New Car delivery Times

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    Found this link which may be of use to some. It gives the average build times from order placement.

    New Car Delivery Times

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    It seems fairly generic and could be based on historic stats rather than reflecting “today’s order times” or it may be spot on. It would be interesting to record our own current table of delivery times, in order to test it’s current accuracy.

    I ordered a BMW X1 diesel auto during the second week of December, and I’ve been given a mid March collection date. I’ll update this post if the collection date moves.

    That’s approximately 12 weeks.

    Thanks for opening the thread HM.

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    Seat Alhambra SE LUX ordered with extras 03 Nov 2016. Build start week 5 so Beginning of Feb 2017, expected delivery start of March 2017 so 17 weeks.

    But factory closed for a fortnight over Christmas holidays. So you could maybe take a fortnight off for orders at other times, we will see

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    I ordered the New Ford Kuga 2.0ltr 180bhp auto titanium with X pack appearance pack and reverse camera in metallic silver on the 19th December 2016, there was one already made with that spec in a compound in Belgium, so delivery date is 15th January 2017.
    having Bekker in dash hand controls brake/acc and small Elap transfer plate fitted before collection. so will be changing to new vehicle in less than a month.

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    Ordered a Nissan X-Trail Acenta 5 seat 4×4 on 20/12/16

    Estimated delivery 20/04/17

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    I ordered a Seat Alhambra SE LUX 184DSG om 2nd of November 2016, was told early/mid February 2017, later that same day the dealer called me and said he could offer me the same car in a different colour by mid December, to which of course I agreed, mid Dec & …… nothing, no contact, called & told just before christmas, Dec 23rd & …… nothing, called again & told mid/end of Jan, had been told a week previous that it was in transit, then it was being built in 2 days then next week, then finally not due to start til week 51(when they are closed for christmas period)!
    Not had a single phone call from dealer to keep me up to date or even give me a rough eta, told motability this & they contacted dealer & said he would keep me up to date & throw in car mats to make up for problems & keep me fully informed in future, 8th of Jan as I write this & I have had no contact from dealer, not even a rough idea of delivery date, it says Dec 23rd on my agreement!
    Looks like I will just have to wait until march & see what comes on with the Q2 updated list & cancel existing order.

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    Ian price

    Great idea for new car delivery times but I see little point in posting delivery times for cars which are no longer on the motability website.

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    Vinalspin I would be asking dealer why he is going to include an item which is already standard eg the floor mats.

    Have a look at brochure and it states they are standard across the range of Alhambras. The only one which gets slightly different is FR line model which has red piping to them.

    If he is trying a fast move already, say you would prefer the load liner or mudflaps and get something you desire.

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    The cars listed so far still on scheme maybe not exact same spec but they will take same time on production line and delivery.

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    Ordered My Kuga Titanium with X pack 180 Auto on 24/10/16, Car arrived in Southampton Doc on the 2nd Dec, wasn’t going to get Kuga until march due to to saving up for the AP of £2095 and all the extras I ordered and needed my allowance to safe for it, I’m now getting it sometime this month as want to stay in Q4 and not Q1 in 3 years time, can’t wait!! Gutted for the people who have lost out on all the cars taken off, Hope Motability sort theselves out and not let the haters and all the daily mail BS bully you. Shame someone else cant start up another charitable Scheme to give Motability a kick up the backside and sort things out, o’r even let the Manufacturer’s offer there own version of motability, then maybe the prices will be fair for all and not all this changing about and stressing out the vunrable and disabled people who are ment to benefit from the scheme, We are all Human beings, and should not be treated like we should be grateful for the mess motability is doing atm, Please Motability Stand your ground and let the haters hate, dont let a good charatable scheme fall apart, and be more fair with your customers and stop messing and changing things round. For all who have been affected by the mess atm, hope it all gets sorted soon for you, take care all and all the best.

