New car had over inflated tyres

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    Hi Posting this to see if this is a normal handover practise

    Picked up 2020 new corsa and steering seemed to be quite light and very vague

    I played around with all the available toys and the steering seemed a little more positive when sport mode was selected,trouble is sport mode is Ok on an open rode but a little jumpy around town

    I drove for a month trying to adjust to the light steering and then I had a puncture in a front tyre which resulted in a replacement tyre being fitted at Kwik fit

    Pulling away from Kwik fit I noticed the car was pulling to one side so decided to check the pressures in all my tyres.

    Seems my car should have 31 psi all round for normal 2 up and this was the case with the new tyre that had just been fitted trouble was the other 3 tyres had been set at 40psi

    No wonder the car was all over the place, Contacted dealer and asked why the tyres had been handed over with a tyre pressure that should only be used with 4/5 passengers and being fully loaded and only then with the drivers knowledge.

    Dealer tried to tell me this was normal practise as all settings are safe

    I tried to explain that unless the car was fully loaded then this high pressure will result in poor handling and more importantly poorer braking in certain conditions.

    Any thought on this anyone?

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    72 dudes

    There seems to be a trend for dealers to set the tyre pressures at the Eco setting, which is the same as fully laden.

    Our XC40 was delivered with 39 all round and I didn’t like the road roar and bump thump over ridges on the drive home.

    Soon changed to 34/33 and all was well with the world.


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    My experience too. One of the first things I do on a new car is let air out of the tyres for comfort. To be fair, setting tyre pressures is the driver’s responsibility after all. No one else can know how the car is going to be used.

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    I rely solely on the dealership correcting the tyre pressures when I collect the car, never checking the pressures myself. That said, I typically tend to over-inflate my tyres by 2PSI across the board for the sake of fuel efficiency.

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    Paul D

    Happens every time. Have to adjust to   lighter settings!

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