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    Hi all

    I was wondering about the number plate for a new car (19 is coming out imminently) and whether we can choose a plate for the car that the dealer would register when they registered the car, it would be in the same format as a regular plate Letter Letter Num Num Letter Letter Letter.

    As the forum members are very knowledgeable perhaps someone could help me, I would like to have certain letters. I am picking up my new car on March 2nd,

    Is there a cost involved, is it different to when you register a number plate that is assigned.


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    Personalised number plates
    It may be possible to add personalised number plates to your car. To discuss your options, please call our Customer Services team on 0300 456 4566. When you call, we will ask for details to ensure that the new plates are officially owned by you or a partner who lives with you and are being fitted for your benefit. The details on the personalised number plates must relate either to you, the customer, or your partner.
    If we agree to add your personalised number plates, we may also be able to update the online DVLA record on your behalf whilst you are on the phone to us or with your dealer.

    We can remove your plate for you if you are returning your car or transferring number plates between cars, but we are unable to accept any responsibility for the retention or transfer of a personalised plate and you may lose your entitlement to the personalised plate if we have not been notified of your plans. Please contact us on 0300 456 4566 to tell us what you plan to do or speak to your dealer.

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    JS (justsaying)

    Some dealerships will allow you to choose your Reg however the first two letters are set to that area of the dealership and where registered so it’s only the last 3 letters you get to choose.

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    You can go on the DVLA website and buy your own personal plate.

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    Glos Guy

    Personalised registrations through DVLA can be quite affordable and are permitted on Motability cars. Then you can choose whatever you like and not be restricted to dealer allocations. When you hand the car back you can put the plate on retention for 10 years (used to be 2) or assign to another car – or if the registration relates to the car and isn’t worth transferring you can just hand it back with the car. I tend to let the supplying dealer allocate a number and then assign the personalised plate after taking delivery of the car (usually once the year designator outdates e.g. when 19’s become 69’s) and keep the old plates. Then, prior to getting rid of the car, it’s dead easy to put the private plate on retention and then just swap the plates yourself in minutes (if the car was registered new with a ‘normal’ number, it is always allocated that number back again when you put the private plate on retention). Simples.

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    I have a dateless registration on my motability car. Car started off on a 16 plate and subsequently I bought a 3 letter 3 number (3×3) dateless plate from EBay. The process to change was very simple through motability.

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    JS (justsaying)

    Having looked at the reply’s maybe I miss read this but I don’t think so. To me this original thread is nothing to do with private plates and more someone asking if they can have a say in the new vehicles registration number. (If I’m wrong I apologise) but I stand by what I say, the 1st prefix is the county the vehicle is purchased the 2nd prefix is the DVLA centre it is registered the following 2 number are the year. The following 3 letters are what make the car individual. And it’s these 3 letters are the only change as a customer that can be altered if given the choice by the dealership.

    this is totally separate from private registration, which is also allowed as long as it represent the Motability customer.


    You can put a private plate on, and go through a simple process to do so.

    but if I have read this right, in choosing your new vehicle you are restricted to if the dealership allows ONLY being able to pick the last 3 letters (if available).


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    Glos Guy

    JS – you are 100% correct in what you say and I was aware that the OP’s question was just that. I think that one or two of us were simply trying to add to the OP’s options in that, as you rightly say, for no charge you can only choose from a limited selection of last 3 letters, with the first two letters pre determined, whereas (for a fee) you can choose whatever you like (including your initials, which many people like) from the DVLA. Of course, you may be lucky and the dealers allocation may include something that’s personalised to you, but it’s highly unlikely. Not everyone is aware that there is a simple way to acquire a truly personalised plate and that Motability allow you to assign it to their cars. So I don’t think it’s a totally different issue.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>JS and Glos Guy</p>
    Thank you both very much for your helpful information. JS you were right in your reply.

    I just thought as I normally accept whatever number plate  the dealer assigns to the car I would try to make it more personal to me (albeit with my limited budget) but did not understand how to go about it. I have seen a plate number that I would really like but on the DVLA website it is £799. It is in the regular format, nothing special (except to me). I just thought naively that as it is a new car I was free to choose any new plate as long as it was a standard one.



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    JS (justsaying)


    i appreciate the correction although I did write a reply Saturday morning in reply to glos guy that unfortunately doesn’t show but in short apologising for any confusion or my remarks being derogatory In anyway, I believe your info confirms what I was saying in my first comment, however I realise that maybe the wording on the second may not explain the 1st and second prefix as well as I could but I’m sure most got the gist just as I’m sure most know what you meant buy (postal region) although the dvla doesn’t use the post office postal regions for registration, they use postal area + tag, but I will certainly try in my best laymands terms to explain betterra in future

    Great info thanks


    ( wrote in humour but trying not to laugh as I’m awake nursing cracked rib or 2, I’m defiantly not auditioning for skating on ice)

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    No probs and no offense either way, I had found the official blurb and posted to show that if he wanted a specific prefix that he would have to get the car registered in a specific place that’s all.

    PS. hope the ribs improve soon.

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    So can I ask the car dealer to register the car in a different or specific place rather than where they are based in order to get a combination of number plate that I want?

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    Glos Guy

    Imran – simple answer – No! That’s what’s called ‘having your cake and eating it’! You either choose a plate from the supplying dealers allocation, free of charge or, if you are willing to pay for it, order whatever you like through DVLA Select Registrations. They aren’t always that expensive. It well worth having a look and playing with some options, given that you seem very keen on having a private plate.

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    Glos guy

    Thank you for your answers. I am not that keen I just wanted to find out what I was able to do. I normally just accept the plate the dealership put on the car and have never been given an opportunity to ask these questions. This is only my 2nd car I will be picking up in March since I was run over by a police car that was on a high speed call whilst I was crossing the road on a zebra crossing.


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    It would be nice to be able to ‘have my cake and eat it’ now and again though😀

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