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    So some time end of next month I will get the approval to order.

    Currently have a Ford Kuga Titanium X 150bhp.

    Having considered many options, some of which have been removed from the scheme as it stands I will probably get another Kuga, the ST Line Edition, it’s more than I want ideally to pay £2345 but cheaper than some of the other options I looked at and gives me the 180bhp I am looking for.

    Considered the VW Tiguan but it’s £650 more for the SEL and the one I really liked was the R Line, now taken off.

    I also thought about a BMW X1 but it’s just like a mini X5 to me and due to the number of variations the dealer says it’s almost impossible for me to view or drive one to see what it is like.

    I really like the Mazda CX5 but not so keen on the Petrol 165bhp they currently have on the scheme following yet more changes.

    Toyota RAV4 and Nissan X Trail were on my list but no longer available, I did speak to Peugeot about the 3008/5008 but never received a call back so discounted them.

    Volvo Momentum too expensive. same for Honda CRV.

    I really like the styling on the Kuga, it looks great, gives me that extra bit of power, my dealer is also a lot closer to home than the others, there are many similarities with the interior my current car but also quite a few differences too so I don’t think having a Kuga for 6 years will be such an issue, and the exterior looks completely different.

    I do feel Ford are taking some of the things away from the car, power tailgate, seat back tables for example but I just think that £645 is worth saving against the VW SEL which I do like but not as much as the R Line.

    I would like Ruby Red but that is £850 more, but I do like the look of it in White also so that as it stands barring any R Line addition to the scheme will probably be the one. Kuga ST Line Edition in White.

    Any comments appreciated, especially on how the car handles and rides.



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    JS (justsaying)

    I hear what your saying Tony and it would be a great addition.

    I’ve moved my full reply to the JLR thread as seemed more on topic.

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    Well my wife has now been out for a run in the Tiguan R Line and really likes it, I knew she liked the way the car looks prior to today.

    We haven’t had any feedback from any other dealer which is disappointing as I wanted to test drive a few cars.

    Whilst that’s not ideal I still feel the R Line would probably have been my choice anyway. Colour still to be decided, I was torn between white and indium grey, but the one my wife went out in was black and she really liked that, so that’s to be decided.

    Going for the manual as she doesn’t like automatics.

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    Johnny my name is brydo and I’m tiguan neutral lol but I saw a black one yesterday and it looked great. It had obviously just recently been washed but its the first time I’ve been tempted by, IMO, the bland design of the tiguan.

    Maybe all the tiguan chat on the forum is turning me lol.

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    One thing I’ve noticed on the VW website but never saw in the flesh is the 2 shades of white that are offered

    As we know with cars there is usually a Standard White and then super duper White which always looks nicer

    Has anyone saw the 2 colours sismde by side?

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    If it’s pearl white it is very desirable, I had a Honda CRV with that finish much better than basic white.

    In 2005 I suffered a brain injury which has left me with mental and physical disabilities.
    Unfortunately I do get confused and get things wrong, so I apologise in advance.

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    Yes my Audi is in Glacier white and that’s a really nice bright pearl finish compared to the the flat standard white

    I just haven’t saw the Tiguan in the 2 whites to compare

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    There is only one white available on the scheme for free, so I am not considering any colours that have an extra charge.

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    Im sure all Motability customers are allowed Metallic paint for free? Usually worth around the £600 mark

    Obviously this free upgrade won’t cover all paint choices

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    Metallic or pearlescent paint is free. Sometimes there is a fee for a premium paint, usually the difference over the standard metallic.

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    I see there is going to be a black edition of the Tig R released soon, darker alloys and black metal round the windows and doors etc rather than the shiny chrome which I think is a little bit Ott on the Tig R. It’s not so bad on the white but I think it’s too much and spoils the look on the black and darker models

    Having chosen the black styling kit on my white car I think that really sets it off nicely

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though 😎

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    There are only five colours on the ‘build your own’ section.

    Deep black pearl, Indium Grey Metallic, Tungsten Silber metallic all at £580.

    The standard white for £0

    Pearl Signature Metallic at £1000, the 1 colour you can’t have.

    So I suppose there is an argument for choosing one of the £580 one’s , even though I prefer the white!

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    Well having pretty much all but ruled out everything else, out of the blue BMW have just called me saying they have exactly the car I am interested in to drive.

