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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Can this be right, lots of decent cars on here,  NHS fleet solution .
    If you are in the Public sector you can get the full electric version of the Hyundai iconic for around £160 per month with no upfront cost including servicing, tyres, insurance etc. Works out around £4000 for two year lease. You have to be NHS worker with an access code to enter the full site to generate quotes.</p>

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    Looking at the stock page it appears to me to be leases that someone has given up and there putting them out to tender or re-leasing to finish the lease period off assuming the lease period is the bog standard 3 years.

    They mostly have a lease of 2 years.

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    its effectively an nhs perk, started off as  “company cars” given to certain management grades and personel who required a car as they worked accross several sites. it was then broadened out to all staff. the lease is paid direct from salary.

    i did a cost analysis for derby pct when i was on a temp assignment. they werent too happy when i pointed out the administration of the scheme was costing quite a lot.

    cant say too much as they had a non disclosure thingy.

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    Yup, that’s for cars in stock, motobility should take note, could be a good deal to be had.

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    Interesting, thanks.

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    Mitch will that non disclosure thingy still be enforceable when the yanks are running the NHS or would you be indicted like Trump lol.

    The only person who got all his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.
    Anything i post over three lines long please assume it is an article lol.

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    Why should schemes like that only be availavle to NHS workers?

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    Yup, to me, this sounds like a version of motobility, But more flexible, and cheaper, it works by taking it off source from paid income, so must have some agreement with inland revenue, yet it remains relatively secret, go figure, an alternative system already is in place.

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    Some great cars on the NHS list too.

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    Very informative thanks

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    It’s a salary sacrifice scheme – this can cause issues with your final work pension.

    Before signing up, make sure you do the maths to see you won’t be out of pocket in the long run.

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    Clipped wings

    Autocar mentioned that the NHS has ordered 500 Jaguar iPaces. If true, guess not suitable as ambulances so perhaps freebies for the overpaid pen pushers. Taxes well spent. Built in Austria.

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    Spartacus 38

    Think very hard before using this. There are no real affordability checks. The financial implications have changed since HMRC got on to it. It is now classed as a company car so you will be taxed accordingly. The additional cost far exceeds any “benefits” you may get. The bigger the car, the more tax you pay, not to mention the impact on your pension and it is not easy to get out of the lease. You have to prove significant change in lifestyle to give it back. Check HMRC website

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    Any organisation, not just the NHS, can run a salary sacrifice scheme and then use the sacrificed salary to fund a lease.

    Benefit for employer is that they do not pay employer pension or NI contributions on the sacrificed salary. In NHS and othe public sector this will be more than 30% and so it is a tangible saving for the employer whilst being seen as a perk for staff.

    However, the NHS / public sector pension schemes are final or career average defined benefit schemes and taking a salary sacrifice will effectively reduce the level of the defined benefit.

    Caveat emptor


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    …… and you wouldn’t get the benefits of Motability- priority RAC, possibility to change car if not suitable etc.

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    @Spartacus 38

    “It is now classed as a company car so you will be taxed accordingly.”

    If you get an EV as a company car there are some real incentives from the 20/21 tax year onwards.  The Bik rates are :

    2020/21  0%

    2021/22  1%

    2022/23 2%

    A relative has a Mazda CX5 2.0 petrol which costs him £325 a month in tax.  If he changes to an EV it’s £0 a month year 1, £13 year 2 and £26 year 3.  Some difference!!

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    Although  the scheme is operated by NHS Fleet Solutions, it’s also open to other ‘public sector’ organisations, as referred to in the FAQ’s..

    “In order to get a salary sacrifice lease car via NHS Fleet Solutions, your employer needs to be satisfied that their qualifying criteria are met.  Normally this means you are a permanent employee, however some organisations will have other rules.”

    “The standard insurance includes cover for the employee and up to four additional named drivers.”

    “Fleet Solutions is part of Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.”

    “We also operate ‘Fleet home electronics’, a salary sacrifice scheme for home electronics products which are supplied in association with Currys|PC World. The scheme offers public sector employees, whose organisations have registered with us, a range of the latest home electronics products: domestic appliances, computers, laptops, tablets, televisions, entertainment systems and smart technology products.”


    Back to the car leasing issue, and although the annual mileage limit is not set by NHS-F-S, the pence-per-mile for going over the customers set limit is:-

    Petrol – 5p per mile,   Diesel – 5p per mile,   Electric – 10p per mile,   Hybrid (Petrol & Diesel) – 10p per mile,    PHEV – 15p per mile.


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    Edwin A

    Be careful with this scheme. The NHS tag implies a level of trust which is not matched by the people administering who act like car sales people. A lot of hidden terms and costs.

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    This is a very good scheme for NHS workers,we have had a ‘salary sacrifice’ car for years now three year lease no deposit servicing, road fund duty, insurance for NHS worker and spouse, had Peugeot 208, Nissan Juke tenka, now a Toyota CH/R dynamic, never a problem with any of them and call center first class.

    can use their online ordering (not these days though) you can configure your chosen model and add any extras you find listed by manufacturers, I found this helpful to find all the equipment fitted to different vehicles.

    downside is that prices are I think high, no discounts,Run by Tusker for the use of health authorities  monthly payments deducted from your pay so must be a NHS worker and your health authority agrees.

    but trouble free, worry free, way to own and run a brand new car.



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