No more Ronnie O'Sullivan @ Sheffield

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    Hi Everyone

    As you know by now I am an avid snooker fan and always watch it on TV when it is on. (Which is why I have not been on the forum for a while).

    Unfortunately my favorite player, as well as a number of other fans favorite player, Ronnie O’Sullivan has been knocked out of the Snooker World Championships at Sheffield, by Ally Carter. At his press interview Ronnie did say that he did not play well and deserved to be beaten.

    So now we hope a Scottish Lad, John Higgins (as we are located in North East Scotland) will proceed through to the final and become this years Snooker World Champion.


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    I like ronnie, gracious in defeat and an all-round nice, normal guy. Saw an article on him in a paper or online, i can’t remember which, where he saw a homeless guy and went in to a nearby shop and bought him a sandwich and a hot drink. A passerby noticed it was him and took photos, hence it got reported, but he didn’t know that, probably done it hundred times before unnoticed. Also it’s rare to see someone with such a born natural talent… the boy does good.

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    Hi Trev

    Yes I agree, he is an all-round normal guy, better than some on the circuit, I have to say i did not see the article you saw, but just shows what a good guy he is.


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    Found it lightbodyae55 – but the spam filter settings for this forum are set with such excessive parameters that it detects my bbc link as spam (not for the 1st time it doesn’t like the bbc!)

    I would normally not bother attempting to reply again once i get the spam message, but for you here’s a screenshot of my ‘spam’ post so you may type the url link in yourself to find the article if you wish.


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