    X1 xdrive 2.0d sport, so having pretty much told my VW dealer I am getting the Tiguan I have now agreed to test drive the BMW Thursday morning, may as well have a go in it.

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    2 damn right Johnny, it’s a cracker of a car now, nothing like the previous one!

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    Cheers , will report back how I get on.

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    Well I have just driven the BMW 2.0d xdrive sport auto 4wd that is on the scheme at £2449.

    In direct competition to the manual VW Tiguan 2.0 R Line Tech which we both like and were considering ordering next Monday.

    The BMW is nicer to drive, it’s a 190 as opposed to the 150 VW, auto 8 speed gearbox really impressive and there is a sport, eco and the standard comfort mode. I switched to sport and it’s a joy to drive.

    It eats up the motorway with ease, and is great around town and cornering is very stable. You feel in complete control.

    Plenty of room in the back, and the boot is massive with extra underneath storage and a handy switch for collapsing the back seats. The rear seats though were a shade on the firm side.

    In the cockpit it’s high quality finish and materials, really exudes class and refinement.

    I knew it would be nice to drive and it was, I also knew it would provide a dilemma against the R Line and it has!

    It is nicer to drive than the VW and slightly more refined inside. However, standard equipment for our needs is slightly lacking.

    No panoramic sunroof, no rear seat tray tables, no leather seats (ok the R Line only has partial leather), no manual option, no satnav view on the dashboard, and it’s that where it’s a bit of a let down. The 6 inch screen really is too small, and sitting on the dashboard area I found it hard reading it. Myself and my wife are in our 50’s now (well me nearer 60!), and whilst I don’t need glasses generally I do for small print.

    The screen is just too small.

    The R Line has a larger screen, it’s closer to the driver, it has the panoramic roof, manual or auto option, seat back tray tables, dark headliner, the seats especially in the rear are slightly softer, those 20 inch alloys, and you can have the satnav view right in front near the speedo if you want to. A lot of these are extra on the BMW.

    True the drive is nicer, and the interior materials a touch better but the standard equipment as opposed to the R Line is lacking. It’s a real shame it doesn’t come in the 190, but as it stands I think the R Line 150 is the car for us.

    My wife likes the look of it and I think will be happy to occasionally drive it too, she doesn’t like automatics, so it’s likely the manual will be our choice (£700 cheaper than the auto), it’s still nice and comfortable inside and has all the standard equipment I list above that the BMW doesn’t have. The seat back tables for instance are standard on the VW and £180 on the BMW. Not to mention the extra cost of the sunroof and larger nav screen.

    Our autistic son gets a lot of use out of the rear seat table for his DVD player, so as it’s his disability that qualifies us it’s only fair he gets them in return.

    Don’t get me wrong the X1 was lovely to drive, a real pleasure but the optional extras are just too much against the VW that has them as standard.

    Also they had an X2 in the showroom, really nice – didn’t drive it but sat it in, sporty and good value on the scheme, rear seats very firm though.

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    JS (justsaying)

    Well done Johnny, good review, thanks for taking the time to report back.

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    Thanks, what I don’t understand is from what the BMW dealer was saying and he looked at several new and more expensive cars, pretty much most of the range comes with the 6 inch screen. It just in my opinion is not big enough.

    Most of the youtube videos I have looked at have upgraded to the 8 inch one.

    BMW dealerships are nice places to be though!

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    Glos Guy

    Johnny – That’s a great read and I agree with most of your points. My wife has a new Tiguan (190PS SEL Auto) and we looked at the X1. Also, I have a BMW (albeit a 5 Series). I would make a few points to add to your thinking.

    Sat Nav – Whilst the Tiguan Sat Nav comes with a big screen and the option to have it in the digital dash, it is a dire system compared to even the basic BMW Sat Nav, both in terms of clarity and ease of use. The BMW system is a joy to use. I find the VW one extremely frustrating in comparison.

    Space – We found the Tiguan boot to be bigger than the X1’s. There was also more leg room in the rear of the Tiguan.

    Seats – Agree that both front and rear seats are far more comfortable in the Tiguan. I was under the impression that the X1 seats had been improved since when we looked at it, but perhaps not by enough to match the Tiguan. I might be wrong, but I believe that the R-Line seats are all cloth and not half leather (perhaps that’s changed)?

    Engine and Transmission – I’m afraid that there is absolutely no contest here. Whether it be refinement, performance, economy – or whatever measure you care to use – the BMW engines and transmissions are a class (or two) above VW’s.

