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      Although I’ve been waiting for a test drive in the e-Power Qashqai for over a month, I now see Nissan are bringing out a ‘face lift’ version of this model. Rumours show they are likely to hit the showrooms June/July time. What would be the likelihood of them appearing on Motability at the same time?

      My changeover date is mid august with an order date of mid May. The Renault Austral is still top of my list but I really would like a drive in the e-Power Qashqai before I take the plunge.

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        I would assume that as it’s still a relatively new model the facelift may be purely cosmetic.  Get a test drive in the current version, I don’t think it will drive any differently to the facelift version.

        Again, only my assumption, but I can’t see a facelift version coming onto the scheme any time soon, they will have stock to shift, either built or in production, before the facelift is available.

        Found this on Fleet News, as suspected cosmetic styling to front end, change in some materials and a Google based info system.  Drive system etc. same as before.

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          Gotta say that the face-lifted model looks way better than the outgoing model – especially the front end.

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            Yes looks nice in red on YouTube


              Not sure I like the new front end, especially with all that black.

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                As far as looks are concerned,

                It’s all down to taste I guess, My epower is now 16 months old, and has covered just over 12,600 miles, and after trying all sorts of combinations, in the early days , I now drive it just like I would any other car- no special rules regarding Drive mode , epedal etc., just drive .

                It has averaged some 48.7 mpg over the 16 months, and does around 20% better on long Motorway journeys ie 57-60 mpg .

                Not as economical, but it drives just like any other e.v.,, smooth, extremely quiet, comfortable with instant acceleration leaving most others standing at traffic lights , economical ( compared to previous cars ) & extremely reliable – I’m happy ?, but nevertheless still looking forward to getting the full ev version !

                In between many other makes of car over 60 years of driving including 5 new XC Volvos, I have had 6 other Nissans , and i last had 4.5 years with a really good SUV a diesel Tiguan, but Nissan have, by far, been the most reliable of makes.j


                  I saw 2 on the M1 last week. Even though they were heavily camouflaged, you could see the difference with the front grill.

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