Non-luxury car appreciation

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    Hello guys

    I Took collection of our new Ford Focus .75 model year that arrived within 2 months, was expecting a late December delivery when book on the 17th September.


    this post is just for those looking for less premium cars that won’t brake the bank (pardon the pun) but provide a lot for your money and close luxury to premium rivals


    Paid £445 advance and added the pan roof and B&O play at cost value, so a bit discounted from retail price. Steve King is your man at TrustFord Stockport. Very informative (even though I had done tons of research prior to choosing) and knew about the little details I had no clue about, replies very quickly and updates you regularly.

    Here’s some pics of the car, for those considering Golfs I would say this is the clear winner in terms of spec to spec cost and overall driveability, super sharp around corners and is loaded with kit comparatively.

    I too am a badge snob at times, as having a premium badge on your driveway makes you feel a certain way.

    I am only 22 and hopefully by my 25th I can get something more premium but I had a one series before and this compared is way better Specced for 1/3 of the cost

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    72 dudes

    Great looking car.

    Looks like you went for a diesel though? 😮

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    Nice car

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    My first car (ever) had an AP of £0.00 with no extras – a black Vauxhall GTC Sport, 2dr, diesel, 160 bhp.  Tons of fun.

    Second car had an AP of £49.00 with no extras – a dark green Vauxhall GTC SRi, 2dr, petrol, 140 bhp.  Nicer interior and tons of fun in a different way (lighter handling and more responsive).

    Current car had an AP of £500 (paid for with GCB from car#2) with no extras – grey VW Golf GT, 2dr, petrol, 150 bhp.  A very good car, but lacks character.

    Next car?  Who knows!  I have to pass the emotional obstacle course of a PIP reassessment first.

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    Looks good John. Nice colour too. I think the focus is one of the best looking cars in its class and it looks very good value on the scheme

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    I would of went for the petrol ecoboost in a heartbeat, however since it’s above the 120 bhp cap I wasn’t able to go for it. The diesel is fine, little bit of rattle but nowhere near as bad as the 3 cylinder 116d I had before, oh and a lot better power-weight ratio.

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    Certainly an eye catcher with the desert island blue, the focus is an underrated car in this forum though

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