    Equipment – The Tiguan is far better equipped and some of the things that are on it aren’t even options on the X1. The X Line X1 is far better equipped than the Sport (leather as standard, LED lights etc).

    It’s a difficult choice, and I probably haven’t helped!


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    Thanks Glos Guy – I agree with your points.

    Regarding the sat nav I have seen many reviews that back up what you say, however the fact is for my older eyes it’s just too small. I am sure technically it’s superior to the VW but it’s not really much use to me if it is too small and too far away for me to read it clearly. I don’t wear glasses other to read small print, but with that unit I would need to put them on to read it and take them off to drive it.

    The seats are on the firm side, and my wife has a minor back complaint, certainly going off the x2 also I sat in that for minutes and my backside felt uncomfortable! So not sure how it would be for her on a long drive.

    You are right about the seats on the VW they are just part leather, not half leather, the outside bits and headrests I think.

    Engine and performance I agree, if both cars were sat on my driveway and I had to drive one for pleasure it would be the BMW. However, I think the R Line is better looking and the all round package including equipment suits us better. To get the same size sat nav screen, panoramic roof, seat back tray tables for example would cost several thousand pounds. As much as it is a joy to drive the overall package for our family is better suited by the R Line. It looks great, has a lot of equipment as standard and also has a manual option which my wife prefers. I wish it was a 190 but I will be fine with it I am sure.


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    Sorry forgot one more thing I asked about a discount and he said no, so not a penny off the X1.

    My VW dealer has said he would give me a discount, not sure how much but at least £150. Add the £500 good condition bonus I am certain to get then the car is just over £1600, given the standard features on the VW it is looking like our most appealing option at the moment.

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    Hi Johnny, it seems you have made up your mind and the Tiguan is a very good choice one which I discounted simply due to the 6 month wait in favour of an X1. As an BMW driver, I agree the infotainment system in BMW’s is one of the best. The seats are not great and I have to disagree with others about the transmission. The DCT is dire and unpredictable to the extent my car has been to the dealers on more than 1 occasion and I have needed to call the RAC out too. Motability have agreed to an early lease termination and I would caution anyone considering a 7 speed DCT.

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    Glos Guy

    Johnny – Two important things re seats and sat nav.

    The R Line seats have no leather at all, not even part leather. I’ve just checked the VW website (brochure and pricelist) to make sure that I was correct. They are cloth and microfibre. Anything that looks like leather (rear of seats etc) is synthetic material. To get leather of any sort it’s a very expensive optional extra.

    Sat Nav – I am a similar age to you and have equally fading vision! Whilst the Sat Nav screen is indeed bigger in the VW, the font used on the text is smaller. In addition to small font size, the lack of boldness of the font and the contrast between font and backing colour means that I am unable to read the info on the VW system whilst driving but can easily see the BMW data. Might be worth a bit more investigation if that’s an issue for you.

    What I do find useful on the VW (given my ageing eyes) is the ability to have the speed in a large number in the digital dash. The one and only thing that I hate about my 5 Series is the fact that the dash turns orange at night and that’s a bugger if your eye sight is challenged. I just wish it would stay white on black, which I have no problem with (you can’t override it – I’ve asked). I might be wrong but I think that BMW have now dispensed with the hideous orange dashboard illumination in the last year or so – perhaps someone with a new X1 can clarify?

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    New x1 dash is white, far better at night than the Orange.

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    I thought it looked white on the dashboard but when I asked the BMW guy he said it was orange at night so that’s a bit puzzling.

    On the seats I am sure my VW guy said they were part leather and I have say in them…twice, but yes they aren’t leather at all, anyway they are comfortable enough, and they aren’t leather of course in the BMW either.

    When I looked at the BMW satnav it was hard for me to read the map, street names etc but I had no issues with the VW. I don’t doubt the BMW is more technologically advanced but the size and the distance away pretty much renders it useless to me, I just don’t get why they do their cars in the 6 inch version as standard.

    Plus on the VW you can have it straight in front of you on the “12.3 active info display”.

    There are just too many things that are useful and standard on the VW that you just don’t get on the BMW.

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    The level of Kit on the VW is far more generous than the BMW. I recall the Sat Nav on my Skoda was pretty good. BMW product knowledge is not good, my guy told me I didn’t have automatic parking. It has!

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