New to scheme – needhelp picking SUV with most extra's

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    Rosalyn Scanlon

    Hi All,

    I was worried about the change from DLA to PIP for my son, but turns out it worked out well as he finally got the enhanced mobility component after being on lower rate mobility on DLA for years.  Although far to late we can finally get a car on Motability 🙂  And timing couldn’t be better as he’s about to lose his school transfer once he starts college.

    But I’m struggling with the the choices available.  I know we want an SUV or high seated car.  One with a reasonable amount of space as hes close to 6′ tall and 18 stone! Really what I’m hoping for is one with a good amount of tech, sat nav, rear parking sensors or Camera if possible and touch screen interface to keep him ocupied (he’d LOVE just exploring all the menu’s over and over).  I can afford some advance payment, but probably no more that £400.00-500.00.  If I can get an Automatic that would be great but I realise its unlikely if I want more of the above.

    Any help you guys can give me would be greatly apreciated, especially as I no knowledge when it comes to picking cars!


    Thanks Rose


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    Hi Rose,

    I’m afraid you’re going to be a little bit limited with your budget for advance payments given your preference for SUV. Be sure to contact dealerships as some require the advance payment at the time of ordering and some on collection of the car in which case it gives you a bit more time to put some more money aside if possible.

    Something important to decide right away though is petrol or diesel. With diesel you have a particulate filter (DPF) which auto cleans itself on longer journeys at decent speeds. Motability recommend 10 – 15 mins at 40mph or above. Other sites give longer journey times. If the car can’t keep the DPF clean then it’s an expensive trip to the dealership. I don’t know what would happen at that point as to who pays as it’s not a failure  more a maintenance issue.

    If you’re going to be doing short or infrequent journeys then look at petrol. Unfortunately as you’ll find when you look for some reason some of the better car specs are only available in diesel!

    If you use the advanced search on the motability page and enter your preferences for suv, transmission, fuel type and maximum advance payment you should get a couple of pages. When are you looking to choose as the list gets updated July 1st so some cars/specs/prices may change between now and then. If you choose before the update but don’t collect until after the update then you pay whatever advance payment is at the time of ordering.

    I hope that’s of some help to begin with.

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    Joe London
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    Joe London

    Depending on how long you can wait, the new Seat Ibiza and a small SUV the Seat Arona will probably join the scheme, but its not yet released.

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    Joe London

    Keep an eye out as the New Vauxhall Crossland , is being released,

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    Inputting your criteria into Motabiulity’s search tool gives 30 SUV’s with a max advance payment of £500.

    Only one auto – a Suzuki Vitara SZ-T Rugged Pack

    AWD would be the Suzuki Vitara SZ-T Manual.

    I think the best spec would probably be the Suzuki Vitara SZ-5 Manual – but the SZ-T isn’t that far behind.

    Largest is a Honda CR-V 2.0 S Connect Nav petrol  followed by a Ford Kuga 1.5 Zetec petrol.

    The choice is really up to what you need space wise and the mileage you will cover.

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    Richard Hewett

    Please don’t be scared off by diesel I only do 8000 miles per year and run a ford kuga 2.0 with no issues at all if the car fails for any reason then it goes back to the dealer to be fixed.

    i have had the kuga from new it’s a 11 plate and it has never needed anything other than standard service parts

    I have ordered a Ford Focus st diesel as my first mobility car but it won’t be here until beginning of July..

    their are plenty of knowledgeable people on here to help you with your search but please take a look on the website to get a idea of what is available to you and in a price bracket that is available please don’t rush take your time I searched for 4 months and went out in 18 different vehicles to test drive and make sure I was happy with my choice.

    good luck

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    Richard, if you browse the internet I think there’s as many people who don’t have DPF issues as do. Our current car is a diesel and we weren’t aware of what a DPF was until we’d already had the car a while. I think we’ve been lucky not to have issues as we don’t do any regular long trips.

    Worst case is if the warning light comes on then the car may need to be transported back to the dealership.

    This could be a null point as they haven’t replied about their driving style. Personally our next car will be petrol so that we don’t need to worry about it.

    I’ve asked motability what happens if a customer choose a diesel car knowing that their mileage may mean they have DPF problems at some point and this is their reply:


    As we wouldn’t know if a customer ordered a vehicle full well knowing about possible DPF issues, we would always look at authorising to repair the vehicle if issues arise due to the DPF filter.

    However we wouldn’t continually do this and if faults continued to happen, we would look into whether the type of vehicle is right for the customer and would make contact with the dealership regarding that.


    Bare in mind that sorting a DPF issue can cost up to £1000 so I suspect you’d probably only get it fixed once.

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