New mobility car and fuel

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    Diane Wood

    Can anyone please confirm if a new car on mobility does have a full tank of fuel on collection.

    Thanks in advance



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    Dougie B

    You’d be very lucky! Most have a quarter tank at best. I have even heard the odd story of cars being delivered with the warning light almost on.

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    Diane Wood

    Hi Doug. Thanks. Getting a new Audi q2 sport snd the garage are asking £50.00 for a full tank

    The advance payment is £2499 and 50.00 for fuel wanting name transfer of 2549.00 including the fuel

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    You can pay it, or choose to take the car with whatever’s in it and fill it up yourself.  Our new XC40 collected last Saturday was handed over with a three quarters full tank, which was a pleasant surprise.

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    Garages normally give it out with a minimum of £20 in it but you have to pay that £20 as they’ll add it to the bill… it is so you have enough to drive to a petrol station ⛽  occasionally they might give you some as a freebie if you’re lucky

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    I have never been asked to pay for fuel when picking up a car.  I would object strongly if I ever did!

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    I’m on my 6th vehicle 5 of them came with about quarter tank but on my 5th one I had to pay £20 along with AP for fuel.

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    Mine had 5 miles on a new Tiguan, sales exec said head straight for the nearest petrol station 2 miles away 😂

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    Glos Guy

    Collected new BMW X1 just over a week ago. Came with just over a third of a tank of fuel (and the model we ordered has a big fuel tank). No mention of paying for it, nor would I have done so.

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