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    So some time end of next month I will get the approval to order.

    Currently have a Ford Kuga Titanium X 150bhp.

    Having considered many options, some of which have been removed from the scheme as it stands I will probably get another Kuga, the ST Line Edition, it’s more than I want ideally to pay £2345 but cheaper than some of the other options I looked at and gives me the 180bhp I am looking for.

    Considered the VW Tiguan but it’s £650 more for the SEL and the one I really liked was the R Line, now taken off.

    I also thought about a BMW X1 but it’s just like a mini X5 to me and due to the number of variations the dealer says it’s almost impossible for me to view or drive one to see what it is like.

    I really like the Mazda CX5 but not so keen on the Petrol 165bhp they currently have on the scheme following yet more changes.

    Toyota RAV4 and Nissan X Trail were on my list but no longer available, I did speak to Peugeot about the 3008/5008 but never received a call back so discounted them.

    Volvo Momentum too expensive. same for Honda CRV.

    I really like the styling on the Kuga, it looks great, gives me that extra bit of power, my dealer is also a lot closer to home than the others, there are many similarities with the interior my current car but also quite a few differences too so I don’t think having a Kuga for 6 years will be such an issue, and the exterior looks completely different.

    I do feel Ford are taking some of the things away from the car, power tailgate, seat back tables for example but I just think that £645 is worth saving against the VW SEL which I do like but not as much as the R Line.

    I would like Ruby Red but that is £850 more, but I do like the look of it in White also so that as it stands barring any R Line addition to the scheme will probably be the one. Kuga ST Line Edition in White.

    Any comments appreciated, especially on how the car handles and rides.



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    Motability say the Tiguan R line tech should return soon

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    I know Allan, but I am not sure a 190bhp will be there, and it’s likely I would assume to be in excess of £3000,

    I suppose though I would still consider one as I liked it that much, but only if it’s the 190bhp one.

    Still I have a few weeks yet so there is time to see what happens.

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    David McBroom

    I have test drove most of the cars above, and some.

    Personally I think the Mazda CX 5, both for the drive and what you get included in the sportnav+.  Either that or the VW T-Roc R Line, drives like the Scirocco it’s drive is based on.

    You sound, like myself, that you appreciate a good looking Car.  The BMW X2 Sport has a smaller roof in height than a x1, but still has a bigger boot than a Nissan Qashqai.

    It’s the most beautiful car BMW are doing at the moment, a real departure from their usual safe decisions model wise.

    Stunning in the Glacier Silver, or Sunset Orange.  A fantastic combination of sports coupe looks, and suv practicallity.  Cheers.

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    Thanks David, I was planning another visit to my BMW dealer anyway to have a look around.

    I sat inside a Mazda CX5 and the interior was fab, but I am bit underwhelmed with their current options on the scheme having just the petrol only now, but it is a nice looking car. I guess as my Ford dealer is also Mazda too I can have another look at one.

    It’s just really hard not being able to test drive any of the exact cars I am interested in, well I have only had an option to drive 1 car so far the Tiguan R Line.

    The Kuga ST Line edition is a safe bet really as I love the way the car looks, and with the dealer very close by it makes it more convenient, it also provides that little extra performance I am looking for.

    I will be following closely any change to the Tiguan on the scheme also, in case the R Line is added, that really is a lovely looking car. The nicest I have seen so far.

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    I’m in the same place here. Volvo XC60 due to be replaced later this year so started looking, comparing and sitting in the following to steal a march on having to make a quick decision closer to the time.

    Mazda CX5 ruled out due to poor reviews of petrol engine

    Volkswagens ruled out due to emissions shenanigans and also inability to park at my local VW dealer

    BMW X2 seriously under consideration.

    BMW X1 ruled out initially but now getting due consideration thanks to sliding rear-bench

    Hyundai Tucson ruled out – functional but a bit disinteresting

    Ford Kuga definitely on the list, although the number of variants on the scheme really is crazy

    Volvo XC40 would be preferred option outside of the eye-watering initial payments.

    Nissan Qashqai is probably the car of choice at the moment especially now the CVT auto is dead.

    Maybe I’m being cynical but the options on Motability sometimes seem like variants that aren’t selling well notably Mazda offering only petrol CX-5s. I’m also yet to see a single BMW X2 on the road and trust me I’ve been looking.

    I really hope that Brexit doesn’t suddenly trigger delays in imports or significant cost variations that see certain models drop off the scheme at short notice.


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    JS (justsaying)

    A look in person at the Kia Sportage and the Hyundai Tucson may add to your choice, failing that waiting till Q2 may be prudent with a new financial year and hopefully changes for the better may be in force by then.

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    David McBroom

    You’ll be looking at around £ 3099 for Tiguan R Line Tech, and that’s before adding on any preferential toys.  That’s why I would look at the T-Roc R Line as well.  I’ve priced one up with all my favourite extras, and its coming in at £3000.  Actually prefer the styling of the t-roc to the tiguan, appeals more to the 40+ crowd like myself, still young enough to dream, tipping on the very edge of 50+ permanent cyncism:))

    I kind of look at cars now with an eye on the future.  There time for all of us to end up in a FUNCTIONAL average looking suv, but if you can get all the functionality in the mean time, and the car looks modern as well (ticks the pretty box), then why not.  As children, I’m sure we were all playing with the most amazing looking car, and dreaming of doing that when we were older.

