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    Hi all

    I’ve been looking at a new car on motability. I’m really keen to get a hybrid to pollute less, but could also do with a slightly bigger vechle, either estate or SUV.

    I was about to go for the corolla, when I saw the new Hyandai Tucson should be on motability later in the year. Ive seen some videos and the car is pretty much perfect in every way for what I want. I’m happy to wait the 3 months as little use though lockdown.


    However…. I’m very conserved it will be out of my price range (esp in Hybrid). Hyandai seem to be trying to up there value and can’t afford d to go much above an AP of £1000, maybe £1,500.

    Many of the SUVs atm are quite expensive. The RAV4 being about £3k I believe (but has starting price of about £38k I believe too!!).

    It’s probably going to be impossible to know exactly but does anyone have a guesstimate in AP for this car? Maybe going on general pricing and history of the cars price with motability.

    Also what are peoples opinions on this new car and also the corrola?


    Is there any way of finding out if it will defo be released in Q2 or pricing?




    Also, any input on people who’ve had hybrids would be great! I was wondering if they would keep the costs fairly low to encourage driving more economical veichles? But defo jot the case with PHEVs at least. Electrics all seem low though, but I don’t have anywhere to charge 🙁

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    Safe to say if you are thinking of holding out for £1000 to £1500 you quoted, i think you will be disappointed. £3500 area more likely..Interested in it myself but same thing as yourself, way out of budget.

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    @Avril I spoke to my local dealer earlier in the week who said the New Tucson will be on an updated Q1 pricelist that will be appearing soon.  He is going to inform me when it’s out. I’ll let you know when I receive the new pricelist.

    I would say Paul is correct in that the AP will probably be higher than £1500.00.  The lowest priced old version Tucson Mild Hybrid is £1699.00.

    I too am interested in the car and am due to change in June.

    Just a thought, have you thought about the various MG cars?

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    I agree Paul will be minimum £2000 my Toyota CHR 1.8 design hybrid is just £795 I pick up March 16th dealer said 10 week delivery

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    It’s a brilliant car will probably be priced similarly to the facelift 3008

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    John Morris

    Smaller car though the chr. Not really a comparison. If size doesn’t matter then there are a few £0ap fully electric cars to be had.

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    Thanks for the feedback…. Its what i was expecting tbh… I’m very tempted to hold out even so…. No other car I’ve looked at has ticked every single box I have like the Tucson.


    The RAV4 is probably its closest current companion…. Which is over £3k… In saying that I looked at the RRP ob both and Tucson was at around £28k plus, whereas the toyota was talking nearly £10k less starting price!… So I have my fingers crossed it should at least be cheaper than that…


    I would be really interested what he comes back and says. I’m hopeful it may be a late release Q1…. as then I can at least make a decision knowing the details, rather than holding out till Q2….

    I think it came out early Jan, so perhaps this is why it’s not currently on Q1 specs. Here’s hoping… Do let me know. I emailed my local dealer as I test drove the Hyandai ioniq recently which I also adore 😍… Just not sure it’s practical enough with space. The tech as standard you get and interior/exterior of new hyandais I absoultly adore!!

    … In saying this…. I know people that have camped out in the ioniq…. So it’s doable..

    I will go with the corolla I think if Tuscon out of range…. Its has plenty of room as an estate. It just doesn’t grab me as much… Find the styling boring, and I’ve heard the tech inside  is really slow/hit and miss.

    ..those are kind of shallow reasons tbf though. It seems a great car overall.


    Fingers crossed they add the Tuscon soon!!

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    The new TV advert is eyecatching.

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    It’s sooo good

    Love the design

    Love interior

    Lots of boot space

    Ground clearance so can go off road

    Hybrid will mean less pollution and greater mpg

    Loads of tech, and comes with quite a lot as standard.


    And those wings….. Well I have been kinda known as a big fan of wings (I have a collection)…. So I kinda have to have it coz if that ha!

    It looks soo much more expensive than it is tbf too


    Literal only downsides to me are low indicators (which not that bothered about), and suspected AP being high…. :'(

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    I too think  the Tucson looks fantastic. As for AP go off existing model APs as a guide and check out the following link for new cars coming on the scheme including the Tucson 🙂

    My advice – start saving!

    The all-new Hyundai Tucson has been revealed with a completely fresh design, loads of advanced safety features plus a new range of hybrid powertrains.

    It’s bolder than you’d expect a practical, family-focussed SUV to be, with a huge grille at the front that incorporates the vehicle’s daytime running lights and headlights sat in separate pods underneath. 

    On the inside, the new Tucson gets a completely new design that’s both futuristic and minimalist, with a large central touchscreen and a smart glossy black pane of touch-sensitive buttons just below. 

    The new Hyundai Tucson will be available with a range of petrol, diesel and hybrid engines, including mild-hybrids and a plug-in hybrid option featuring a powerful electric motor mated to a 1.6-litre petrol engine.

    Expected Hyundai Tucson Motability launch date: TBC


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    Which Mobility Car

    Good Video here:

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    Can’t see AWD being available/affordable as maybe only available as an option on ‘ultimate’ models.

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    if its the Creases that make it different, i can easily bring our 3 year old model up to date lol.

    if not cancelled im in for Mot and Service next week i will see if i can prise any info, ive not been told what courtesy vehicle im getting but doubt it will be the new Tucson

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    to continue Irelands love of the Tucson

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    Which Mobility Car

    Blimey. That chap talks really fast.

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    Another big fan here. This and the new Sorrento the current crop of Korean cars are brilliant. My only concern is the middle seat belt comes down from the roof on UK spec cars I believe which I’m not keen on and I would be using all the rear seats so don’t think it’s for me which is a shame because I really do like it.

    Current car VW Touran SEL

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    I sat in the new Sorento when i test drove my Soul EV, what a machine. Sadly it will never appear on the scheme as its too expensive but the dealer indicated the Tucson would make it for sure but said the ultimate trims may be omitted in favour of the premium trims due to cost and the sizable APs. Lets wait and see though but as someone stated earlier…..get saving.

    Tiguan SEL Auto in Tungsten Silver
    Metal Detectorist & scale modeller
    in my spare time

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