New car day! My Tiguan is here…

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    The wait is over and I finally got my hands on this beaut today. Stunning to drive and so much tech it’ll take me months to get my head around it.

    Huge thanks to Aaron at Marshall’s of Oxford for sorting me out. Absolutely seamless deal and a fabulous £400 off the AP.



    VW Tiguan R-Line Tech auto in nice shiny black. 🙂

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    BionicRusty (Wayne)

    Congratulations Dougie. She looks absolutely gorgeous. I hope you enjoy.
    Safe driving. 👍👍

    🏎 I will be remembered for nothing but had great fun doing it 🏎

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    If only they could make the Alhambra look like a stretched Tiguan I’d be even happier, as it is I need the extra space of the Alhambra. I can dream though. Nice one!

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    Very nice.

    Im sure you’ll love it, ours is a year old now and just ticked over 18k trouble free miles. Engine and Dsg box loosened up nicely now.
    Averaging 52.5 mpg not bad for a heavy 4×4 suv

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    Looks like they nailed the delivery time too – had a peek on your earlier post and saw you ordered 3 months ago to almost to the day with an ETA at the time of early December.  Ordered my R-Line late October and was given a delivery estimate of Late Jan early Feb – if your timeline is anything to go by, should be pretty close…

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    Ooh shiny new car for xmas, nice Enjoy.

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    I ordered mine in September but was lucky because Marshalls had already ordered one for stock. My lease expired on the same day as I picked it up. Perfect timing.

    VW Tiguan R-Line Tech auto in nice shiny black. 🙂

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    Hi DougieB


    I am sure that you will be loving your new car. I took a test drive in a white Tiguan RLine 2.0lt 150bhp diesel DSG last week and really liked it. The week before I drove an Allspace Tiguan Match with the same engine with 190 BHP and it was really nippy. I’ve decided on the RLine DSG and will be ordering it this month, I’m going for Indium Grey. Just one question, how do you find the ride on the 20″ wheels, while on the the test drive I thought ride was a little bouncy. So, I was thinking of adding the dynamic chassis control option at £850 but not sure its worth it?



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    The black and chrome make quite a statement …. Almost menacing, lol. Enjoy.

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    Stunning car

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    Congratulations Dougie!

    i hope and I’m sure you’ll have many miles of happy and safe motoring!

    quite a few of us now on here with the same car so if you have any questions just ask them 🤣🤣

    you’re next @anneka

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    Poetry i don’t think you need the active suspension tbh it’s not a hot hatch the standard set up copes well with normal driving.
    Id definitely test drive one with active suspension before spending the cash.

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    Happy new car day @DougieB ur car is a absolute black beauty (pun fully intended)

    I’m so excited now fingers crossed.

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    The wait is over and I finally got my hands on this beaut today. Stunning to drive and so much tech it’ll take me months to get my head around it. Huge thanks to Aaron at Marshall’s of Oxford for sorting me out. Absolutely seamless deal and a fabulous £400 off the AP.

    I am seriously jealous lovely motor

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    Menorca Mike

    Please keep us informed on mpg etc

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    Dougie it looks fantastic and we already know its a great car so great choice.

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    Hi Philjb

    Thanks for your reply. I only got a short test drive of the RLine and it was lashing down with rain at the time but I had a longer test drive of the Allspace, which was comfortable and a bit more of a supple ride. The RLine with its sports suspension was noticeably more planted on the road but it did jiggle around a bit but was never uncomfortable. I just wondered if the DCC would make it a little more of a supple ride.

    Are there any owners of the RLine on these forums do you know?



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    There is absolutely loads I think lol

    I don’t think for a minute you’ll struggle to get comfy or with long journeys on the 20s even with sports suspension, it’s no sports car

    just a big comfy cruiser in my eyes that’s happy to eat up the miles on the motorway and more nimble than you think around town

    it’s well made and comfy , it doesn’t feel in anyways hard or harsh below you

    my mum has a 10 yr old Renault Scenic or something with 16inch wheels , on fat tyres and that’s a bone shaker lol

    so if I were you I’d save your pennies and stay clear of the fancy suspension that you’ll never need 👍🏻

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    Loving mine except for a bit of wind noise from the drivers window area, anyone else notice this? booked in to dealer to have a look.

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    Dave h

    Wind noise not a issue for me.

    But I’m having problems with seating position I’ve got Ronnie Corbett legs and the base of the seat seems just a inch too long I’ve been getting dead leg and tight hamstring I bought a lumbar pad which just moves me slightly forward which gives me space behind my knees which is helping it maybe that it’s just the side bolsters because when  I test drove i never noticed  maybe they will soften slightly I’ve come from golf gtd so i realise its gonna be different. The thing with gtd sports seats which are the best seats I’ve ever had in a car is the side base bolsters end before the front of seat as to not foul the back of my leg but as for the tiguan itself lovely motor

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    If you look on the Tiguan Mk2 forum there are threads about the wind noise, I think it’s pretty common tbh , mines is noticeable without a doubt , as is my friends

    I’m not going to get it booked into for that though, when it’s due it’s first service or something else pops up I’ll get them to look at it and the glovebox which has a mind of it’s own when I go to close it lol

    but for the moment I can live with the noise

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    No unusual wind noise on ours? Certainly no louder then any other cars I’ve owned.

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    Thanks for the replies, i drove it 50 miles on the motorway today with masking tape and it made a big difference, so something not quite right, not noticeable until about 50 mph. but wow is it spoiling the drive.

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    loving the black, I have the silver and haven’t seen another in silver yet.

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    @cb2011 might sound like a daft question but did you apply the tape on the inside or out? What part/parts did you cover exactly?

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    Might be worth trying some HEKO wind deflectors, they’re only around the 25 quid mark and make such a difference and also allow you to open the window when it is/has been raining without a bucket of water pouring in on your arm and the electric window controls.

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