers is allowed to handover my car after they was allowed to arrange it from the 9th of june was due in april and been at dealers all this time..

    I just got my new hire agreement today threw the post and collect the car on monday. contactless now i guess..

    As far as i know by law You can cancel the agreement up until you actually sign it which is in our case putting in the pin number on the day of collection all under the CCA 1974 regs.. Which all parties are bound by regarding liability and legal terms etc one would have to check that and compare all terms some we not privy to as we just the hirer..

    It also says how much AP i have to pay MB as the dealer is just a broker,  i guess between them and the actual manufacturer they take the AP for MB, so any reduction before cancelling and re-ordering at a lower price they the dealer would be liable for the difference to Mb under the agreement as they did not recieve it from the hirer as it states.. So that is the only way canceling.. you always have the right to cancel set out in the cca 1974

    if one gets a £600 DD off a 2k ap and you pay the 1.4k ap the dealer still gives £2k to Mb.

    That £600 comes from their overall cut from the deal.. some buy bulk and also pre reg cars so they cut the overall price down and is why they can offer such deals. They still making their margin..

    I have gone to a dealers on a saturday morning and in around 2 hours i was driving a brand new car away..


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    roy harrington

    hi all,

    here we go… this is the problem what if the price drops does MB tell us to pay the reduced AP or does the dealership have the last say (but,  is it that MB that sets the AP or do they?) if it is completely the dealership once again is it a grey area, because everyone would be asking for a AP discount to place the order (and expect it), that also would mean every dealership would be able to place their own APs, then you would have a manufacturer’s AP then possibly a dealers AP (I known many dealers do the odd own APs to draw customers in but they would all do it but clearly they don’t) surely this is not a new problem (clearly it’s not as I have been wondering for years) maybe if a MB employee reads this could they shed some more light, with JS’s reply, and thank you once again, I thought it was all done and dusted, clearly not.

    thanks all


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    Anyone know of any AP deals from Ford, preferably in North East?


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    AP’s are worked out between Motability and the manufacturer, the dealer has no say in it.

    What Motability says “if the AP price increases then you pay the AP price that was advertised on the day you ordered your car” in other words the price is guaranteed and as far as Motability are concerned that’s the price you should pay.

    If the AP drops in price by the time the car is delivered to you the dealer in good faith can offer you the car at the lower AP price but they don’t have to but you could just walk away from the deal and that’s something you need to think about but again none of this has anything to do with Motability and assume they turn a blind eye to such going ons.

    The dealers when they give a discount on an AP comes out of the dealers pocket because they still have to pay the AP price to Motability that was agreed between Motability and the car manufactures.

    One other thing is if you add extras to the car then that too is between you and the dealer as you pay for those extras out of your pocket but the dealer should be open to giving a discount on the extras because they give discounts to Joe public but again they don’t have to and adding extras muddies the water should you walk away from the deal because the dealer could end up with a car that’s has extras that others are not interested in so making the car harder to sale.

    These things can be a minefield but I think I’ve got it about right but chime in if I haven’t.

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    Hi all, right straight from the dealership, I went today to test drive and order after test drive, sat down to fill in the order paperwork, when it came to discuss the AP, as I wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to ask for it today, he said of course not, no dealer asks for it when ordering, to which I had to put him right again and that Mercedes dealership made it very clear no AP paid when the order is made no vehicle, so I requested that I had in writing that should the AP go down I would be able to pay the lesser AP, the salesman looked horrified and said no the AP is fixed by Motability and he could not change it if the AP reduces before delivery (12 weeks, so actually could be in Q4 when it is delivered) that was a shame but nothing he could do, I said  ”well that’s not exactly true is it”, after a little bit of twoing and throwing he could see I was like a dog with a bone and wasn’t about turned over about this, luckily his manager was just walking by the desk and made the grave error of saying, ”everything O.K.”  with a nice friendly smile

    I then went on to explain the above to him, his words were ”oh ! want I do if that happens and the customer notices the change in the AP is now lower (excuse me I am still sitting here) I just make out a new order with the new AP”, Motability hasn’t a clue what we do anyway (sorry still here) and he walked off.

    so my question still stands, who makes the rules and what are they, I think I can answer this now myself with just as much clarity as anyone else, anybody.

    thanks for reading


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    car dealer say it motability and motability say its the car dealer

    no one wants to admite

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    Hi All, Just come across the forum, do you reckon we will see any good deals if decided to wait until 1st July?

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    Also anyone come across any offers for mercedes or bmw in the north west?

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    Lord Muc

    Dont think the deals will come from motobility, they have never seemed interested and it’s not in their interest. the online brokers are probably snapping up the deals with the manufacturers, “see drive the deal” website, look at the fantastic bargain Volvo’s, keep an eye on dealers, they may be chasing the manufacturers bonus, and have flash sales on APs, but they may go for profit due to the covid shutdown, rather than shifting metal. But at the end of the day, choose a car you like, and see if the dealer is keen to get a sale

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    Hi all a couple of offers from Marshalls

    Mini – Up to £250 Advance Payment contribution (or Motability Cashback)

    BMW – Up to £500 Advance Payment contribution (or Motability Cashback)

    Vehicles must be ordered and registered by 30 June 2020.

    thanks for looking


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