Now Ford have lost the right to quick clear windscreen will all cars get them.

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    So I’m sure we all know Ford have lost the right to only have them now and with this cold snap going on do we think they will appear as standard in new models for all or will we be stuck with using the air con heaters to get the job done. Any thoughts

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    Hi Nick

    I think ford lost the right to this a good few years ago. My understanding is that a patent lasts 10 years. I know ford started this and a few manufacturers have been offering this service for a few years. My Volvo in 2012 had it and vw have been offering it as an option for some time too. So hopefully we will see no change from ford…

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    Nothing gives me a slightly smug feeling more than my Quickclear screen when cars (of often higher marque) are sat there scraping away.

    Other manufacturers haven’t bothered to adopt “Quickclear”  that quickly so it while its a great feature its not rated highly on customer must-have lists. i think VW uses a different method too.. Volvo an ex Ford brand so have/had the tech


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    Volts, right? Such a basic tool that helps. If ford can give it a free on such a large scale, why can’t other brands do it?

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    It was only a few months ago that ford lost the rights to the quick clear windscreen which was great in my focus. I know some cars have a different system but I would have thought now that all new cars should have them. Much better to press a button than wait 5 minutes with heaters on. This day in age it seems a shame that tech that is in 1 car and cheap to make is not available in all cars.

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    I had the quickclear on my focus, and since changed to the seat leon which has its own system and to be fair i haven’t really noticed any difference, perhaps takes a couple of mins longer but nothing that i’ve noticed as an inconvenience.

    Only thing i’ve noticed with the Leon is it’s best press the windscreen button first on its own, and only once done, press the rear window button. If pressed at the same time it takes a lot longer to clear.

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    Good info trev as I’ve just ordered Leon st excellence 184tdi so I’ll give it a try when it arrives in 4 to 5 months lol.

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    Vauxhall have had them on cars for a while now and it’s an extra on most cars.

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    Yes John on the Corsa thus far i think… I don’t know why other brands don’t do it or offer it as standard equipment. Perhaps they figure the customers would rather see other equipment on their cars i.e leather or sat nav

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    Glos Guy

    Sorry to say, but there is something that beats that feeling. Driving your crystal clear car out of your garage when others are scraping ice off windows or sitting with engines running whilst defrosting!

    On a serious note though, the Quickclear windscreens are brilliant for those who don’t have garages or don’t use them for cars (as very few people seem to do these days). It will be good to see other manufacturers incorporating them.

    Whilst on the subject of safety, I can’t help but feel that one of the most retrograde steps in recent years has been Daytime Running Lights. They would have been a great idea if legislation had insisted that the rear taillights should also be illuminated. I have lost count of the number of drivers that I come up behind on motorways etc in very poor light conditions where the rear of their car is virtually invisible. These drivers, who are often in black or very dark cars, remain oblivious when you flash them, because their dashboards are often illuminated and they know that their forward DRL’s are illuminated. They are oblivious to the fact that they are seriously exposed to rear end collisions, where they are in darkness


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    certain things should just be part of legislation. The convenience should be a small consideration for the government. Things like fuel, time, theft, danger of falling etc should all be considered.

    It’s not difficult to request that manufacturers to this before being allowed to sell a car here.

    Maybe I’m being too fussy?

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    Nice choice Nick, got the St myself in the fr tech with the 1.4 ecotsi 150ps. Over half way through my term and love getting in her for a drive, no matter how many other cars i look at, i still look back at the leon with a smile.

    Look forward to your feedback when you get her, the xcellence model looks good.

    Which colour have you gone for? That’s my only regret, wouldn’t go black again… a cleaning nightmare lol

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    Silver best Trev for keeping clean

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    I’ve ordered the Desire Red, the garage had one in (was going out that day) and it looks fab, not sure for how long it will stay clean, might have to use the hand wash place more often!

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    Well I’ve had a white car and red car and now a black car and work this out I’ve found the white car was the easier car to keep clean lol. Anyway on this model I wanted mystery blue as looked nice. Maybe it’s me but not a great range of colours available. The wife wanted the orange needless to say I won!. Just hope the mystery blue still looks nice when it comes lol. Was told not to get white as this model comes with headlight cleaners and in the blue looked nice.

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    It’s been a while now. I was still with JLR when the patent ran out, so that’s 6 years ago.

    skode Octavia had it three years ago, wouldn’t be without the heated screen, seats and steering wheel, helps the arthritis no end

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    scratches show up less too i found on previous cars.

    I’ve already got supermarket trolley and kids bike handles scratches on this black one.

    I use one of the compartments in the boot to hold the t-cut and cloth 🙁

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    That’s the one colour i’ve never had is red, always wanted the yellow megane coupe but had 2 x silver ones.

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    When i lived near the sea it was very evident that white vehicles avoided a lot of seagull poop compared to other colours, haven’t a clue why but over half the people in our street had white cars.

    I’ve never had a white car, and it’s on the cards for next time – easier to clean, scratches don’t show as much, less bird poop….. but then do white cars, especially the larger, estate kind look like taxi’s? lol

    I like the idea of orange, or a bright green…. wouldn’t lose your car in the car park that’s for sure lol

    That mystery blue does look nice, just seen a clip of it on youtube, light bounces nicely off it.

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    for convenience i would like my next vehicle to have heated wing mirrors if possible, never had those.

    Remember once, i went with a neighbour to keep him company when he went to pick up a courtesy car, a vauxhall zafira i think it was, anyhow it had the heated seats, and on the journey back i decided it would be fun to turn his seat on full……… driving down a dual carriageway and suddenly ” my arse is on fire! my arse is on fire! he said lol i still had tears in my eyes when we got back home 20mins later lol

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    My heated mirrors on my Golf clear mist in mins fantastic as are the door mirror puddle lights at night

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    love the ford quick clear windscreens, front and back, always thought they should advertise more as a strong feature…………..especially in u.k. and ireland.where our winters are long, dark, and often very cold ………………a super feature, would like all marques to put into , all models as standard, asap…………….surprised quality marketing people have not jumped on this years ago………..?? wakey wakey boys and girls, selling point…………………….

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    Holy incredible thread revival Batman!

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    I did love the quick clear on my Focuses over the years didn’t make up for the other failings of the cars tho. I will say this when heading east of west at the wrong time of day I did find the wires could just catch the light & given time it was enough to trigger a migraine attack which at the time had no treatment other than bed so was quite inconvenient.

    When I changed to a Passat I missed the feature but only a few weeks of the year so didn’t bother me much. Be good to see it developed further now the patents run out

    Dunnp why they don’t stick a small heater in the dashboard to blow instant hot air on the screen instead of wires nest of both worlds then

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    I already come out to a defrosted car in winter as it’s an EV, so I’m not too sure that a quick clear windscreen is necessary, better the heat pump system that heats the whole car for the same electricity usage, but, that electricity costs so much less from the mains rather than producing it inefficiently with a fossil engine.

    Now, does anyone have any idea on how to de-ice the charging flap so I can close it?




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    Boiling water.

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