New to motability – car choosing advice

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      Hi all,

      New to motability and am at the stage of picking our first car. There is so much choice that it does get quite confusing!

      We are looking for a medium-sized SUV – the only real essentials are that it has a decent sized boot for a larger pushchair and decent room in the back.

      We test drove a Qashqai today which we really liked, and have a test drive of a Honda E-NY1 this weekend. Both are different cars but give an idea of the types we’re looking at.

      Does anyone have experience of the E-NY1 in particular and how it is day to day? The assistant at the dealership was very honest and said although advertised as getting 256 miles on a full charge, it’s generally about 230 most of the time but 220 in winter – which is fine as we don’t do many long trips and can plan well.

      As well as that, are there any alternatives people could recommend we may not have considered? We have looked at MG’s and they’re not really for us.


      Thanks in advance for any replies!


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      Tiny tim

        Check out Peugeot they have the great i cockpit which I think is great like 3D effect.

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