Norfolk broads waterways revisted for 4 days

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      Norfolk broads waterways revisted for 4 days

      Chosen as its something I can enjoy along with my wife as mobility requirments are limited

      Ideal as I am unable to walk too far but I am sure a nearby beer garden would be possible although I now dont drink anything apart from coke/Yorkshire tea
      Gave that up along with fags yrs ago.

      Last rented a boat 25 yrs ago so Im an old hand lol

      Be nice to give the E Tec a nice long run and be able to get out and share an experience with my wife.

      I will struggle Im sure but as they say your only here once

      Boat has a Bow thruster so should make life easier

      Anyone else been on the broads any tips welcome



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        My mums originates from Lowestoft and use to go 2 or 3 times a year as a kid visiting family. Use to love going to the Oulton Broads to watch the powerboat racing and for the bonfire/firework displays.

        What area have you got the boat from?




          We have once there worked out our preferred route but will make it up day to day.

          I have the Aweigh app which looks useful

          Must admit a change of scenery will be most welcome

          Heading up a day earlier and stopping half way for the night

          Just to make sure I dont bugger myself up before we even get to the boat lol

          Only 250 miles ew but playing safe




            We very nearly hired a boat on the Norfolk Broads a few years back. We decided against it in the end as the accessibility wasn’t great for Mrs Joe.


              I always wanted to try a trip on a canal boat with my kids when they were younger, life happened and the canal boat holiday didn’t.  That itch is still there…

              Hope your holiday went well @Ele



                Not off till 2nd week April will update on my return


                  Top tip stay away from the low bridges lol seen waaay too many boats crashed into the.

                  Just go slow and enjoy the view there’s so many fools that race about. Haven’t done boat hire in forever it gets so busy the thought makes me ill and then outside the better months the weather is poo so we tend not to go should really it’s a lot of fun even going on one of the broads cruises.

                  Talking of broads cruise and byre valley railway is awesome and miniature worlds in Wroxham too if anyone wants something away from a boat for a bit.

                  My kids would live in miniature worlds if they could


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