New order-SUV, any views/thoughts?

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    John Reilly

    We are in the process of trying to figure out if we should order a new car (given current limited selection/delays and higher AP) or possibly extend our release.

    Looking at an SUV.

    Narrowed this down to Ford Kuga Vignale or ST line X at £3245, New Vauxhall Grandland Ultimate at £1899, Hyundai Tucson Ultimate £2349 or Citroen C5 Shine Plus at £1995

    Any views or experiences on these cars most welcome OR anything that I might have missed worth looking at?



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    I’m assuming the Grandland you’re considering is the Ultimate petrol automatic? Are you aware that the same car with a Diesel engine is £150 AP cheaper?

    Daughters motability car SEAT Arona 1.6 diesel manual Excellence Lux.
    My company car Toyota Corolla Touring Sport 1.8 Hybrid CVT GR Sport.
    Motability car on order Vauxhall Grandland 1.5 diesel automatic Ultimate.

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    Our renewal is due in a few months time, so we can place an order from the end of this month.

    Going to go for the Kuga ST Line PHEV, AP is £3895 will probably make a decent saving on not putting so much fuel in.

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    Have driven a Tuscon for the past 3 years, very good car, very reliable, roomy, well equipped, very good infotainment system. The new versions offer better fuel economy and a nicer cabin.

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    John Reilly

    Thanks for the replies, think we are edging towards the Tuscon….any negatives with it?

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    5k plus for plugin hybrid is the negative

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    John Reilly

    Completely agree that the price on the hybrid is too much.

    Was probably looking at the 1.6 Petrol

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    I’m sort of un same situation but extended my lease 2 years ago so need to change soon. I looked at Tucson looks nice car though for what I need would be the petrol ultimate. Diesel no use to me as do about 2,000 a year if that. I have taken my current car, Kia Sportage for mot and service today. The dealer seems to think might be in scheme soon. My Kia has always been reliable with a massive boot for 2 wheelchairs. I would either extended or wait maybe to Q2 see what comes on scheme. Fords are good cars just always found their service a bit meh. That’s just the dealer here though. Have you looked at the Peugeot’s?

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    John Reilly

    Hi Laura, you sound very similar to our situation. We currently have a Sportage and would have happily taken another but not on scheme. Concerned that it may/may not come back in Q2 but even then who knows what the AP might be for the new facelift version.

    We have had a virtual tour of the Grandland Ultimate online but Vauxhall have said they will not be in dealers until 25th Feb (but they have been giving moveable dates out since last October, so no guarantees ). AP is ok for their Ultimate trim but missing some features we would like as a family. Some people ordered this car last April/May so the uncertainty over waiting times is putting me off.

    We like the Kuga ST Line + and Vignale but think the AP is a little too much at over £3k.

    The Tuscon seems to have everything we were looking for and thought the 1.6 Petrol was ok (but probably over priced) in terms of AP.

    The Peugeot 3008/5008 I liked but my wife thought was “too dark” inside for the children, not sure how accurate that is!


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    Hi John,

    Which 3008/5008 trim did you look at? Most dealers have the GT/GT Premium in the showroom,  this has the black headlining as well as all of the bells and whistles.  When combined with the rear privacy glass it can be a bit dark in the back, but I test drove an Allure Premium which had a light headlining and seemed to do quite a good job of bouncing light around the cabin during the daytime.  The Active, Allure and Allure Premium versions of the 3008/5008 all have this light headlining so it might be worth finding one of those to take a look at.

    I took delivery of my 3008 on December 23rd 2021 after ordering on September 14th 2021 – the dealership were really good with letting me have the build dates and the car arrived slightly earlier than expected (I was expecting to collect around this time).

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    I have ordered the Peugeot 3008 GT Premium (end of Dec) saved £700 on AP. I Test drove one, and to be honest I was very impressed, comfortable, nice cabin etc. I was going to order another Tiguan but the 3008 kicks it’s butt for everything! Just my two bobs worth!

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    Glos Guy

    I have ordered the Peugeot 3008 GT Premium (end of Dec) saved £700 on AP. I Test drove one, and to be honest I was very impressed, comfortable, nice cabin etc. I was going to order another Tiguan but the 3008 kicks it’s butt for everything! Just my two bobs worth!

    Unless things dramatically improve, I can see our current Motability car being our last, but I will definitely check out the 3008 out before making a final decision (assuming that it’s still around in 2024). My wife (who is the PIP beneficiary) has a pathological hatred of anything French, so that might be where I come unstuck, but then again she’s always said that she doesn’t like BMW’s but since we’ve had our X1 she has reluctantly admitted that it is far better than our last car (also a Tiguan as it happens) in just about every respect. We’ve been together 30 years and she still hasn’t worked out that I’m always right 😂

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    John Reilly

    I do agree the Peugeot is a great looking car, just thoughtful that is over £1600 more in terms of AP compared to the Tucson at the top end, is it worth that much more given the top trim models are virtually identical? Given the ridiculous APs generally, I am struggling to say “yes”





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    I had a few drives of the Tucson Premium Hybrid and Tucson Ultimate Plug-in last October. I found the Ultimate PHEV the better drive, it was also more comfy probably because of the leather seats.. I odered an Ultimate PHEV at the beginning of  November before the price rise in Q1.  Hopefully it will be delivered at the end of February. The dealer contacted me earlier to say its still looking good for the end of February and will let me know when it’s at sea.


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    John Reilly

    Hopefully you may collect the new car in February, fingers crossed!

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    @John Reilly. Thanks for your comment and fingers crossed for the delivery of the Tucson in February.  When it arrives and after I have driven it for a couple of days I will send a review and photo’s.

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