Now I really get how VW does it…

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    Sitting watching Richard the Hamster at the Wolfsburg factory on Discovery and it makes it utterly clear (and absolutely believable) how a car goes from Scheduled for production, to In Transit so quickly that you rarely ever get a “Build In Progress” status…

    Mind. Blown.

    I’m a geek, I get tech and understand scale to a degree but actually seeing how much work has gone into every aspect of the build is still a little surprising…

    "Man is born in freedom, but he soon becomes a slave, in cages of convention, from the cradle, to the grave."

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    Aye it was something else , I love watching stuff like too with facts and stats that are mind boggling , crazy place to work!

    right down to the VW sausages 🤣

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    I saw that program, now that is one big factory, no wonder they were worried about the effects of Brexit on sales.
    One of the buildings was over a mile long with some amazing technology in the plant.

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    I think we should get a few packs of the sausages with our car lol

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    We need a British car of quality, style and mass produced. Why can’t we do it?

    Nothing would give me more pleasure than phoning motability and ordering a British car, some may think this strange with my views on Scottish independence but that’s because it’s misunderstood.

    Creating jobs in this country is paramount to the success that brings prosperity to the many and having a mass market well made quality British car would be great way to achieve that.

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    We used to lead the way in car building , ship building , manufacturing etc

    what do we do now? Call centres and even those are being outsourced to India when possible

    you watch Documentaries that show the biggest ship building yards in the world in Korea etc, 100 years ago these guys would struggle to make a boat to hold a dozen people

    back to present day ship building is almost completely gone bar a few naval contracts and the odd Cal Mac ferry or 2 that are currently sitting half built rusting away in Port Glasgow weighed down with red tape

    how has government after government got it so wrong?

    look at Europe and Asia’s road and rail networks , the heavy industry , manufacturing , technology companies

    look at the state of fragility of our military and police with cut back after cut back , not even mentioning NHS

    yet they’ll waste billions on HS2 and probably not even end up building it

    20 years of debate to build another runway at Heathrow

    but in turkey or Asia theyll just build a 7 runway start of the airport cos they need it

    all the politicians here are only interested in point scoring , how many retweets something got or insisting people get arrested and jailed for people calling other people names

    I just don’t  get it , or how the world works anymore

    It could be such a different place

    without sounding all morbid n that, I don’t have kids and I’m so glad of that because I would just spend my life worrying what their future holds

    when it gets too much for me I’ll take the long walk myself…

    that escalated quickly lol


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    From Vw to the pearly gates in 3 posts. Some kind of record survey? lol


    We have seen government after government outsource contracts for big projects to companies outside the U.K. even if it’s meant century old companies hit the rocks.

    The name of the game these days is put a contract out to tender if you win get in another sub contractor to do the  job for less cutting corners but who cares where all making money….

    Btw I won’t be ending it all in 2 posts 😂


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    Yeah I think I had too much ice cream after midnight 🤣

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    Well said guys 👍

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    Donkey Oatie

    crazy ways british companies work, controlled by shareholders so the balance sheet and dividend is more important than building for the future.

    cost centres move figures around to hide and fudge so no one knows what the f*** is going on. Brother in law took voluntary redundancy with a big (subsidised) package the next day he was doing the same job for the same company for more money as a consultant!!!

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    “We need a British car of quality, style and mass produced. Why can’t we do it?”

    The answer to that, Brydo, is that Brit managers/directors are utter crap – ignorant of their products; completely lacking in vision and interested only in lining own pockets, amassing power for its own sake and bullying staff just because, well, fill in own reasons here…

    Examples: Lord Rootes refusing to take ownership of VW post-war because the German firm “didn’t have a future” (or words to that effect)

    Not putting a hatchback on the original Mini. (debateable, yes, but you know what I mean)

    The BL 1800 production line which took bare metal bodies across an open-air bridge in all weather, thus designing in rust.

    The tragic missed opportunity of the Maxi (first or maybe second proper hatchback) completely knackered by bad engineering.

    Many more spring to mind and not just in the automotive field but I’ve already gone on too long…

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    Let’s not forget how intransigent unions struck at every opportunity over the most trivial matters and helped destroy any trust in British manufacturing,

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    It would have been nice if you’d given more details on the program in case others wanted to see it…. what was it called????

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    Richard Hammonds “BIG” its on discovery channel


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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thanks Noel</p>

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    It’s also available on You Tube at:

    Guess what I’ll be watching for the next c.54 minutes.



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    Sorry – I thought I was just giving the URL. 🙁

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