New Mercedes cars next quarter including the gla / hybrids

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    Hi, at the moment we haven’t had confirmation that the GLB is on our new cars expected list unfortunately. We do update the available vehicles and pricing every 3 months, the next update is due on the 1st of October. We are expecting the new GLA model and a PHEV version of the A, B and CLA class vehicles. However, a bit closer to the time we have more information and this may well include the GLB but it doesn’t look likely at this stage I’m afraid.


    just used the live chat for the first time to ask about the GLB, responded really fast, my question was “is the Mercedes GLB on your list of potential cars to come onto the scheme?”

    above is what they responded

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    it changes so often day to day never mind every 3 months until we see it we’ll hope


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    You’re right martino

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    When I spoke to the local mercedes mobility dealer on Monday and enquired about the phev A series, they categorically said that they were not coming onto the scheme.


    I pray that they do to be honest  I will be on the list for sure.

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    Wayne M

    Starting price £33,000 give or take a few £s depending on model.

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    Can u imagine how high the AP of the cla phev would be, when the ice version has an AP of £3500.

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    Speaking to your local dealer or motability about car availability is pointless. Call the Mercedes HQ in the U.K. and ask to speak to whoever deals with motability and they will give you the actual info they have available at that time.

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    Brydo, that’s a great point.

    Has anyone on this forum contacted mercedes HQ to establish if the phev is due onnthe scheme in Q3?


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