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    Bit “off topic-ish” – but hopefully some can help here.


    Looking for some guidance on a dispute i have with former vehicle supplier.

    In short they forged my signature on hand over documents and registered the car a month before i collected it –

    Is there a rule about not registering a car before it lands in the UK? ie if its sat at Port of Exit or is still being built?

    A secondary issue to this is a statement made by the legal department:

    “it is possible that you could’ve visited the dealership on 31 May 2019; especially given it is common for customers to sign for documents relating to a Motability deal, prior to collection, often two – three weeks beforehand. ”

    This to me reads as if they are saying i’ve forgot about signing a document…

    I took the fight to the ombudsman and they are still looking at part of it- but they did agree the car was missold due to other defects with the entertainment system.


    What would others do in this situation?









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    Cars will always be registered before you collect, it takes time after all, a month before seems a long time though.

    What though is your actual issue?  In the end, as a Motability car, can’t really see what issue you’d have over the date?

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    My signature was fraudulently used to get payment from  motability before the car was actually built.

    It was registered before it left the factory.

    It had defects they lied about; and then insinuated it was user error, that i forgot i signed documents, that i spell my name wrong.

    Yes cars are registered before collection, but not a full month before and more so not before they leave the factory, hit port of exit and go into transit.







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    James Pond

    What dealer was it ? Please share more details if possible

    Back in 99 it was not possible to extend your lease. I ended up getting a car in desperation which i paid more AP  due to it having a sunroof.


    3 years later i had a big issue with the dealer during hand back after they accused me of repairing crash damage and not telling them.  It was a nightmare and i ended up being able to prove it wasn’t down to me and the car was supplied like that me at the start of the lease


    Totally unrelated to mota, a friend got a pcp from the same dealer even though i told him my story,

    He found an invoice for crash damage to the car that the dealer had repaired prior to handing over the car.





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    JSH, unless things have changed from when I used to be involved in the personal import of new cars, strictly speaking you can’t legally register a new car unless it is in the UK.  In reality, with the right paperwork we could get cars registered, get number plates made up and take them abroad to put on the cars and bring them home. This saved the rigmarole of getting temporary export plates in the country of origin and making declarations at customs.

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    Karl Arthur

    I would be very careful what you write on here, if you can prove that the dealer forged your signature to receive payment from Motability for a car you didn’t have it’s fraud and you should speak to Motability

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    Which Mobility Car

    I agree. Not happy with naming the dealership on an open forum either if it is involved in an ongoing dispute.


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    If you’re after advice posting on Consumer Action Group is really useful lots of qualified types over there. Obviously don’t put any identifying details as you don’t want any blowback. Once it’s been sorted & you have judgement from whoever you can name them etc because someone has decided what actually happened & you can’t get into trouble for telling the truth once there’s some kind of judgement saying that’s what happened.

    Sounds pretty grim, sounds like you’re doing the right thing with the ombudsman

    Good luck

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    I have all of the evidence, all of the paper work.

    Invoice was paid 5th June

    Car entered UK 8th June

    I collected 21st June

    All paper work is signed and dated 31 May 2019.

    Dealer first came back saying no evidence.

    They’ve now admitted to it but motability themselves are not interested in the fraudulent signature issue and won’t persue it.






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    Jsh, if this took place as you say, what is the consequence of the deception? Did you lose anything?

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    From motability website” payments are deducted from your mobility allowance every four weeks, then paid directly to us by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) or Veterans UK”, it could be that they claim that because the car was delivered in June, albeit the 21st, then they can claim that full months payment, sounds wrong to me but I would check the wording in the leasing agreement and your bank statements to check if you were paid your allowance , I would have thought that they would only be allowed  to claim the money from 21st/handover.

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    This sounds like a right head ache for you and I’ve really got no advice , apart from keep your cool and remember to take deep breaths when things get sh*t.

    I always try to have the Moto of there’s always someone out there a lot worse off then me and eventually that calms me down , might not help I know , I hope you get this sorted 🙂

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    Making a mountain out a molehill

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    If Motability aren’t interested – what can you do? The car belongs to them.

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    John Newton

    it would seem to me the issue is the signature and no matter how you look at if true the dealer broke the law.

    No is a stupid word

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Kind of irrelevant about who owns the car if they took the first payment early because of that it’s the driver that’s out of pocket by an extra month’s money, potentially. If its not that then im struggling to see the loss here. Yes a faked signature is awful but unless there’s a loss associated with it, say early deduction from pip then I’d say you’ve kicked up a stink now let it go & forget it, stay away from that dealer & get on with your life.</p>
    Only other thing you can do is go leave a load of bad reviews on places like trust pilot, stick to facts you can prove & leave reviews companies HATE this being done.

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    To clarify for those making reference to the allowance and my bank… That’s not relevant as I’ve been on scheme 18 year.

    The issue, the dealer signed the paper work in my name using my signature and requested the balance of £26k to be paid before hand over.

    Issue to me.. is their behaviours saying I spell my name wrong and I forgot about signing..



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    You are right Mike

    Making a moutain out of a molehill,and not JSH’s  molehill to make a mountain of,get on with life you will never win anyway,motability know this so they are not wasting their time .

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    Thanks for all your support…..NOT. Making a mountain out of a molehill! how would you feel if a dealership forged your signature? I will be escalating this to the CEO of Motability and If they don’t take it seriously I will be reporting fraud to the police.

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    Which Mobility Car

    People have been very supportive. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Good luck with your endeavours.

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