New vwg 1.5 recall update issued

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    Morning all, a brand new update was released 9.9.19 and is now showing as data available to do the update 19.9.19 this solves all vwg 1.5 petrol engines faults with the loss of power and 1,2 gears issues , all dealers have the data to carry out the updates  this is direct from vwg excitive office,  so hope this helps members with this issue.

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    Nick mines been fine but I have the dsg box is it just the manual version ?

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    It’s the manual that has the issues , loss of power and jumping in first and second gears,  v.w confirmed the issue last year and have been working in new updates,  so it’s been reported it works well in Skoda, seat, Audi, and v.w range with this engine

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    No recall registered with VOSA as yet.

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    Hi all,  I started a thread some time ago about this problem. My experience was in a Touran 1.5 dsg, I rejected the car after testing because of lacklustre performance.

    As Mike suggests the dsg box irons out the jerkiness .

    Our friend Vinalspin has some technical knowledge, and has suggested, any tweaks VW make to solve jerkiness will effect performance even more.

    My suggestion is, don’t touch this engine unless you have thoroughly tested the vehicle.  Do not believe the Sales staff if they say it’s fixed. Test the actual version you are ordering.

    Regards, wonky

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    So far I’ve not had any problem with the engine of my 1.5 TSi manual petrol Golf GT.  Guess I must have the only working 1.5 TSi manual engine in Europe.  Wonder if I can charge sight-seers?

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    While the dealers suggest this software update magically fixes all the problems(why now and not the last four attempts?) if you were to have the update on your car I would get the emissions checked at an independent garage and have it’s power measured on a rolling road as they can not do what they are suggesting without drastically altering both factors and I would not be happy about paying for a car that is 20%+ down on power and has poor emissions/economy compared to the figures when sold.

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    So my only working 1.5 TSi Manual engine in Europe will also be 20% more powerful than the others.  Cool.  I’ll charge for Rides.  “Roll up!  Roll up!”


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    Tomas (Tomas)

    Vinalspin, surely it’s up to Motability to check this out. At the end of the day it’s their vehicles that are affected, which could in turn affect resale values.

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    And yet after the diesel debacle and now this, people still buy VW’s!

    I’ve owned VW’s in the past, but I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them now. There are just as good alternatives in the mid-range sector.

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    Hi Tomas, Motability will not be bothered, guaranteed.

    Regards, wonky

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    Fat chance motability taking any kind of stance against any manufacturer as it could pose legal problems, they will go along with the rest of the sheep.

    The VAG group car I have recons on an average mpg of 52ish, I’ve averaged 32 mpg over 38,000 miles and motability suggest it must be my driving even though over 85% of the distance has been at 70mph on cruise control, ie they don’t care.

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    I will Amit I am concerned with the changes that may affect the mpg and power and and such motability and vwg are going to contact me back in 4 weeks to see how the car is going , any issues dealer will swap to the diesel model pre agreed , however diesel seems to be the same mpg as petrol so don’t see the point tbh. Hopefully it’s sorted roll on Tuesday when we find out.

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