Octavia VRS MK4 – Golf GTD MK8

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Any idea when these cars will be released or if they will even make it on the scheme at all?</p>

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    I don’t think either of these cars have been released yet.

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    Yeah, I know that.


    However, I believe their release is now imminent, as the VAG group had originally planned to put them on sale in the summer, before Covid-19 started.


    Anyone think if these will make it to the scheme at all, especially given that they’re both borderline maximum bhp mark allowed within Motability.

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    Matt B

    I suppose there is a fair chan e to try and ‘catch up’ sales due to delay releasing. Both have been on before but its a good 2yrs+ since the VRS showed its face. Both lovely cars.

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    Don’t think they’ll make it, David. Deemed to be too likely to offend the D Mail by being enjoyable to drive. As an illustration of what is happening to the list, when I was choosing last scheme car just before end of 2019, my shortlist included:

    Audi Q2 40tfsi Quattro

    Merc A Class a220 4matic

    VW T Roc 2.0L tsi 4 motion

    Audi a4 diesel 40tdi Quattro

    Alfa Giulia

    All of them (and a few other “enjoyable” vehicles) left the scheme at turn of year. Like the VRS and the GTD I don’t think you’ll see them on list.

    The really pathetic thing is that the exclusions seem to have been chosen on names: anything with “quattro” or “4 motion” or “4matic” or “gti” or “VRS” is gone from list regardless of bhp/performance. Their names just sound hot. They even ban the Polo GTI although it is much cheaper, slower and less powerful than one or two others on the scheme which retain a bit of enjoyment.

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    72 Dudes

    Spot on Tharg, my thinking too.

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    And yet the current top pic is the xc40, nudging 40k in some trim levels.

    I have a gtd and have asked vw about the release of the new one, they were guessing early next year. On motability? Who knows.

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    I agree too Tharg.

    Motability just seem too scared to upset the daily fail and it’s readers.

    There are plenty of good cars that could be on the scheme but won’t be due to this.

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    The advance payment for the GTD went right through the roof 3 years ago, I was all set on it if i remember right it went from 1200 to 2600, The jump was insane and i couldnt afford sadly. Would dread to think how much the new one would be although the 1.5 Rline is priced really well right now.

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    The choice is getting smaller every quarter, been on the scheme 30 years, I remember Land rovers being available and almost the entire Volvo range including the big estates,  prices are massively on the increase too

    Currently driving Seat Ateca 2.0 FR Sport TDI 190 DSG 4drive

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    Realistically, the only powerful(ish) car left on the scheme is the Passat 190 SCR R Line TDI.


    Wonder when they’ll remove than then, lol.

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    That engine is no longer available on most of the VAG group vehicles on motability any longer, the BMW options are very powerful and quick, but the top choice is the Mini PHEV

    Currently driving Seat Ateca 2.0 FR Sport TDI 190 DSG 4drive

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    Wayne M

    2 models for UK apparently, Vrs iv hybrid and 2.0 petrol no decision on diesel by Skoda for UK. All in excess of £30k

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    Sadly agree, the Passat 190 will probably disappear soon. Mini Phev comes close but once you’ve used up the battery bit, you’re left with a small 3-cyl lump pulling a quite heavy vehicle. Better bets are the Countryman 2.0L 4x4s – a few tenths slower to 60 but with the 4×4 cutting in you’ll not notice. If you’re happy with a smaller car there is, of course, the Cooper S 3-dr hatch. Main appeal of latter being its two-door design making entry/exit easier for folks with mobility issues! lol

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    It will be interesting if Motability take any notice of the Government not being happy with how they do their calculations resulting in an astronomical profit.

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    Biggest issue is the price of the new cars has gone up in the last 3 years and PIP payment remains almost the same so we get the less value for the motabilty car.


    Only solution is increase the PIP motabilty rate so motabilty will have the better negotiation with car manufacturers.

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    I have Golf GTD DSG. It’s up for change in this January. Paid £1995 AP in Jan 2018.

    I decided to extend the lease for other 2 years cos nothing there I like….sadly

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    I’m no longer bothered about having a performance model personally but ever since I’ve been on the scheme AP’s have never been low on performance models but it was still nice that we had the choice.
    Now we don’t even get the choice.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>@QWE2</p>

    What reason do you have to provide for a lease extension.


    My car has 26k and has not WAV adaptions to it.


    Would struggle to get an extension really I think…



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    Simon I would just say you can’t find another suitable car so you’d like to keep this one until you can.

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    I ordered the x1 xline ,20i petrol,4×4 twin turbo auto

    192 bhp.   0-62. 7.4 seconds,i thought i could get to the petrol station in pretty sharp time.


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