No new smart motorways without additional safety measures

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    Reported on the BBC.

    No more smart motorways without hard shoulders will be able to open without additional safety measures in place, the government has said.
    It said any new “all lane running” roads would need radar technology installed first to detect stopped cars.
    Smart motorways use technology and other measures to cut congestion, such as opening the hard shoulder.
    But there are fears about their safety after fatal accidents involving stationary cars being hit from behind.

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    I still wouldn’t trust them, I believe in the saying “if it’s not broken, dont fix it” and I think really….the good old hard shoulder should of been left well alone.

    All that’s really come out of these “smart” motorways is congestion/road closures from the works, a hell of a lot of tax payers money and sadly many completely avoidable deaths.

    I find this very similar with the newer tech in cars – no more nobs for heating/radio instead a “smart” big screen etc which can cause distraction from the road with the potential of causing an accident. Cars can still of course look high tech, stylish, classy etc but also have the safer and more easily accessible nobs. I know some are still made with them but they are gradually being completely phased out, maybe I’m just old school.

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