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    We ordered a Ford Focus ST-3 on 30th of September, this was the earliest we could order, had a few options added so we knew it would be a factory build, we were told it would be 4th January for delivery. Had our current car MOT’d at the dealership at the end of November so we asked while we were there for an update, all they would tell us was it was being built sometime in December with no firm build date. The week before Christmas we had a letter from Motability demanding we get our car MOT’d as it is part of the agreement, spoke to dealer who said it had gone through and we should not have had the letter, asked about the new car again and was told it had gone back to February, but still no firm build date, so we asked for the lease to be extended which was arranged. Our agreement was up on 31st December, and as I was going to use the car on the 3rd of Jan I thought I would check the askmid website to check if the car was insured and it wasn’t, so had to deal with that and get the car insured before we could use it, spoke to the dealer again over the insurance and have now been told that the build has gone back to March, again with no firm build date, so now thinking of cancelling, going to speak to Motability as we have had to pay for the options up front, but am concerned that the dealer will not reimburse the money, even though there is no firm build date for the car.

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    Lee Dwyer

    Ordered my new Ford Galaxy Titanium X 3 week ago, just been told build date of Feb 2nd and will be ready beginning of March for collection….! Is that doable ?
    Hope so…👍🏻


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    That’s an excellent time frame Lee. It’s a lot different from the Galaxy Titanium X I ordered in 2011. That finally took eight months to arrive after Ford decided to relocate production from Belgium to Spain.
    You’ve chosen a top vehicle. I looked at the new Galaxy Titanium X a few months back and it’s got everything you could possibly need on it as standard except for a premium sound system. The Sony 12 speaker system is an excellent option by the way.
    Keep us posted about the delivery date.

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    Hi Pops
    Yeh will be great if the timescale is not just hot air, the Sony upgrade must be awesome as the standard one wasn’t too shabby👍🏻 Will let you know how it goes. Do you know if the sync3 system has the option to run permanent front and rear cameras as in Dash cam style not just for reversing/Parking ?

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    Sorry Lee I haven’t got a clue about the cameras. I would think it unlikely, but I’ve googled and browsed and can’t find a definitive answer.

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    With new car orders its really quite hard to track your order and after the initial engagement of test drive and ordering, the dealers just hide away.
    Volkswagen are probably the best where by they provide a tracking number which can be used on their website and each stage is shown of how far the build has gone.
    Wish all manufacturers had something like this in place.

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    I ordered a BMW in the middle of December and I was given a week seven build date (that’s next week) with a week ten collection date. I know that the VIN number (vehicle identification number) comes into being a few days before production, so I called into my dealer this morning and got the VIN number off their computer as the vehicle’s info has just moved into ‘production’.
    As soon as the car has been through it’s approximate forty hours build programme, I will be able to track it’s movements by logging into the BMW owners site (or by ringing my dealer if I’m feeling lazy). I know that it’s being built in the picturesque and medieval town of Regensburg outside Munich, and I will follow it’s progress with interest.
    You’re right Manny, not all manufacturers can be bothered to interact with customers after they’ve got the order, but I’ve found BMW particularly accommodating in the past. I even got another quality free coffee and biscuits!

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    I’ve had no contact at all since ordering except an email to confirm the build date which I don’t think I would have got if I had not emailed the Dealer first..!
    Does anyone know if I could track the car if I got the Vin from Ford? Do they have a system like BMW ..?
    Cheers Lee

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    I’ve just updated my new car’s progress. It was built last week and has now been “released to carrier” ready for a train journey from Regensburg to the Port of Bremerhaven for shipping.

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    Mine now in UK and will be collected Tues 28th of Feb. So from order to collection nearly 4 months allowing for Christmas closure in the period as well.

    Seat Alhambra Se lux 184ps DSG in Romance Red optional extras Park assist, Ride height regulation, massage seat and electric folding towbar.


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    Just had a call from the dealer this morning and the car will be ready for collection next Monday….
    To say we only ordered mid way though January I think that’s class…. true to their word regarding the time scale..👍🏻

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    My vehicle has now got a code 9000 on the order which means it’s ‘departed the production plant’. I enjoy the tracking element of a new build, which probably makes me a bit sad (lol).

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    Not as sad as when i followed our Vauxhall Antara on its ship from Korea, with the ship tracker :). I do need to get out more.

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    just been told by dealer my car will be built on the 6th march and they will contact me when the car is on its way car ordered on the 20 december.alhambra se lux 184 with keyless

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    My car is now “code 9605” which is Pre Euro Port of exit. I’m pleased it missed the storms on the North sea last night! I’m also happy that it’s right on schedule for my March 10th collection date.

    BMW X1 XDRIVE XLINE 25D Mineral Grey. Registration number …. *X17*** It’s all the X’s!

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    luky you pops dont forget to post some pictures when you have it

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