    I certainly wasn’t daydreaming about the size of the boot, or how many tiny miles to the gallon a was getting over b choice boring suv.  Allow yourself to dream folks, and then work out the functionality.  Or what’s the point.

    Hope anyone just about to turn 50 in the next couple of years, and who tune’s into this thread at any point, slams the door shut on 50+ cynacism, and picks the car they really want, not the car magazines tell them to.  Cheers.

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    I am more touching 60 than 50 but a big kid at heart. I just figure would like something a bit more powerful now I have retired so I can enjoy it. Providing it suits my wife and son also (he is autistic/non verbal).

    My dealer from VW has actually just called to see if I have given it any more thought.

    Explained Kuga is possibly favourite just now but if he can get me a 190bhp SEL that actually matches the spec on the scheme I would be interested in driving it.

    Mentioned the R Line and he genuinely doesn’t know if and when it will be back on the scheme.

    At least he had the courtesy to phone me, so that is a positive.


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    Hi Johnny,

    My step-son Jack has both ASD and very extreme ADHD (off the scale), hence my reason for paying so much attention to led interiors this time out.  Have found recently when taking Jack with me to test drive various cars, that Jack immediately calmed down when he sat both in the BMW X2 and the Renault Megane Gt Line, as he chilled out taking in the led interior, and ooohing and aaahing when I would change the colours for him.  These led lights help him go to sleep each night at home, and if we can re-produce that affect in my next car, all the better.  No more stressful day trips with Jack hopefully, just calm….  Give it a try Johnny with your own son.  It may well help you cut down to the exact choice your looking for.  Cheers.

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    Hi all,

    When I last spoke to motabilty they said they expect the r-line to be back on the scheme by the end of January at similar derivatives to the old model.  That would suggest to be only the 150 bhp.  Have you looked at the stats how the 150 bhp R-Line stacks up against the 180bhp Kuga, as I think the R-Line might actual (claim to) be quicker.


    I’m in the same boat as vinnym70 looking to replace a Volvo XC60.  I ideally need diesel due to mileage so that rules out the XC40 and Mazda CX-5 so currently looking at Kuga ST edition and VW Tiguan R-Line. I think the ruby red paint will only cost the difference between the £850 and the cost of metallic, but I’m not sure what qualifies under motability as no one seems to lost paint as a metallic option any more!

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    Good point re paint – metallic or otherwise Ad1. Last time round, metallic paint seemed to be inclusive on pretty much all cars. Being honest, the colour of the car isn’t a big issue for me – except my wife seems to struggle to find our car in a car-park unless it’s a stand-out colour.

    So – which manufacturers are now including the cost of “better” paints within their motability schemes? I’m sure from my last rental some did it as default. Now it seems ambiguous.

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    JS (justsaying)

    Metallic is included with Motability ( some dealerships will lie and say not) but “special” paints in some cases can be charged for but only at the difference between matalic and special. Always check as some dealerships try charging for packs to include things like reversing camera etc, yet are a standard inclusion with some agreements between Motability and manufacturers.

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    The colour options are interesting, some cars simply look better in certain colours.

    I like the ST Line in white, and also in Ruby red not so much in other colours.

    The Tiguan R Line also looks great in white, yet I wasn’t keen on the SEL in that colour. More suited to a metallic grey.

    If I go for the Kuga I will definitely be enquiring how much for the Ruby, if I don’t want to pay the extra white is a nice backup option.


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    we are going for Peugeot 5008 we are ordering Saturday but need to wait to July to pickup

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    Blimey 6 months?

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    it’s my wife first one so not too worried apparently Peugeot factory is being rebuilt or its Sales Reps waffle

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    Mr P

    Hi itDave, I was all for the 5008 for my next car, however, I’m going to test drive the Citroen C5 Aircross in February. Same platform (apart from 7 seats) , same gearbox etc. However the full spec comes in nearly £2,000 cheaper than full spec 5008 for the AP.

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    We do need the 7 seats as Dawn still child minds the next one we will have more choice as slowly running business down


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    I wish I could do without 7 seats but the wife insists, “just in case”. 5 grown up kids, all with their own cars and yet a family meal means I’m the taxi driver. However with seats folded down I can get my power chair in, so I really shouldn’t complain.

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    Mr P

    @ Robert, I have a fold up w/chair to put in the new car, so I’m hoping the C5 Aircross boot is big enough? Then we’ll save £2,000 AP over the Peugeot 5008.

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    Mr P

    My wife has a fold up manual wheelchair, but we have a hoist for it, as I am also disabled and cannot lift it in and out of the car. Our setup needs 82cm tailgate aperture height to fit and, as we discovered during our next car search last year, very few cars in the current lineup have that.

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    Mr P

    @confusicated, the w/chair is for my Partner, thankfully I’m able to lift it in and out. I just need to see if there is enough boot space for it to lay flat once in without putting back seats down (Citroen C5 Aircross). Otherwise it’ll have to be the Peugeot 5008, for the spec we want, it’s an extra £2,000( booooooo!)

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    We tried for weeks to get the tailgate dimensions from Citroen. They kept fobbing us off.

    Shame really, as we were really interested in the car.

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    Hi Confusicated,  have you checked the Sharan/Alhambra for space?

    Prices aren’t too bad this quarter.

    Regards, Wonky

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    Peugeot Rifter, no probs there with boot opening height!

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