Nissan Ariya

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    Anyone ordered, dismissed or considering a Nissan Ariya ?? I just just drove one.

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    Which Mobility Car
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    I’ve ordered one

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    I’ve ordered one

    Great news, what timescale are Nissan quoting for delivery and which trim did you opt for?

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    Thanks fwippers.

    I’ve ordered a Advance 63kw (which is the only one on motability) with tech pack in white / black roof. My Nissan dealer as quoted end of October but with what I’ve been hearing and reading it’s going to be next year, I’ll just have to wait  like everyone else and hope.

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    Robin Ashford

    Had a test drive very nice,not sure if I can have left foot accelerator have asked.  Maybe get this one in march,if it doesn’t go up to much in price.

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    Just ordered the white one with black roof additional £600 ish for the colour (2 colours only are ‘free’). I’ve ordered the sky pack with the quicker on board charger. Quite fancied the bigger wheels but they wanted the full £850 so turned that down.


    Where is the car available to see/ test drive?

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    Tony Cook

    This may be a silly question, however has any one been able to negotiate any percentage off or discounts on either the advance payment or on optional extras on a Nissan Ariya please? Also any indication n delivery times ?

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    You’ve got no chance of any discount on anything and believe me I tried at three dealers. The car is too new, dealers have only just got cars in for test drives in the last couple of weeks.

    I ordered mine in June and a delivery date of the end of October was quoted but my dealer as been honest with me it’s more like January.

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