New Nissan Qashqui

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    The new Nissan Qashqui is in dealerships & available to order from the beginning of June.

    it’s not appeared on the scheme yet but hopefully will in Q3

    what do others think ??

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    Mark D

    I think you should start by using its correct name first which is Qashqai and not Qashqui

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    Well Dante2 well done on your attempt with the spelling of the name..

    I knew the vehicle you  meant instantly, I’m forever correcting my posts for spelling or sometimes spell checker simply gone wild 🤣😂.

    Mark D obviously recognised it too, I had to look twice to see what he’s pointing out. A instead of U, somewhere amongst the Q’s..🙄.

    Any pics of the new quasqqqui pls 🤣

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    Polite notice – do not patronise

    My dyslexia withstanding – does anyone think the new “Qashqai” will come onto the scheme in Q2 – considering it will be in dealerships / available for private order from June?

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    Any pics of the above mentioned

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    Here is a video of the new Qashqai.

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    thanks for the video

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    Why are car manufacturer’s obsessed with stick on stick up media screens. They look ridiculous, much nicer looking when they are integrated into the dashboard.

    Apart from that though it looks quite nice, and with a DSG gearbox now too.

    KIA Soul EV First Edition
    Scale modeller in my spare time

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    Yeah I too hate those sticky up screens, as for the car it looks ok

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