New to the scheme and totally confused!

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    Hi guys,

    My 16 year old son has become eligible for the Motability scheme so we are due to sign for a Peugeot 3008 Hybrid GT which we are having to pay around £2750 towards.  This is a lot of money for us but we planned on buying the car at the end of the term as we had been told by the ‘Motability Specialst’ at the dealership that Motability are “very very generous” with their settlement figures.   However, I’ve been reading on this forum and am horrified to find that this doesn’t seem to be the case AT ALL!

    I do not think my sons award will be renewed as I think by then, he will be in a better position neurologically (fingers crossed!) which is why we intend to buy the car.  If he IS awarded it then he will get a car for himself so again we would be looking to buy the old one.

    So considering we are giving up around £10k in benefits plus putting another £2750 in at the start we are basically spending £13k on 3 years of motoring.  That’s around £370 a month and we will have nothing to show for it at the end of it.  I can actually BORROW £13k from my bank over 3 years and it’s only £388 a month!  And whatever car I spent it on would actually be mine at the end of it!

    I was told we would be offered the car at roughly it’s current auction price which is usually around 40-50% of the initial purchase price.  So we did the maths that the OTR for the Peugeot we are looking at is around £40k.   So after 3 years we would be offered the car for around £16k-£20k.  Making our total ‘spend’ on the car £29k-£33k which is okay for a car of that initial value and we know it’s been looked after.  However, after reading on here I just don’t know whether it’s even worth it.  It would financial idiocy for us to give the car back after 3 years but if they offer us a ridiculous price then we will have no option.

    We are looking to upgrade our current family car but wouldn’t be looking at a brand new vehicle if it weren’t for the Motability scheme.  It sounds so good but when you start number crunching, it’s not actually financially beneficial for everyone and perhaps its not the best option for us which is disappointing.

    It’s such a big decision, I don’t know anyone on the scheme so have nobody to ask, I don’t trust the staff at the dealership and my husband’s contribution to the discussion is “Whatever you think is best!”  But I don’t know what to do for the best!

    Any advice you guys can offer me would be really really appreciated because the award has already started (Aug) and with the current wait time for vehicles I need to make a decision and quick.


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    Good point. I do think all in all, even with the stupendous tax for two years, its a better deal than a Diesel.

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    Thanks everyone.  I was able to order the 3008 so now I’m just waiting for it to come which looks like being anywhere from December to January!   I’m happy to wait though, as it’s the car we all really want.

    If we decide to have a roof box put on (we are worried the boot may not be big enough when we go on holiday) does that have to be done at a Peugeot dealership?  Or can it be done at any reputable roof box company?   I’ve looked on the MB website but it just talks about roof boxes that are needed for storing mobility aids rather than just an ordinary roof box.

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    Hi Kim

    My thoughts are roof boxes fall into the same category as dash-cams in that there supposed to be fitted by the dealer who of course add hundreds of £’s to the cost.

    Not ever had a roof box fitted to my Motability car (just too hard getting the scooter up and onto the roof😁 ) but I do fit my own dash-cams that is against the rules but its one of those thing like, who’s to know and the first thing Motability insurers ask after an accident is “do you have any dash-cam footage”.

    Its simple to take cameras and roof boxes back off the car and none the wiser although you have to remember the insurance side of things should your box fly off on a motorway or whatever so bear that in mind.

    Can’t say what Motability will say if asked but others may help here.

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    Dashcams are a bad example considering there’s a “legal” way to mount them and an illegal way.

    We have dashcams front and rear, legally mounted. You’ll lose one 12V port in the car, which i’ve never used once in 30 years (tell a lie, i did once, for a tyre compressor – didn’t need dashcam running in that situation then, and it blew a fuse immediately so that’s not happening anymore either), other than that it’s as invisible as a hardwire install with wires tucked under the pillar trim/roofline.

    Especially people with off-street parking don’t need “bump alarm start” either, which would be the only upside to hardwiring it.

    Fitting a roof box would be considered a modification to the car (which is why it becomes an issue with insurance cover – you’re not allowed to modify the car), hence would at the very least need the A-OK from Motability. Dashcam hardwire installs (as well as paint sealing/ceramic coating etc) have to be done by the dealership. My guess would be, that the same goes for the roofbox. I’d phone up Motability to be certain – i don’t technically see a problem with buying a roofbox (got decent experiences with Thule) and having Peugeot mount it, shouldn’t be a big job.

    That said.. 520l of boot space. That should cover you for quite a bit. Not sure how many people you’re travelling with, but if it’s three (you, husband, son), you can also flip one of the seats and gain 100l or so.

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    The distinction of using a dash-cams that is not fitted by the dealer is the same for anything generally speaking fitted to the car in that it’s not approved by Motability unless its fitted by the dealer.

    Granted roof boxes need to be insured with the car so ideally you should approach the car supplying dealer to fit one but I’m sure there are folk who have gone to Halford’s and had one fitted without a thought of notifying Motability or the insurance implications.

    If fitting a roof box to a car is classed as a modification to the car then surely you would need to notify DVLA of such modification so from my view fitting a purpose made roof box to the purpose made roof rails is not a modification but you can only be sure 100% by going through the dealer or Mota.

    My dash-cams too are connected to the cars 12V accessory sockets so no modification to the car have taken place however as you say if you hard wire them yourself or is done by any one else that’s not the dealer there is an insurance implication with regard to fire risk but besides that even using the accessory sockets there could be implication of getting feet trapped on the brake pedal as example with badly routed dash-cam wiring so you could say its a grey area like fitting a roof box.

    I don’t know if Motability have change there rules on dash-cams and how and who fits them and Motability advisors themselves have discernment on the matter but end of the day having anything fitted to the outside of the car I would go through Motability or your dealer when ordering the car.

    BTW with regards to dash-cams and being hard wired so there always on I know the VW’s I’ve had in the past you can change the way the accessory sockets are powered i.e., always on or only when the ignition is on by taking the accessory fuse out of its holder and reinserting in a different configuration but never done it myself but know you can and I have no ideal if that’s a modification.😁

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    Thanks, guys, I’ll ring Motability to check.

    Rene, we are a family of 5 plus there’s my son’s Labrador support dog who also comes on holiday with us.  In our current vehicle there is enough room for her to lay on the floor in the back which leaves the boot free for bags but I don’t think she will have room to lay on the floor in the 3008 which means she will have to go in the boot.  Therefore, vastly reducing boot space.  We could’ve got the newer version of our current vehicle but to be honest we wanted a change.  Buying a roof box is that sacrifice!

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